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    ~*~ Welcome to Cirkus Azyl! ~*~

    You have been invited because you are not only a talented performer with great potential but because you are different, perhaps an outcast of society, looking for a second chance. Cirkus Azyl is an acclaimed eccentric circus located in the heart of London. The most talented and yet the most bizarre people perform the visions of creator Radek Zelenka. It seems like one big happy family and nothing could go wrong...right?

    Click here to view your personal invitation and information needed to join the elite performers of Cirkus Azyl. Hurry up now! Orientation is starting very soon!

    ~*~ Approved Characters ~*~

    1. Radek Zelenka ~ Creator, Writer, Tumbler, Singer, Dancer
    2. Sofia Ivchenko ~ Main Contortionist, Aerial Acrobat
    3. Jack 'The Jackal' Singer ~ Magician
    4. Jaelle and Nadya Herne ~ Both Contortionists, Jaelle is also a Choreographer and Nadya does Balancing Acts

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  2. Date/Time: Monday at 7:30am ~ Orientation Begins at 8:00am ~ Entrance is Open and Safe for those invited, greeted by the receptionist.

    Another restless night behind him, tossing and turning with a mind full of ideas that would not leave him be. It seemed the older he got, the harder it was to relax and shut off his mind. Nevertheless, that is why coffee was ready for him every morning without fail. In cloth black shoes, his training black pants and a light grey t-shirt shirt, Radek padded his way softly down the large spiral stair case, making his way to the cafe where his coffee was hot, fresh and begging to wake him up. Today was an especially important day as he was expecting some new performers to join his show. The Protective Shocks were disabled at the front, allowing the special people he had invited to walk in without harm.

    Radek turned from the staircase on to the floor of the 2nd story, which was the entrance point for his building; the first story below would be accessed if one kept following the large spiral staircase down. Before heading to the cafe, Radek detoured to the front desk to greet his receptionist. Guy Dantello, a passionate young man and one of the dancers within the show, stood alert at the front desk, guiding the new performers to the gathering for Orientation. Guy was a very noticeable man, standing tall and lean at 6"2 and boasting an admirable snowy look. Guy was an albino in the purest sense, unmistakable to anyone if he was not wearing makeup. Thankfully, Radek provided an environment that allowed Guy to be himself, saving the costume and cover up for the shows only. Radek came around to the front desk and gave his receptionist a forced cheerful smile. He was not fooling anyone though, as even in his meager three months with Cirkus Azyl, Guy knew Radek needed his coffee to function properly. Guy responded with his own toothy smile, appreciative of Radek's effort to be civil despite not having his liquid gold in hand. Guy's crystal blue eyes shimmer with excitement.

    "Good Morning Guy! Have we had any invitees arrive yet? We only have 30 minutes before Orientation will begin on the 3rd level." Radek put his hands in his pants pockets to hide his fidgeting fingers.

    "We have had 4 arrive so far" Guy responded happily. He loved meeting the new recruitments. "We are expecting more though. I'm sure they'll be here any minute now."

    Radek nodded with a smile. "Excellent! Let's hope they start on a good note by being on time." Guy nodded in agreement, knowing just how much punctuality meant to him; Radek's time was not be wasted. "I'll be on the third floor until Orientation starts. Please continue to guide them in. They can gather on the black floor mat until we start." With that, Radek turned and headed quite hastily towards the cafe. John, the one working the line for breakfast, stood with his arm outstretched, holding the fresh cup of coffee in a travel container and lid, ready for Radek the moment he walked up to him. "You are a saint" Radek said with a smile, scooping the hot cup carefully in to his hands. With a timid sip of the piping hot beverage, Radek closed his eyes and gave a soft hum of approval for the flavor; John always made his coffee just the way he loved it. Radek lifted the cup in the air towards John. "Perfect as always!" he said. He then grabbed a plate and went through the line, greeting his performers that were also finishing up breakfast. A piece of toast, a slab of peanut butter, a spoonful of scrambled eggs, two pieces of turkey bacon and a glass of orange juice to wash it all down. He was behind his normal schedule but he would always ensure he would be on time as he expected his entire team to be.

    Radek sat down at one of the tables, took a few more sips of his delicious coffee, then began to eat his breakfast without delay. His eyes roamed the area as everyone was finishing up breakfast, getting ready for Orientation to begin in 30 minutes. The energy of the building was mounting and almost tangible, performers eager to meet the new comers as well as begin training, which would begin right after Orientation.

