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Person Above me

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by October Knight, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. ........

    << Is an INSOMNIAC

    VVV Can't sleep
  2. ^^ I just wake up a lot
    << Is practicing marksmanship today and wants to get the Presidents Hundred tab after Ranger school
    vv Has fired a gun
  3. ^ Yes. Hehehehe...Gun go bewwwwmz.

    < Needs to read up on a few books.

    V Is reading a book while posting between pages =D?
  4. ^^ Yes, a Harry Dresden Novel
    << Loves Urban Fantasy
    vv At least knows what Urban Fantasy is.
  5. ^ I could lie and say yes.. but.. no sorry
    < Im so lonely
    V can I have a hug?
  6. ^ Anytime! *Hug*
    < About to eat some tiramisu.
    v Is jealous.
  7. ^^^ Soooooo, Jealous. Seriously, food is the easiest way to make me jealous!

    <<< Is Having Pho tonight after having BBQ today, it was a good day.

    VVV Needs to POST>!?
  8. ^^ I'm working on some characters right now. It feels so word writing up a sheet without having to crunch math for the stats and skills.
    << Getting ready for a game of Shadowrun.
    vv Played or at least interested in playing a tabletop rpg?
  9. ^ Yes. I'm a retired tabletop gamer.
    < Is snuggling with her Vader Panda.
    v Wants to snuggle me!
  10. ^^I would any time lol
    << Tired like nothing else, so much running.
    vv Would be a jogging buddy?
  11. ^ Yep, I love jogging. But it's been a while since I've actually gone out. XD
    < Switched to aerobic stepping.
    v Would totally exercise with me!
  12. ^^ Of course! But first you would have to agree to jog with me least sometimes.
    << Wishes he produced more body hair sometimes. It kinda makes me groan when people ask if I shave my arms.
    vv Has fuzzy arms?
  13. ^ T__T; Yeah. Being Mexican and Italian comes with that.
    < Would get made fun of because of her arm hair.
    v Say something nice about me. ;-;
  14. ^^ Your geekiness is cute lol
    << Hid his geek side for years
    vv Didn't have this problem.
  15. ^ Ouch! Hey!
    < Should be sleeping -__-;
    v Can't sleep either?
  16. ^^^ I slept for like an hour last night

    <<< Will sleep later

    VVV Takes naps in the afternoon?
  17. ^^ if I'm that tired yes
    << Needs to finish his bloody charsheets
    vv Probably needs to post somewhere.
  18. ^^ Curses, you're right!
    << Is sick though and will continue to avoid it!
    vv Is oddly healthy at the moment!
  19. ^^ Quite the opposite
    << Still needs to do those damn sheets!
    vv Likes pastries.