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  1. Here's how this works in case you haven't played:

    Topic starter

    Poster 1: ^Started the topic
    <Is hungry

    V Is bored.

    Poster 2: ^Is wrong, I am not bored.
    <Is hooked to [random MMO here]

    V Has more posts than me.

    Etc, you get the point...

    Ok, now onto the actual game.

    ^No one above me...So nothing to say here.. :P

    < Replayed Megaman ZX Advent while waiting for Iwaku to be back up.

    V Is glad the site is back.
  2. ^ Hit that nail on the head. :D

    < Spent 12 hours getting it back online.

    V Was going to DIE without Iwaku!
  3. ^ Is very correct, playing video games and doing random stuff instead of writing posts gets old..

    < Has only one week left of summer break before college starts up again...

    V Should make a few threads and some posts to help things out a bit.
  4. ^ Has to stock up on school supplies.. paper, pens.. ect...
    < Loves to buy school supplies, but has no need.. ;(
    v Loves blueberry cheesecake...
  5. ^Is not in school?
    < Loves all cheesecake except spoiled ones.
    V Loves the rain.
  6. ^Is part of a gang of French Mime misfits who rob banks with frozen baggets at night
    < Has actually met and killed the flying spaghetti monster, Yum Yum
    v Has vanquished Ganon with nothing but a boomerang
  7. ^^Have this thing even possible?

    < < Hates going to work but, likes the $

    V V Has to go to work soon
  8. ^ nah~ i am now wrapping up the day...
    < is bored in front of the PC
    v is probably... living in the USA XD
  9. ^Reported a bug to Diana today

    <Does in fact live in the USA

    V Is dealing with annoying summer weather
  10. As far as an official Character Sheet, that is still under construction and it may be the 7th or 8th of September before I have them up, I went to Strategicon Gateway from Sept 2nd to Sept 5th, sorry for any confusion!

    There will be some overlap in the levels to allow flexibility for people who want to play multiple characters, but this a general rule of thumb:
    Talented Normal: Up to 16 Points* April O'Neil (TNMT 80s/Mirage); Dakota North (Marvel, Daredevil)
    Street Level: Up to 18 points# Stephanie Brown (Batgirl); Dr Harleen Quinzelle (Harley Quinn)
    Enhanced: Up to 22 points^ Virgil Hawkins (Static Shock Animated); Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)
    Superhuman: 23 - 29 points Tyrone Johnson (Cloak); Raven (Teen Titans)
    Global: 30 - 35 points Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) ; Dr. Nathaniel Essex (Mr. Sinister)
    Cosmic: 36+ Points James Corrigan (The Spectre); Mister Mxyzptlk (DC); Thanos (Marvel)
    * Max in one stat = 4 # Max in one stat = 5 ^ Max in one stat = 6


    The ability to think and process information
    1 = Slow / Impaired
    2 = Normal
    3 = Learned
    4 = Gifted
    5 = Genius
    6 = Super-Genius
    7 = Omniscient

    The maximum ability to lift (press) weight over one's head (under optimal conditions)
    1 = Weak: cannot lift own body weight.
    2 = Normal: able to lift over own body weight, up to twice own body weight.
    3 = Peak human: able to lift over twice own body weight, up to 800 lbs.
    4 = Superhuman: Able to lift over 800 lbs., up to 25 tons. This range includes "enhanced human" (800 lbs to 2 tons), Class 10 (2 tons to 10 tons) and Class 25 (10 tons to 25 tons).
    5 = Superhuman: Able to lift over 25 tons, up to 75 tons. This range includes Class 50 (up to 50 tons) and Class 75 (up to 75 tons).
    6 = Superhuman: Able to lift over 75 tons, up to 100 tons.
    7 = Incalculable: Able to lift in excess of 100 tons.

    The ability to move over land by running or flight
    1 = Below normal
    2 = Normal
    3 = Subsonic Superhuman: peak velocity below Mach-1 (approximately 760 miles per hour)
    4 = Speed of sound: peak velocity between Mach-1 to Mach-2
    5 = Supersonic: peak velocity between Mach-2 to Orbital Velocity approximately 17,000 mph)
    6 = Speed of light: peak velocity up to 186,000 miles per second
    7 = Warp speed: transcending light speed or a teleporter(instantaneous travel)


    The ability to resist or recover from bodily injury
    1 = Weak
    2 = Normal
    3 = Enhanced
    4 = Regenerative
    5 = Bulletproof
    6 = Superhuman
    7 = Virtually indestructible


    The ability to discharge energy
    1 = None
    2 = Ability to discharge energy on contact
    3 = Short range, short duration, single energy type
    4 = Medium range, medium duration, single energy type
    5 = Long range, long duration, single energy type
    6 = Able to discharge multiple forms of energy
    7 = Virtually unlimited command of all forms of energy


    Proficiency (skill) in combat
    1 = Poor
    2 = Normal
    3 = Some training
    4 = Experienced fighter
    5 = Master of a single form of combat
    6 = Master of several forms of combat
    7 = Master of virtually all conventional forms of combat
  11. ^ is incorrect, but it sounds good right now

    < has been in a slight funk lately

    V wants to do the electric slide! oO what?
  12. ^ I would but well, Im not that cordinated
    < Im bored right now (help)
    v This person can ride a unicycle...
  13. ^ No..o.o I would break a neck.. >>
    < hasn't gone to the bathroom AT ALL today
    V thinks i should go.. before i bust..xD
  14. ^ Lol is right.

    < Knows Loveless probably went already considering the time her post was made...

    V Is in college or high school
  15. ^ Is wrong
    < Doesn't think loveless should go
    V Has a crush on Ampoule
  16. ^ Not yet.
    < Reckons Loveless should go for the world record.
    V Knows where this quote is from, "What is this? A school for ants?!"
  17. ^^ Can't remember.......hmmmmmm

    << Does not want Loveless to "bust"

    V V has been to a concert in the last year
  18. ^^ Isn't it a center fir ants or do i have the wrong movie? And my friend lost the ticket money so no, no concert.
    << Actualy cares for loveless and hope she chears up soon
    VV likes haddock
  19. ^ Has no idea what that is? A Beer? an illness? oh a book?
    < has to go to work later ;(
    v likes chick flicks
  20. ^ Yeah, right. (SECRETLY LOVES CHICK FLICKS)
    <Wants to conduct an Iwaku Orgy
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