    Radek was looking forward to his new performers, hoping everyone he had invited had accepted.
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  3. Sofia Ivcheko

    It was half way through breakfast but Sofia wasn't even out of her room yet. Sure she had showered that morning, brushed her teeth, dried her hair and curled it to her favorite tightness. All in all she felt refreshed and ready for her day. Just one small problem... What was she going to wear? Many people would find this task easy and simple enough a toddler could do it. Sofia was out there to begin with and everyone knew that about her. There was or will be a day she'll waltz down the halls in something dull and uninteresting. Maybe in an alternate dimension but even then Sofia doubted that.

    With ideas circling she decided to put on her work out clothes. No need to slip on her day clothes when their routine called for exercise. She wouldn't be able to change in time and being on time was important. Even though she had no idea what to wear after her usual workout Sofia slipped on a pair of dark purple tights and a blue floral tank. "Time for breakfast!" With a happy yelp she opened her door to the halls. Oh the glorious smell of a new day that awaited her. Especially with the fact they have a newcomer on the way. Mmm, the excitement that was brewing in her was intoxicating but she had to keep it somewhat together. Sofia knew her personality gets a little, well, out of hand.

    Light patters of quick feet could be heard as she swiftly went down the stairs. There at the reception desk standing tall and with a smile was Guy. It would be rude to ignore such a gentle man first thing in the morning. He deserved a warm hello and always got one from Sofia. With a twirl and a smile Sofia appeared at his desk. "Good Morning mon cher!" She sang lightly. "I see you're eyes are still as crystal blue as ever. I must be going, breakfast awaits. Bye mon cher!" As sweet as she sang good morning she was just as sweet saying goodbye while skipping away to the cafe.

    Breakfast was as simple as it needed it. If she ate too much breakfast before a workout she becomes sick and nauseated. Bend twisting and getting into some dizzying positions can do that to a person. Usually Sofia stuck to something small but before she could even get her breakfast she spots her adorable boss/older brother of sorts eating away and having his coffee. How could she not give a good morning to him. Sofia had a bright toothy grin as she leaned some of her weight on the back of a chair. "Well good morning Radek. Excited for the new performers coming today? I know I am." Sofia was practically trying to restrain herself from all of the excitement.
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  4. It had been a long trip. The flight had been delayed for three hours and even though a plane is a quick method of transportation it can only go so far. The last leg had to be done by car. Some of his people had offered to arrange a way for a vehicle to be bought once he got there, but he had to decline as driving was not a skill he possessed. He felt no need to rely on a hunk of metal. Metal could not be swayed to do as he wished. People, on the other hand, were another story. With the right words and talent another person could be coaxed into just about anything. And that is exactly what he did with a taxi driver. If he managed to light the driver's cigarette using only the clothes on his back then the driver would take him where he wanted for free. If he failed he would have to pay the driver double. The driver agreed and the fire was lit.

    Jackal smiled at the driver as he stepped out of the taxi with a full wallet. His golden eyes had glittered dangerously as he knew the driver had become fearful after seeing how he pulled off the trick. 'What other unpredictable objects might this man be carrying?' the driver's eyes had asked. None that the driver would have the pleasure of meeting. Or maybe it is a pleasure to not meet the other item. Those unlucky few that have seen both wish they could turn back time and not have to meet the man that caused the nightmares. Fortunately for the driver no nightmares would come to him as he drove away.

    Turning to the building Jackal's smile faded. Even though it was five stories it was nothing like Vegas. The building he performed in and the hotel that he lived at were far grander than this. With a twitch of his nose he stepped through the door. Those thoughts were not going to help him so he might as well get used to being here for awhile. Once inside he was greeted by the plants that filled the room. His dislike of the place grew, but as he looked at the man behind the counter his face was neutral. "I don't suppose you can point me to where I am suppose to go?" He ignored the fact that the guy was albino since to him most everyone was the same no matter what they looked like. "I would also like to know where to put my bag." He lifted the bag for emphasis.
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  5. Radek looked up from his almost empty plate to meet the eyes of one of his longest performing artists. Sofia was a fire cracker from day one, her brazen personality one he had to get used to at first. But once he did, and once he got to know her deeper, he began to appreciate not only her talent and work ethic but her strange yet uplifting personality as well. Radek took the last few bites he had left, washing the mouthful down with his orange juice. "Morning Sofia dear" he replied with a soft smile, standing up from his chair. "Yes, actually. I believe we have some rather interesting performers this time around. Both raw talent and talent that is still quite mysterious to me." He glanced towards the entrance then raised his wrist and checked the time. Orientation was nearing. He looked back up to Sofia and said "Let's see who has already arrived. Care to join me?" He would then begin walking back towards the large spiral staircase that would lead up to the third level, the meeting place for both the Orientation and training.

