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King Weavel

The Burger King
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Fantasy, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, parody.
Here's how this works in case you haven't played:

Topic starter

Poster 1: ^Started the topic
<Is hungry

V Is bored.

Poster 2: ^Is wrong, I am not bored.
<Is hooked to [random MMO here]

V Has more posts than me.

Etc, you get the point...

Ok, now onto the actual game.

^No one above me...So nothing to say here.. :P

< Replayed Megaman ZX Advent while waiting for Iwaku to be back up.

V Is glad the site is back.
^ Hit that nail on the head. :D

< Spent 12 hours getting it back online.

V Was going to DIE without Iwaku!
^ Is very correct, playing video games and doing random stuff instead of writing posts gets old..

< Has only one week left of summer break before college starts up again...

V Should make a few threads and some posts to help things out a bit.
^ Has to stock up on school supplies.. paper, pens.. ect...
< Loves to buy school supplies, but has no need.. ;(
v Loves blueberry cheesecake...
^Is not in school?
< Loves all cheesecake except spoiled ones.
V Loves the rain.
^Is part of a gang of French Mime misfits who rob banks with frozen baggets at night
< Has actually met and killed the flying spaghetti monster, Yum Yum
v Has vanquished Ganon with nothing but a boomerang
^^Have this thing even possible?

< < Hates going to work but, likes the $

V V Has to go to work soon
^ nah~ i am now wrapping up the day...
< is bored in front of the PC
v is probably... living in the USA XD
^Reported a bug to Diana today

<Does in fact live in the USA

V Is dealing with annoying summer weather
^ Beat me to making the rant your brains out thread twice ;__;

< Has had the AC on ALL DAY to COMBAT 95 DEGREES OF BURN

V Has just eaten some ice cream.
^ is incorrect, but it sounds good right now

< has been in a slight funk lately

V wants to do the electric slide! oO what?
^ I would but well, Im not that cordinated
< Im bored right now (help)
v This person can ride a unicycle...
^ No..o.o I would break a neck.. >>
< hasn't gone to the bathroom AT ALL today
V thinks i should go.. before i bust..xD
^ Lol is right.

< Knows Loveless probably went already considering the time her post was made...

V Is in college or high school
^ Is wrong
< Doesn't think loveless should go
V Has a crush on Ampoule
^ Not yet.
< Reckons Loveless should go for the world record.
V Knows where this quote is from, "What is this? A school for ants?!"
^^ Can't remember.......hmmmmmm

<< Does not want Loveless to "bust"

V V has been to a concert in the last year
^^ Isn't it a center fir ants or do i have the wrong movie? And my friend lost the ticket money so no, no concert.
<< Actualy cares for loveless and hope she chears up soon
VV likes haddock
^ Has no idea what that is? A Beer? an illness? oh a book?
< has to go to work later ;(
v likes chick flicks
<Wants to conduct an Iwaku Orgy
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