Perfectly Flawed

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  1. She is the girl that everyone hates and loves at the same time, she is the most popular girl in school and everyone thinks she is perfect. What they don't know is that she is far from it. She cuts herself, has major depression, gets abused by her father (mother's dead.), and has came close to committing suicide a couple of times. He is not popular, but not a loser either. Just a normal high school guy who has always had a crush on her, but never could get the courage to talk to her. He starts to notice her change in attitude in the last year since her mother died, he sees through the act she puts up and only wants to help her now.

    My character:
    Lyndsey Cunnings
    Recently 17.
    Lyndsey had everything going for her, she is basically the most popular girl in school. Lyndsey is head cheerleader, student council president, and gets straight A's. Ever since her mother died though she only puts up an act as head cheerleader and president, her grades however decreased majorly as she is lucky to be passing her classes with a C right now. Lyndsey fell into a state of depression, but tries to not show it around everyone. She cuts herself, and had tried multiple time to kill herself since she doesn't think anyone would miss her anyway. Her dad hits her and abuses her, so she sees it as maybe she will get to be with her mother again.
    (I'll make the opening post once you make your character.)
  2. Ok. Also, for the moment i have no picture for my character so I'm going based on description.

    Allen Seiei
    Recently 17 also
    Looks: Medium skin color, midnight blue eye color with a scar over the left eye, short black hair

    Allen seems like your typical student...but it's a lie. As apart of the facade he wears, he gets just average scores on tests and stuff to not draw suspicion to his true abilities. In reality, he's smarter than most people his age and only gets close to dropping said facade when he's around technology. During the earlier years, he had developed a small crush on Lindsey due to their circumstances being slightly similar. But unlike said girl, he has a visual reminder (the scar over his left eye) but never let it completely give his life the shaft. Mabye he could pull her out of this slump?

    F.Y.I: I had to tweak some of my character's history to get this to work.
  3. (Okay that's fine.)

    Lyndsey walked on a road where usually nobody was, she never came here herself since nobody would ever want to come somewhere like here alone. Lyndsey walked over to the bridge and looked at the violent water that was all the way down beneath it along with various rocks that were bigger than they looked. Lyndsey stared at the rocks for a while, she had left after getting into a fight with her dad. Lyndsey had a bruised arm and her lip was bleeding somewhat, but she didn't care. Lyndsey took off her high heels and kept them in her hand, she then climbed onto the railing of the bridge and balanced herself on top of it. Lyndsey let her mini skirt and hair just blow in the wind. Jump. Come on, you can do it. End it all now, just jump. She thought to herself with a sigh, she closed her eyes and debated it in her head.
  4. Meanwhile, Allen was walking down another street with a small smile on his face. 'Hm, nobody suspects a thing...that's good.' In truth, this so called 'facade' he came up with was somewhat hurting more than helping. On another hand, he wanted to keep the minor things secret; like the fact that he's kinda rich. At first, he wanted to at least buy an apartment for him to call home. "Home...?" He whispered as he turned the corner and saw someone standing on the railing of a bridge. Wait, is she trying to jump?

    Shaking his head, he slowly walks up and grabs her hand. "Are you planning on doing what I think you're doing?" He wanted to say that in Japanese but refrained from doing so.
  5. Lyndsey opened her eyes, she looked over at Allen and remembered him from school. Lyndsey couldn't do it and she had mentally done it, but this was her fourth failed attempt. Lyndsey gently removed her hand from his, she climbed down from the bridge and immediately broke down in silent tears. She kept her shoes in her hand and turned away from him. "This never happened." She said to him strongly before she began to run, she wasn't sure where or how far but she just ran away from him.

    Lyndsey ran until she couldn't anymore, she wasn't really sure where she was since her eyes were so blurry from crying. Lyndsey knew she couldn't go home just yet though, she wasn't supposed to leave and she didn't want to deal with the punishment at the moment. Lyndsey looked around and it looked like she was near a lot of trees and grass, she shrugged and just leaned against the tree while pulling her knees up to her chest. Why did he have to interrupt her? She was so close, but yet so far.
  6. After the exchange, Allen's midnight blue eyes narrowed slightly. He had seen that girl around somewhere....but where? Oh now her remembered, she was from school. "Who was she?" He thought as he turned back around and walked away. Let it be know that Allen was somewhat bad with names. Could it be that she was that someone he had a mild crush on? Well, he could easily sypmathize with what he knew about her due to his own circumstances...but he was slightly intrested in her as well.

