Perfect Disaster. [Private]

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  1. Morgana remembered the day she fell as if it were yesterday. The fall itself had not been nearly as bad as the changes her body made as she spiraled at a neck-breaking speed towards the earth. Her ear-piercing scream screeched through the entire forest as she hit the earth with a jolting thud. Her bones crunched as she hit the dark dirt and her eyes glared up at the night sky angrily.

    Above her, the sky crackled and boomed threateningly, and almost instantly after, the bright sky lit up above her and illuminated her broken form.

    How many bones are broken? Am I bleeding? The girl tried to rise but a sharp pain shot up her twisted and deformed spine. Her back was broken and a growing numbing sensation was starting to spread up her legs. This was not good.

    She had vaguely wondering during her fall if the power of darkness would still answer her after this night, but a quick calling to the night was enough to cease her worrying as her spine and bones slowly realigned and regenerated.

    It was nearly dawn by the time she could stand again and her whole body pulsed with exhaustion. "I have to move...I can't stay here...much to dangerous.." She mumbled on to herself as she shuffled blindly through the night. She had already tried her wings, but many feathers had been torn. In a few places they had been ripped completely free and were slowly drizzling blood onto the damp earth as she walked. No, they wouldn't heal for a while.

    Eventually she had found her way to a small river, and gulped the clear water quickly. When her thirst was quenched, she let her eyes take a glance at her reflection.

    Her whole body had changed. The once fair haired girl with beautiful white wings was now a monster. Her once pure wings were now scraggly and a rugged gray, her long hair a now deep shade of purple and her once beautiful hands looked like the claws of a beast.

    "No!no!" Morgana shook her head violently, screaming at the top of her lungs. She was ruined. A once perfect girl was now a perfect disaster.
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  2. Vant jumped through the trees as quickly as his feet would carry him "The impact last night what was that?" he thought to himself focused on getting to his objective. Every tribe had reported feeling a huge quake that night, and heavy lightning strikes. It wasn't long before he found the crater, it was still steaming. The vegetation around the area was burnt to a crisp. He came down from the trees and looked the area over "What landed here?" then something caught his eye. "A feather?" he took it from the ground "No way a mere bird could have done this."

    *Squish* Something cold and wet was caught under Vant's foot. He looked at the underside of his foot and cringed a bit, it was a tattered feather with a chunk of flesh still attached to it. Vant looked up and saw a trail of blood leading away from the impact site, he was quick to follow it. As the trail went on the stains kept getting darker and darker until he could see a creature kneeling over a stream. "What are you?" he whispered from behind some bushes. Then the creature left out an ear piercing scream, causing the warrior to recoil. Once it had stopped Vant slowly approached it "Don't move." he calmly called to it, drawing his blade. As he got closer the creature became more recognizable "Whats a Zalaian doing so far it's home?" he raised an eyebrow. He sheathed his sword and offered to help her up "For that matter since when do Zalaians have wings?"
  3. Morgana didn't know how long she had sat there crying before she heard the voice behind her. Human.
    The girl turned sharply, rising to her full height which easily matched the man's. What is he saying? The girl was suddenly too aware of her own situation, and she glanced all around him and then down at herself as if staring would make it unreal. Slowly, the clouds in the sky parted to unleash a beam of white hot light on the girl.

    "You are Morgana, the once magickal princess of the heavens. You were an angel before, now you have fallen. You are now on this planet, surrounded by these strange plants and even stranger creatures, where I, your sister, have exiled you. You may no longer call upon the powers of light, as you have clearly made the choice for darkness. Because you are my sister, I have not killed you, instead giving you a chance to live on without destroying everything I have created. Although you are still immortal, you can still feel pain and now have to succumb to human needs or only your body will die. I'm so sorry you have made me do this my beloved sister, please, try to remember the light."

    The words had seemed to dance around them and the light slowly evaporated as the clouds resumed their normal positions. That was it. This was her new life. Tears stream,ed down her face and Morgana sobbed brokenly, sinking back to the ground.
    "Kayle, please, come back. I am so sorry..." The girl drooped her head, cupping her elbows in the palm of her hands.
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  4. Vant began to grow impatient "Hey I asked a question!" he grabbed his sword, but not drawing it. This "Zalaian" could very well be a mimic trying to lure him into a false sense of security. In fact a lot of monsters seemed to be moving toward the village now a days. "I won't ask you again who are you and what are you doing here!" he ordered.
  5. Morgana's head snapped back in the direction of the man's, glaring at him in disgust. "Get away from me." She hissed, rising back to her feet again. The sun had just began to rise and she needed to get a move on or there would be more people staring at her as if she were some lunatic as well. The fallen angel turned her back on him, wings hanging brokenly from her shoulders and began to walk away. She needed to get away. Gain power. Get stronger. But how?

    Suddenly, something stopped her. This man. He could be the key to her power. If she could just appeal to him. She turned back towards him and took a deep breath.
    "I am an angel," she said in a low tone.
  6. Vant looked at the woman like she was crazy "So what, that crater was from you? You fell from the sky?" The woman gave a slight nod. "Sorry sister, but I'm not buying it, to me you look more like banished abomination from Zala." he sneered. He paused for a moment and just stared at her waiting for a reply. "Well?"

    "REEEEEAAAAAHHHH!" An ear piercing screech shot through the woods.

    "Oh no, not now." Vant whispered and drew his blade. "I suggest you run as fast as you can." he turned to the source of the noise.

    Out from behind a heavy thicket rose a horrible looking creature.

    "I said go! Run!" Vant yelled back at the woman. The monster dashed the warrior with claws drawn. *CLANG!* Vant blocked the heavy hit with this blade and pushed the creature back.​
  7. Morgana smirked at the boy as the large creature rose from the forest. She was never a girl to run from a fight. Yes, a fight would do quite nicely right about now.

    The unearthly being let out a cruel smile, weaving her long, dangerous fingernails through the air and then sending a bolt of purple flames at the monster with a quick toss. The flames moved quickly, searing across the monster's lower body and locking the legs of the monster firmly against the ground. The stun would only last for a few seconds, so Morgana had to move quickly.

    The girl brushed past Vant, stepping directly in front of the monster and slowly, a long violet chain made from shadows latched onto the monster at various parts of it's body.
    "I will have my vengance!" She cried, lifting her hands above her head and hurling a huge ball of the same purple flames as earlier, jolting the monster with the dark magick.

    The creature let out a furious roar and as he went to snap at her, the ethereal chains broke and the soul of the creature shattered, making it fall heavily to the floor. It was now merely a memory.
    Slowly, Morgana absorbed the silvery colored soul, and turned to the man.
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