    Guy gave Sofia a broad smile, unable to keep up with her energy and simply giving her a small wave. By the time he had responded to her bubbly hello she was already saying goodbye and rushing off. Her energy was over whelming!

    Shortly after Sofia left, the entrance opened and a sharp looking man entered, walking up to Guy. His placid look, such a stark contrast to Sofia, left Guy a bit mentally off balance. But, recovering quickly, he focused on his job and looked down at his list. Jackal was referred to by Radek as the man with the golden eyes. Guy looked up to meet his shining orbs and forced a welcoming smile, saying "Welcome to the training facility for Cirkus Azyl." Guy extended his hand with a red folder to Jackal. Inside were the rules, guidelines, information on the show Cirkus Azyl and the facility, everything he would need to understand how the show and the facility functioned. Guy said to him "read page one first. This will brief you on the most important contingencies." Page one held the Facility Rules, which also explained the Chip Implant in detail. Guy then turned behind him and pointed to the large spiral staircase. "Take your belongings with you up to the next level. There, everyone is gathering on the large black training mat for Orientation. You can set your belongings to the side and afterwards you will be given access to your living quarters if you decide to stay." While some of the rules of the facility and the show could be seen as rigid, the pay and living arrangement was what kept most people to stay and tolerate them. That and creative reign. The main performers of the show, while partly scripted for the show's story line, were given just about full freedom to develop their own act within the show as they pleased. Jackal was invited to be a main performer.

    Shortly after a loud speaker turned on and a recorded message in an older woman's voice echoed across the facility. "Orientation begins in 10 minutes. New Performers and Current Staff please gather on Level 3. Thank you."
  6. Sofia Ivcheko

    Sofia's eyes were always glimmering and her smiled never seemed to fade. It was just apart of who she was and it didn't seem to bother everyone. You simply just have to get use to her. Radek was ready to see some of his newest performers and who wouldn't. It had been awhile since they had gotten a new one and Sofia hoped for a long stay. Some didn't stay long and other well didn't bother to take the invitation to check the place out. She never understood that. It was a wondrous place filled with some of the oddest of people, herself included, and amazing shows. So of course she wanted to go. Forget breakfast, her stomach was filled with the flutter of butterflies. Sofia was just too excited. "Of course 'll tag along! I wanna greet our newest guest." She said happily. It was hard to contain the excitement especially for someone like her. It had to slip from time to time or else she'd scare the new guy. That was the last thing she ever wanted. Sofia tagged along with Radek up the spiral stairs to the training room they had. There was just a few minutes left before orientation and she really couldn't wait.

    "How long do you think our new performer will stick around? I hope they stay for a long time." She said as sat down on the black mat. "It'll be so much more fun if they did." Sofia nodded at her words as since it was always good to have fresh new talent in the show.
  7. Jackal kept his eyes on Guy as the folder was held out to him. His main focus stayed on those blue eyes while his peripheral vision looked for any movements the guy might make. Once he was satisfied that Guy would not be a threat to him he gave a small smile and grabbed the folder. Removing gold from blue Jackal casually looked around the room. He thought he saw a foot disappear from view on the stairs but did not worry himself since the person was gone now. Not seeing anyone else around he opened the folder, giving page one a quick glance before closing it again. He would read it if he had a chance after orientation. Some of the contents of the folder might be explained during orientation anyway. That would save him from having to read it all. As Guy spoke again Jackal looked up and followed where Guy was pointing. The staircase was the best thing about this facility so far. Spiral staircases held a certain charm about them. They were elegant and grand. After giving a small nod of thanks towards Guy he made his way over to the staircase and up to the third floor. His eyes narrowed at the black mat and the people that were on it. Was he expected to sit on that? If he was it wasn't happening. He took one step onto the mat, set his bag down (making sure he could feel it against his leg), and waited for orientation to begin.
  8. "How long do you think our new performer will stick around? I hope they stay for a long time." She said as sat down on the black mat. "It'll be so much more fun if they did."

