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  1. After being lost. After being left behind by her own kind. There was no set future. No home. Nothing. She was left to discover the world on her own. Although after many years, by this time she already recognized and knew all too well what her surroundings consisted of. But now it had become a habbit of hers to keep traveling. Still no home. It did not bother her though. It made things much less complicated. She did not need to worry about being hunted. About being recognized. No, there were no worries. Only a day or two at most, and then she was gone. And this was day one in this location. She sat silently on a stool by the bar. Waiting for the perfect prey.
  2. Jasik had been watching the girl for the past two days. From the looks of things, she was alone and probably had nowhere to go. He wasn't sure what to do or if he was going to do anything at all. Maybe he'd watch a little longer before he decided.
  3. She sat silently, her eyes scanning carefully at every single person at the bar. Most of them were nothing else but drunks. The taste of these men was not the most appetizing, but they were the easiest to fool. Not only that, but the fact that these men were filled by so much alcohol, only made her acts appear like accidents.
  4. Jasik could smell the girls warm blood from the opposite end of the bar. He attempted to read her thoughts but couldn't gain access to her mind. This was strange to him because as far as he knew, she want like him. He paid for his drink and left, he was sure he'd see her again soon enough.
  5. She kept to herself as customers came and went. Approaching and leaving the bar. In this particular spot, it was easy to takr notice of all the customers. There had been one man, but there was something strange. For some reason at that instant, the man seemed different. He dis not seem like a drunk. But it did not matter, quickly after the stranger another followed stumbling out of the bar. Now this one was sure easy to capture. With a smirk she slid off her seat and followed the drunk man out.
  6. Jasik noticed that three drunk men were following him from the bar. He searched their thoughts and found that they all had pocket knives, he smiled at the thought of them trying to attack him with those knives. He lead them into a dark ally and let them surround him. Hey ripped the first man's throat out, then watched the other two pull out their knives. He extended his fangs and drained them both of every drop of blood in their body. It had been over two says since he last fed, this felt amazing.
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  7. Quietly she followed waiting for just the right moment. The further they got from others eyes the less risk of exposure there would be. Sure enough, not just one but three men walked into an alleyway. Evem better, the more the merrier. But before she could approach any of them, she kept herself hidden, watching and unexpected scene before her eyes. What had just happened? Her prey... it was gone. But most importantly, it was the person who had killed the drunks that .
  8. Jasik met the girls eyes for a split second before he disappeared into the shadows. He was able to access her thoughts for a moment before he was forced out of her mind. He found that she was hunting the men that he had recently killed. This only made him suspect that this girl was a vampire like he was. He'd have to find out more about her later.
  9. This had been no ordinary stranger. This was not your average incident. All she knew was that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once her thoughts had been placed back in order, she stepped away. She had been standing at thr same spot for some time now and it was not long before someone took notice. Quickly she moved away, making her way back to the bar.
  10. It had been two days since Jasik had seen the girl. He still had so many questions, he wasn't sure if he wanted to confront her or not. He hoped that the incident with the guys from the bar didn't scare her off, but if she was indeed a vampire then she had probably seen worse.
  11. Again another day had been spent at the bar. It was far too many days from what she was used to. It had been too long for her and still she had not fed. It did not matter anymore as a man now led her out of the bar. She had not struggled with one. He had voluntarily taken a liking to her. Liking or not, it did not matter to her. All she cared for was his blood. It was now her who led the msn down a dark alleyway.
  12. Jasik watched as the girl followed a man down into a dark alleyway. He decided to follow them from a distance. He watched as she pulled the man close to her as if she was going to kiss him, but instead she bit into his neck and drained the man of his blood. There was no denying, she was a vampire
  13. *There was no one nearby. No one to watch. At least she thought so. And so she started. She pushed the man forcefully against the wall. Pathetic this man was really. He was too drunk to realize what trouble he was in. No matter, she kept the man pressed against the wall without much force. And sure enough she leaned in close, her fangs piercing into the man's neck. This truly seemed like heaven. It had been too long since she last fed.*
  14. Jasik watched the man fall to the ground. He slowly walked out of the shadows. ”Well, that's a terrible way to die.” He said looking down on the man.
  15. *At last her hungry was satisfied. She let go of the man, as the body fell limp onto the ground. She licked over any last traces of blood on her lips, but before she could finish off a voice was heard.* "Hm?" *She jumped, startled as she took notice of the stranger who had apparently witness the incident.*
  16. ”Don't worry, your secret is safe with me” said jasik looking at the girl. ” My name is jasik” he said to her and dragged the dead man's body into the shadows. He decided to not tell her he was a vampire just yet. He wanted to see how she interacted with him first
  17. *She remained silent just looking to the man. Secret? This man had seen too much. But why was his behaviour so casual. All she did was listen, watching curiously as this stranger took the body away. This situation had only become complicated. Noe she had to rid herself of this other peculiar man.*
  18. Jasik read her mind. ”I wouldn't recommend trying to kill me. That wouldn't be very nice” he said and gave a small smile. ”Dont worry, no one needs to know what happened here. But we should leave, maybe we could talk under better conditions.”
  19. *How did he know? Had it just been a coincidence? Yes, that had to be it. After what he saw others would most likely think the same. What exactly did thia person want to talk to her about. She shook her head softly and simply took a step back. She had to leave this place immediately. Anywhere away from this stranger.*
  20. He saw that she didn't want to be here anymore. ”Can I at least have your name” he said and leans against the wall of a building. He saw that this encounter wasn't getting anywhere
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