    Oh well, he thought. Now wasn't the time to get these thoughts spiraling in his head. He let a tiny smile grace his face as he went to the nearest corner store to buy some stuff.
  7. Lyndsey wiped her eyes and did the only thing she knew of to take the frustration away, she turned to self harm placing some new scars among her wrists. Lyndsey bit her bottom lip softly, she tore off a two pieces of the tank top she was wearing under her blouse. Lyndsey pressed the fabrics to stop the blood flow, she closed her eyes as she laid against the tree. Once it stopped Lyndsey buried the pieces of fabric and pulled down the sleeves of her cardigan, she stood up and looked around before running a hand through her blonde hair.

    Putting back on her shoes she walked back out to the sidewalk, she didn't want to go home just yet so she figured she could find some way to occupy herself. She had many many friends, but Lyndsey considered them more of followers and not friends. Lyndsey didn't want to see them though since they annoyed her, she pretended like nothing had ever happened and started walking more towards town. She would be driving right now, but she purposely crashed her car so sadly walking is her only option.
  8. As he exited the store, Allen reached into his coat pocket and took out his ipod and turned it to a specific song. When he got to the song, he smiled. The song was a song that a old friend recomended to him a year ago. But before he could rock out to the song, he felt a slight pain comming from the scar on his left eye. "Damm, it's probally going to rain soon." With a sigh, he directed his main attention to his tunes.

    'There's no man's land
    No man ever survived
    Invisible hands are
    Behind you just now
    If you ever win that
    Race against rage then
    You'll be king coz
    It's no man's land'

    Allen smiles as the song sort of reminded of rather decent times he had with some old friends and family. As he got to his shared aparment, he sat on the porch and looked at the sky.
  9. Lyndsey just decided to go home, she instantly regretted it once she did. She listened to her father scream at her, she just listened to all of the hurtful things he said and then he saw the marks on her wrist. "What did I tell you about cutting." He yelled as he grabbed her arms and pulled her into the kitchen, he then grabbed a bottle of alcohol. Lyndsey knew what he was going to do and she knew it was going to be pleasant, she started to cry again as she didn't object knowing that would only make things worse. Lyndsey soon felt the extreme stinging and immense pain of the alcohol being poured on her wrists, she couldn't help but to scream a little since since it was very painful. He pushed Lyndsey down and kicked her for making him waste a bottle of alcohol, he then grabbed some whiskey and went over to the couch with it watching t.v.

    Lyndsey ran upstairs to her room in tears and locked her door, she sat on her bed and pulled her knees up to her. She took a few moments to recollect herself, she fixed up her makeup in the mirror. The next thing Lyndsey did was tend to her wrists, she put some cream on them so they wouldn't be irritated and the pain would go away. She moved over to her window and climbed out of it onto the roof, she just needed an escape sometimes but never hand anywhere or anyone to turn to. Lyndsey just walked along the sidewalk passing various houses, she looked at them while some were upscale and others were not the best places to live. She just passed neighborhood to neighborhood, and altogether was just unsure of where she was going.
  10. Allen was silently content as he was relaxing...that is until a older man walked up to him. Regretting his decision to sit outside now, he turned to the man he knew as a 'landlord'. "I told you, you have 3 days to move out so get gone already!" With a sigh, Allen stood up and turned off his ipod. He guess that it was time to drop his facade once for all. "And I told you, It's going to take afew days until everything's set up. I discussed it with your 'Assistant' when she wasn't trying to flirt with me." He said while using finger quotes when he got to the 'assistant' part. In the complex he stayed, he was a 'hot topic' when it came to women. But mostly, they talked about if he was some company's heir and was secretly rich.

