Person 5: Mirror's Edge (IC)

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  1. Rakido groaned and looked around the plane. it was differnt than it was 5 seconds ago. for one it wasn't crowded. second there were only a couple of chairs and two were facing him. one had a bald, bug eyed guy in a suit and a beak like nose that was way to too long. "Ah it seems we have a new guest. Greetings i am Igor." he says and goes on to explain this place, The Velvet Room it was apparently called, was some big inbetween. Then he did some bullshit of reading his future him thinking 'Yeah and your going to charge money for this crap.' and soon he was done. though he just had to sign some contract saying he'll assume responsibility for himself. Like he hadn't been doing it most of his life. After getting introduced to Igor's assistant and equal in creepiness, Morganna, he started passing out then woke up in a normal plane barely remembering what happened. "That was some weird dream..." he mutters looking down at his locket. tears up slightly at all the memories, the regret. quickly closing as they landed he got out and into the city. soon arriving with his stuff at the apartment. so begins his new year.

    --Next Day--
    Rakido grumbling hiked into school and got directed to his home room. The teacher started ranting on him. of course he shot back which turned basically a match between the two. Which the students either observed or were trying to break up.
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  2. Ken sits quietly while a few fellow students make chatter about the new student.

    A male student shakes his head. "That new kid doesn't know what he's getting into... And on the first day."

    A female student replies closing her eyes. "Yeah, Mr. Katsuma is probably writing him up as we speak."

    "At least he's wasting time until next period, delinquents are good for that." Ken says laying his left head on his hand.

    "He'll probably just receive a warning, like Daisuke said, it's the first day." Another male student replies.

    Daisuke sighs. "No, I doubt that, did you hear what he did last year? He gave students detention just for looking at him funny and then lied and said they didn't do any classwork. Probably held a couple of them back too.

    "Harsh..." Ken briefly looks at the new kid. "Of all the teachers you bad mouth, It's the infamous Mr. Katsuma... Gee...Good luck, Delinquent." Ken takes out his notebook and begins to draw.

    After a while the teacher "politely" tells everyone to shut up and begins to hand out papers to get signed.
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