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  1. [09/24/2014, Kingdom of Lorea, Nearby the City of Clouds]

    Nina stood on the edge of the cliff, admiring the view of the sun hanging low under the clouds. Soon the sun would set, and it wasn't a good idea to fly at night, especially when a storm was brewing. She pulled her long coat closer to her and flexed her jet black wings, preparing to take off, when she heard a commotion nearby. Running to the top of a lip, she saw a human child being tormented by two people she recognized, a pair of Avions who went to her school. She moved quickly, putting herself between them before they could harm her.

    "What are you doing, Manlover?" The boy on the left, with black hair and brown wings, snarled. The other boy stayed silent, but kept his club ready.

    "That's what I should ask you, Jeht," Nina said, before suddenly turning and scooping up the child and jumping off the cliff into the air. Jeht snarled and yelled at his friend, telling him to 'get them', before raising his finger as if pointing at them. Nina dived steep, landing for a second at the bottom of the cliff to drop off the struggling child before taking off again. All of a sudden she felt a sharp, cracking pain in her wing, and felt it fold, sending her into a free fall. She tried to stabilize herself with her good wing, but she couldn't keep in the air, and the last thing she saw before she crashed was a pair of startled green eyes.
  2. 'Great, just great' thought Davis as he walked across the fields of Lorea. 'I fall asleep in a cab, and the asshole didnt have the damn courtesy to wake me up, nope he just kept on driving, and now im stuck in who the hell knows where, AND a storm is about to hit'

    He continued to curse his bad luck as a distant rumble of thunder rolled, proving that there was indeed a coming storm. He grunted and pulled his jacket closer to him, hoping for some kind of warmth. "If I dont find shelter soon, itll be a long night for me" he said, then suddenly he felt his left foot drop into a muddy puddle, soaking his shoe. He held back the urge to curse out loud and threw his hands in the air. "How can this get worse!" he yelled. Just as his lack of luck would have it, a strange sound caught his attention, and as he looked up, he saw just in time a winged girl speeding headlong into him.
  3. 'Crash!'

    Nina cried out as the rough landing hurt her broken wing even more. She was lucky she had found a relatively soft place to land, instead of a highway or something. Opening her eyes, she realized that her 'landing spot' was a man, and a human at that. Hurridly, she pushed herself off him, but with her wing broken there was nowhere for her to escape to. She knew that none of the races got along, and was terrified of what a human might do to her in this state. She closed her eyes and whimpered slightly before falling silent, tears forming in her eyes both from pain and fear.
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  4. ((isnt terror and fear one and the same?))

    Once Davis managed to recover from the initial shock of being someone's landing pad, he let out a groan and sat up, rubbing his head and stretching his back, which hurt from landing on the sword that was slung over it "Thats one way to make an entrance" he muttered. His attention quickly snapped to the girl as she quickly darted away and curled up, whimpering and scared. Upon seeing her wings he knew that she was an Avion. Back where he was from, there was a few classmates that were Avions, rather nice people really. He began to wonder why she was so frightened, but his curiosity turned into worry as he saw the awkward bend of one of her wings. He knelt down gently and slowly inched toward her before gently asking "Hey miss, you alright?"
  5. Nina looked up at the man, trying to figure out his angle. She knew human opinion of Avions, she had disguised herself before and gone to one of their cities, and had heard nothing but hatred for her kind. It was the same everywhere, none of the races got along with each other.

    "What do you want from me?" She asked, eyeing the sword on his back. She tensed, ready to spring up if she needed to. She might not be able to fly, but she could still run.
  6. Davis raised his eyebrow at the tensed way the girl held herself. He kept his kind smile as he replied, "Well, I would like you to show me your injury so I could patch it up for you. Cant be going around as an Avion with a broken wing now can we? Plus there is a storm coming, and I am not from around here, and I figure perhaps you could know of a place we could take shelter before it hits."

    He noticed that she was eyeing his sword, perhaps that scared her. "Dont worry, thats only for people that deserve it. As of now, you've done nothing wrong."
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