    Little did they know, that was exactly the truth. Allen was in fact a heir of a tech company but kept it a major secret. Speaking of companies, his cell decided to ring at that time. With a obvious sigh, he took the phone out his pocket and answered it. "Hello." "It's clear, All of your parent's cash accounts were funneled to your own." Responded the voice from the phone. Allen smiled at that. "Thanks. I guess it's also time to drop my mask once and for all." "Mhm, Mister Money-Bags. Regardless, it's what they would've wanted. Hell, Mikoto even set it up when you were born." Allen's expression saddened with the mention of his mother but kept it internal. "Thanks though. We'll talk later." With that, he hung up the phone and went back into the former apartment.
  11. Lyndsey was bittersweet about school tomorrow, she liked school since it took her away from home but hated it at the same time. Everyone saw Lyndsey as the popular, dumb, blonde, cheerleader. She was popular yes, but only because she intimidated other people, she was far from dumb, yeah she was blonde and a cheerleader but that didn't mean she liked it. Lyndsey hated being a cheerleader, she hated smiling all the time and acting preppy. It annoyed her but she didn't let it show, she let people believe what they wanted and think that she had the perfect life. Lyndsey wouldn't want them to know how her life was really like, but it was just hard being alone all the time. Everyone often wondered why Lyndsey was in all advanced classes, but she had everyone convinced it was because she had nerds do her homework.

    After walking around for what seemed like hours she headed back to her house, she climbed up the side of the house and to her window. Lyndsey did some homework she didn't do earlier, she hopped in the shower once she finished. Lyndsey changed into some pajamas before climbing into bed, she set her alarm for her usual early time. It wasn't that late, but she figured she would just go to bed anyway. There was nothing else for her to do, so why not just go to bed. It made sense in her mind.
  12. As Allen decided to head to bed in the aparment for the last time, he just layed there for what seemed like hours. A nervous smile graces his face as he looked at the clock. Only a few more hours until school it seems. Only a few more hours until he would just drop that blasted mask he donned on once and for all. After all, most of everyone at school underemstated him due to his personality. The reall Allen would easily call himself a smartass, overconfident (but can easily back it up) nerd.

    On another approach, he could just keep his mild fortune a secret, but drop the mask. Nah, that would make no sense. With a sigh, he decided to go to sleep and wait for the day to dawn.
  13. Lyndsey woke up to her alarm, she groaned softly since she didn't want to get up. With a sigh Lyndsey brushed her teeth, curled her hair, and did the same old boring makeup routine. Next she put on some more cream for her wrists, and now to pick out stupid clothes. Lyndsey tapped a finger on her cheek ad she looked over her choices, she decided to go with a red color scheme today. She put on a lacy red tank top, a black mini skirt, red heels, and lastly a black cardigan to hide the cuts. Yeah it was fairly hot out, but she didn't want anybody to see the cuts. Lastly she put her favorite perfume on Obsession by Calvin Klein.

    Once she was completely done freshening up, she ran down the stairs. Lyndsey had to get up early so she could make her dad breakfast and coffee, she only ever ate an apple. Lyndsey was a vegetarian, and sadly there were times when her father would force meat down her throat. She never really ate much since she didn't want to gain weight, she's not at all insecure about her looks but she just has that mind set of not gaining any weight. She was just in time since her father came downstairs grumbling, he just pushed her out of the way and started eating. Lyndsey just grabbed her usual red apple and her bookbag, she then set out on her walk to school unfortunately. It was times like this she wished she didn't total her car.
  14. Allen woke up in the morning with a slight yawn, stretching out his tired bones. After a slight breakfast, he decided to get dressed for the day. Though most would think that he had no sense of style, at the very least, he knew what went well together. This time, he decided to wear some blue shoes, a pair of black jeans and a simple polo shirt. Sometimes, it was nice living on your own....but he sometimes hated it. His former roommate was kind of a prick to him for no reason. After all, it was him that got Allen kicked out for no good reason.

