Perhaps I'm A Semi-newb

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  1. I'm a rather new to the site and I have done some roleplay, but never any that was novel like. I can type from one to two decently sized paragraphs. I don't have any ideas for a plot as of right now. So please share your ideas. I am open to just about anything.
  2. Well, I can rp with you. What genere do you like? Space, action, intrigue...?
  3. fantasy, action kind anything that my character can use a sword in i guess... Its kind of hard to pick because I do a bunch of different stuff and like a bunch of different stuff
  4. I'm not much into fantasy... Maybe... I'm thinking in the Elder Scrolls saga? I'm kind of a fan of it, and there are swords in it ; )
  5. never heard of elder scrolls....
  6. Well, we can always create our own world... With might, magic... and swords of course.
  7. Cool, then, why don't you writte a little description of how could be this magic world, and what kind of things are in there and PM it to me so we could start working on a hystory.

    What do you think?