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    - A Slice of Life Cirque Du Soleil -esque rp. Not restricted to be exactly like Cirque, just a base for the concept.

    - Rp would follow the lives of the performers, trainers, directors, perhaps regular show viewers. Lots of content will be inside the training facility that can also house the performers if we'd like. Throughout the rp I will set up shows that the performers will be building up to through practices.

    - Always open, long-term potential

    - Supernatural but grounded, not required but allowed. A contortionist could be simply severely albino or perhaps a trapeze artist has a burned and ugly body? Then again a heavy lifter could have the hybrid strength of a gorilla. No characters that are too overly powerful. The rp is based on flaws and struggle and overcoming society's challenges. The supernatural should just be for some extra fun!

    - Peril is in the title meaning this is intended to be an intense rp riddled with danger, drama, pain, the bad and the good. It's Slice of Life for professional circus performers but more like Slice of Life With A Bit Of Arsenic...but no killing. :) I'll have some ideas but bring with you some plots with your characters. This would be a group paragraph role play that would revolve around an ever changing story provided by the entire team.

    - Characters should be a little crazy, odd-ball, eccentric, anomalous. Each character will be required to have certain peculiar attributes that make them different, following the stereotype of circus performers tending to be divergent in society. Baggage is always good. Bad habits, bring 'em on. You get the idea.

    What do you think?
  2. I'd readily support it, but I can't imagine a character i would join with. good luck! the idea is as original as any.
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  3. I'm down :) I have a great idea for a character! :D
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  4. Do I have a character for this one. I'm in on this one.
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  5. Interested!
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  6. Great! It'd be great if we could get one more interest!

    I'll start setting up the OOC tonight and let everyone know when it's complete.
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  7. Ah! I am sorry but I am going to have to post pone this. I intended to come back to this when I have the time to finish creating the structure for the rp. I'd hate to start something without a good foundation. There is also the option of creating this in the Jump-Ins, where structure is not needed. Thoughts?

    In the mean time here is another Cirque-esque rp that has a morbid twist. If the style suits your fancy it is an awesome rp to check out here.
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