Perfect World: fantasy in the heart of Tokyo

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It is Today in Tokyo, Japan.

Perfect World is an urban fantasy roleplay set in present-day Tokyo, inspired by Watase Yuu's Fushigi Yuugi (the Mysterious Play), with additional inspiration from themes found in the Dresden Files, Darker Than Black, Witch Hunter Robin, and other such media. The walls between the worlds have thinned, making magic and demons commonplace; people must deal with the mundane and the supernatural with equal seriousness and aplomb.

We offer homes for canon characters from the source material and original characters of whatever fantasy power level strikes you as interesting. Magicians rub elbows with schoolgirls; priestesses run contact with salarymen; shinto demons and spirituality gone amuck. Choose your own adventure, where the adventure is awesome.

Character types that might have some fun here:
  • Regular, modern-day people: students, businessmen, real-life folks
  • Organized (or unorganized) crime
  • Magicians of various flavors
  • Shapeshifters, particularly of an Asian variety (kitsune == rad)
  • Shinto clergy and/or other people who can handle demons
  • Angry spirits, youkai, things that go bump in the night
  • The hands of the beast gods and their phenomenal cosmic powers
  • Historians, linguists, social scientists, paranormal experts

Canon knowledge is not required, and anything necessary can get picked up from places like Wikipedia with ease, so don't be afraid of a little backstory! It's all in what you make of it.