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  1. I've been wanting to create a character, but every premise I think of just sounds stupid. I'd like to list some of my ideas and all of you can judge the ideas, please be honest and as blunt as possible. No sugar coating, just the truth.
  2. I've thought of making him head of a guard corps for a castle, is it stupid?
  3. That sounds pretty good to me. It's pretty flexible and castles are always fun :) Though I dunno if Counseling was the right place to post this since it's asking for character advice.
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  4. I think it also sounds good. Any other ideas you have you can jot them down in a blog, you know, to flesh them out more or go back when you need to look them over again.
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  5. Doesn't sound stupid to me. If you're really worried about it though, go slowly through the process. Come up with a name and a general idea for what you want them to look like. If nothing comes to you from there, start thinking about their history. That usually helps me whenever I'm making a character and get stumped on part of the details. Usually by the time I have a name and an image in my head, I've worked out their backstory and exactly how I want their personality.
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