[Persona 3] Minato's Burden

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  1. I have a request.

    A while ago I stumbled upon a Minato(Male Protagonist)xAkihiko where, to pay the increasing bill for gears and supplies to survive into Tartarus, Minato resorted to prostitution to make sure that everyone had enough to survive. Of course, Akihiko found out and it turned adorably heartwarming, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to play opposite such a Minato, who cares deeply for his friends but is unable to accept help and fall into sinister hands.

    Will your character be strong enough to save him?
    Will this end up in a even darker tragedy than the original plotline?
    Or will this change the fate of our poor protagonist?

    I see that as either MxM or MxF, and can see Minato to be paired with anyone but Yukari, whom I unfortunately detest. Heck, go with an OC, if you want! It'll be dark, however, prepare yourself.

    I would be all over this, especially if Akihiko is involved.
  3. Yesss! Contact me, my lovely!
  4. PEROSNA!!!!! C--Can I?

    *Puppy dog eyes*
  5. Of course you can! *abducts to her lair*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.