    Putting away his feelings of spite for his former roommate, he grabbed his brown handbag and trench coat and left to begin the day. Well, more like half a day. He'd probably leave after lunch to finish up his business with the apartment and otherwise.
  15. Lyndsey got to school and was immediately grouped by a group of people, she just ignored them and let them follow her. Honestly these people weren't her friends, she knew they were only pretending since they wanted to be popular like her. It was rather sad really how everyone thought she had a perfect life and so many friends, but in reality she was alone and had a far from perfect life. Getting her things situated in her locker Lyndsey took out everything she would need for class, but she didn't plan on really paying attention. Lyndsey hated being here, she hated being alone, she hated herself, and now she was just stuck. With a sigh she started doodling in her notebook waiting for class to start, she read the board and it said something about partners. Lyndsey hoped they got to pick their own partners, but knowing Ms. Spiker they would have assigned partners.
  16. As Allen got to school, he noticed some things mainly some people talking 'Is it just me or that Allen guy looks different?' and stuff like that. After explaining what he had to do to the front office, they granted his 'leave during lunch' request. With that out of the way, he had no main problems to deal with...well other than a tiny group of idiots that thought they could bully him. Sadly, one glare from Allen sent them slightly scared for their very life. When push came to shove, he never cared for those who crossed his path and tried to take advantage of him. Oddly enough, some of those idiots that tried to mess with him seem to stalk Lindsey around.

    With a shrug, he got to class. Now, what was they doing this time around? He remembered something about a assignment or something. Kinda vague, right?
  17. Lyndsey listened as the teacher explained she was assigning partners, and she wondered just what they would need partners for since usually in English class you would be fine working alone. Though as the teacher explained this assignment was different then others, and it involved speeches which she was okay with. The assignment was to spend time with whoever you were partnered up with and get to know them, she said they should take notes on the other and what not. In two weeks these papers were to be mad into a speech in which you will make about the other, and that meant both good and bad. The point was to not only know their peers better, but make a new friend or even make mends with an enemy. Though the teacher is aware some people can't stand each other, so that's one reason she assigned partners.

    "...Mr. Seiei and Miss Cunnings..." The teacher said as she went on listing more names, she didn't know kids by their last name though so she was confused as to who she was working with. Ms. Spiker must have saw the confusion since she shook her head with a sigh. "Allen can you raise your hand so Lyndsey knows who you are." The teacher said before continuing with the pairs, and Lyndsey turned around as she looked for a hand to go up.
  18. As the teacher mentioned his name, he looked up from what seemed like a doodle but was in fact something else. He raised his hand to at least let his new partner know where they needed to go. Allen had only hoped slightly that he could at least make mends with an one-sided enemy he had since he came to school but that wasn't much of a problem on his end. But other than that, he never minded working with a partner on a project but the details however...

    'So, we're given the shot of playing how one sees someone from their eyes?' He thought and had a slight smirk on his face. Though not many people paid attention 'cause he sat in the middle of the room. "Lucky bastard" Said one random person. His response: "Mī· a· rivu~ā naku" Which was 'Cry me a river' in Japanese. As he said that, Allen was doing a good job at holding back his laughter because no one (not that he knew if anyone did) caught his sarcastic jab.
  19. Lyndsey looked as more than one guy raised their hand, she rolled her eyes and walked over to Allen. Lindsey knew the other guys who raised their hands since they were on the football team, so she knew none of their last names were Seiei. Lyndsey didn't like this project, so she would pretty much lie her way through it. After all she didn't want anybody to know about her life, and as for the speech she didn't want the whole class to know about her life. Lyndsey moved the desk that was in front of Allen, she turned it around so it would face him. She sat down and took out her sparkly pink notebook, she stared down at it while tapping her pencil on it as well.

    "Favorite color?" Lyndsey asked randomly since she didn't know what else to talk about, she looked up to him for his answer. It was rather a pathetic question, they were supposed to go deeper than that but Lyndsey didn't want to. She didn't want Allen or the class to know she was suicidal, depressed, and her father abuses her. Some life she has here, so she would like to stick with her image and reputation she has now.
  20. 'Well now, this is one odd circumstance.' He thought to himself as Lindsey now sat in front of him."Hmm..." He said silently as he thought about her question. "Gotta go with either silver or green." While waiting for the eventual next question, he reached inside the desk to where his bag was and got out a plain notebook and a led pencil. After clicking it to make some led come out, he expertly spun it around using 2 of his fingers to make sure it didn't fly away. Call it a nervous habit, but he only did that when something just didn't sit right with him.

    Turns out, he was right. As he was twirling his pencil around, a piece of paper fell from the book and landed on the floor. He stopped his musings and reached to look at the paper....only to slightly regret it. With an raised eyebrow, he looked at the picture and held in a slight chuckle. The paper had a drawing of.....Batman riding a T-Rex that shot lazer beams from it's mouth? Ah, the wonders of boredom at it's finest.