Perfect Soldier

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  1. A hiss permeates the surrounding as the capsule opens. Everything feels sore, and a mild headache is felt. A low buzzing noise precedes a comm system flaring up to life. "Can you hear me?"
  2. He stumbled out of the pod, feeling his way out of it. His eyes were still growing accustomed to the light, and he was having trouble even feeling his legs. However, from the tests he ran on himself - finger wiggling and limb swinging, mostly - he concluded that his body was at least functional.
    The voice speaking to him caught him off-guard, but he was far too disoriented and confused already to give it much thought. He looked around for the source of the noise, but to no avail
    "Hello?" He called out. His voice was weak, but he felt some small comfort in knowing that it was at least working.
  3. Slowly, a soreness washed all over him. The room outside the pod was rather warm. "Hello. First things first - do you know who you are?"
  4. The man clutched his head in his hand, and used the pod to support himself s he tried to keep himself together. He barely registered the voice, but managed to make out enough to answer.
    "Urgh... Give me a minute... Just... Give me a minute..."
    After a few deep breaths to stabilise himself, he shook his head, and answered.
    "I... I remember that I signed up for something... I can't think of anything else."
  5. The lights dimmed down to a warm, cozy color. "Alright. Do you remember what you signed up for?" By now he could probably recognize the voice as a woman.
  6. He wracked his brains for a memory - any memory. Something to work off of, to trace his steps back from. Anything that could be of any help whatsoever.
    "I... I remember being told about some sort of super soldier program. Something to make somebody faster, stronger, better. I'm sorry, my memory's really patchy..."
  7. "It's okay, it's understandable with what you went through. Aside from the amnesia, is do you feel there is anything wrong?"
  8. After the question was asked, he looked himself over, and flexed a few parts of his body. While the whole situation didn't feel right at all, he technically felt fine. A little dizzy, but he was sure that he could just walk that off.
    "I'm fine, I think."
  9. "Alright. Would you kindly proceed to the next area? There will be refreshments if you want them." With that, a previously hidden door opened in front of him, letting in a fresh breeze, and showing a room not unlike a hotel reception room if it wasn't for the military-style crates and the tables showing various gear.
  10. The man walked into the room, still a little dazed (and thoroughly confused). While he wasn't in the mood to eat, he felt that doing something comforting - like eating - would help him settle himself a little better. But it had to be simple. Thus, he only took a slice of bread and some water. Nothing terribly exciting, but when he finished them, he did seem marginally less disoriented.
  11. As the room came into focus, the tables' contents were more easily visible - a few dozen guns of different types, ranging from tiny pistols to SMGs going through revolvers and handcannons. There was also a crate containing several combat suits. "Now, let's get back to it. Do you even barely remember what you are here for?"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.