    Radek nodded to Sofia with a deep smile. He was glad to have such a positive seasoned performer by his side. "They'll stick around as long as they need to or would like. Aside from putting on a great show, the purpose of this sanctuary is for these talented performers to start fresh or get back on their feet. Or just to be a talented performer!" Radek turned to the gathered crowd.

    There were new and familiar faces everywhere but one face that stood out among the crowd was that of Jackal. This mysterious man was the one invitee he was most intrigued by and he was glad to see he had decided to join. He intended to find more about him over coffee some day.

    "Ladies and Gentleman!" Radek called out, commanding the attention of the room and dimming the buzz of excitement among the performers. "Welcome to Orientation for Cirkus Azyl! Thank you everyone for being on time. It shows great respect to both myself and our current residents. Orientation is going to be brief today. I have some announcements to make in regards to both our upcoming show and facility. First, all of you have received a folder with the necessary rules and regulations for this facility. If you agree to the rules outline in page 2 and 3 please step forward and receive your resident room key and Chip Implant. As explained in page 4 this protects both the facility and yourself. Trust me when I say there is nothing more to this Chip than what is outline in the paperwork."

    Radek nodded to Sofia, looking for her assistance once more in setting up the Chip Implants. She was always so helpful in getting Orientation finished in a timely manner so training could resume. One gun, new numbered chips, all lined up on the side table. Radek walked over and stood waiting for the first performer. Not but a moment later and a short dark skinned man with a long mustache and bulging triceps walked up. "Welcome Isaar. Step forward and face Sofia please." Radek motioned to Sofia then turned to her. "Chip 089 please" Radek requested. Sofia would take the requested Chip number, load the gun, and hand it to Radek when ready for implementation.

    As Radek worked, his eyes glanced up and over towards Jackal. He knew the man would resist this part, but the question was if he would decide to cooperate or leave.
  9. Sofia Ivcheko
    The room was soon full and there was plenty of new faces in the crowd. "This is gonna be a interesting month!" She said with enthusiasm as she got up with ease. It was true everyone with in the facility could leave at any time. Some came to stay, some wanted to see if this was what they wanted in life and other merely came to get back on their feet. In the end it was anyone's decision to stay or leave. Radek had turned to the crowd and began to spoke with a form of gentle authority. Orientation wasn't going to be too long and Sofia was deeply grateful for it. She enjoyed her time training and practicing for the new show. Radek never seem to stop creating a show stopper of an event every week. It was hard not to be curious of this weeks show.

    Sofia noticed the nod and followed Radek over to the table. Implants weren't hard to receive but this would definitely show who had a greater chance of staying. If they refuse then this circus wasn't the place for them. Sofia stood behind the table and loaded the implant gun with the chip based on the number he gave. "Implant 089 loaded." She had done this for awhile and the gun was soon passed off to Radek. With each new person that appeared Sofia warmly smiled at them since some found some comfort in it. On top of that it wasn't too often to see her without that smile.
  10. Eyes slowly gliding over the crowd Jackal studied what he could of the other performers. This proved more difficult than he liked due to not being able to see most of the faces. When a voice spoke his eyes moved upward to a man that had a seemingly dull fashion sense. Black and gray. Fit those clothes on the receptionist and you would have the full grayscale color scheme. Getting over the choice of clothes he continued to look the man over. He must be Radek, the creator of the show and the man he would have to learn the most about. There was also something about Radek that sent a chill down his spine. Something..familiar, even though they have never met before. Having only been half listening to what Radek was saying the words 'chip implant' flooded through his ears and gained his full attention. What was this about an implant? Jackal's eyes narrowed as he listened to the rest of what was being said. It was to help with safety? That was a laughable, but now he would have to go and read about this chip, if only to know how it worked.

    His thoughts were distracted once again when an energetic young girl joined Radek. How wonderful. She could be as smiley and bubbly as she wanted so long as she stayed out of his space. One by one performers accepted the chip implant until it was only him left. Eyes locking with Radek he stood still for a few moments before walking up to the table. His body had been through worse for his goal so a chip implant was nothing. That did not mean he would like having it though. Like the others, he faced Sofia and waited, meeting her smile with the same neutral look he had greeted Guy with.
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