Perpare to be amazed!

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  1. So I guess my last one didn't post? OuO;

    I am the great Sinclair! But you can call me Sink Lair, Sink, Sin, Faucet, or whatever your little heart desires! >A< I am an eccentric and rather beautiful man (?). Ah yes... I enjoy the finer things in life... You know, like locking kids up in my basement... The finer things, yes! I'm the kind of man (?) that enjoys wine (grape juice) while surfing on lava during the winter months in some far away land named... Canada!

    I don't know what I'm saying anymore. My excuse is that I'm tired. Anyway! I do hope we can all be good chums! Now good bye and remember... everybody wants to be a cat.

    Except dogs. O_o
  2. Sink Lair, lolol

    Welcome to Iwaku. I can tell you'll fit in nicely here.