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    Date: Summer 1992


    It had started out like most other summers in the city of OroOro. The air was humid and the sounds of reeving air conditioners could be hard throughout the apartment districts. I wish that I could tell you the important things going on in the world at the time....Something about some man named Bill Clinton becoming president. Other than that, not much else.

    "Hey Léo! Where are you off to in such a hurry?" My old neighbor asked me as I zoomed past him on my bicycle.

    "Sorry! I don't have time to chat Miguel! I'll tell you more about it later tonight!" I said was quickly but politely as possible. I was never one to be rude.
    I was running late. To school? Na. It was summer break, one of the few times that we actually had time to relax and be our real selves outside of the evils of the schools. I was attempting to make it to the "Idol Contest" that they held every year in the park districts in PaoPoa.

    Back then, Toto City was separated into two sections - PaoPao and Orooro, which were the new and old sections respectively. PaoPao had restrictions about using cars. The officials said it had to do something with an accident that happened in the area many years in the past. I always found it hard to believe myself. It was because of the rich people....

    After peddling up the steepest hill in all of the city on my poor bike, I was finally able to lock it up.

    "Crap, crap, crap." I muttered to myself as I began to run as fast as I could to the old stage pavilion. I didn't want to miss the up and coming Isabelle. Back in those days I was a major fanboy for that idol. I have to laugh at myself now for even wearing that stupid orange headband that we all wore to show our support for that woman.

    "Am, am I late?" I huffed out of breath when I made it to the ticket guy.

    "Nope. We just started about a half-hour ago." He said. The ticket guy then quickly rushed me through and handed me a booklet of all the talent singing today. I quickly read over the schedule. It said that Isabelle was going to be playing at 12:20.

    "Alright, I'm going to make it!" He grinned like a little boy.

    However, when I got to the pavilion, there was a different girl singing. Someone named....Misa~Nyan.


    I wanted to face-palm. I had traveled all this way and I missed the girl that I wanted to see!


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    Year: Summer of 1992
    It was the summer of 92, and the annual idol contest was going on. All the great idols of the surrounding areas gathered for the contest to find out who was the top idol. It was intense and quite the highlight of the summer. This was the second year Misa~Nyan, had entered the contest. "Ladies and gentlement. Now give a welcoming applause to our lovely Miss Misa~Nyan singing Hiru no Tsuki!" Misa smiled and waved to the fans as she stepped out on stage. Her real name, well no one really knew but they often called her Miss Angel. Misa~Nyan was just her idol name. She was still an up and coming idol, but she was quickly sweeping the idol world and already had quite the following. Her style was undeniably cute as well.

    "Thank you" she said with a nod as she took to the mic and waited for the music to begin "Oto no nai mahiru kaze wa tada akarui..." Her voice rang out loud and clear, having an almost entrancing feel to it. She wasn't half bad, and as she sang she sang with a faint smile on her lips. Always smiling. Through the crowds she saw a young man pushing through with high hopes in his eyes. She sensed great disappointment from him though. Something about the young man though, caught her full attention and almost made her falter in her song. However, the young idol recovered easily, her eyes fixed for a split moment on the boy before drawing away.

    That boy....could he be... she thought to herself as the song was drawing near an end.

    "...hikarifurasu you ni kikasete ne, sotto." Her last notes rang out as a giant applause erupted from the crowds. Most hadn't expected such a soothing voice from someone like Misa~Nyan. She smiled and waved before heading off stage as the next contestant, Imari, was up. She passed Imari with a smile, "Good luck," she said in passing. Imari only turned her nose up to Misa a moment with an air of confidence.

    "I won't need luck!" she said sarcastically. Misa raised an eyebrow but kept her calm smile on as she finally exited the stage while Imari began. What a witch She thought with a sigh as she went in search of some water near the crowd line.

  3. Léo

    Léo sighed. He had to try to make his way through the crowd that now engulfed the room.

    "Dammit...I came all this way and I missed the concert..." He thought to himself.

    While he didn't have to spend any of his own money to come to this event, he had been waiting all year to see his favorite idol sing. With a slight slump, he walked forward. Hoping mostly to find a place to sit; though this was highly unlikely since just about every other otaku was at this free concert.

    Léo didn't realize just how much his aura was effecting the area around him. Within his own world, he failed to notice that Misa's attention had been focused on him.

    He decided trying to force his way into the crowd wasn't worthwhile, so now he moved to the fringes of the pavilion. Léo found an empty bench and he didn't even think too look before sitting down. As luck would have it, he ended up sitting in the remains of a discarded Sno-cone.

    "....FFFFFFF-" He muttered. This time around Léo did face palm. "This day just keeps getting better and better."

    Léo felt like screaming but he didn't want to draw attention to himself. It was not his nature to be the center of attention and he almost always preferred things that way.

  4. Misa~Nyan aka Miss Angel

    A couple of her fans crowded the lines as she went to get water. Reaching out and trying to touch her or get her autograph. She was happy to let them be who they were, crazy fans. It was a part of her role she'd long ago grown used to. Keeping her ever present smile on she signed some autographs and shook some hands as the other idols did their thing on stage. She had a little down time until the next segment of the competition.

    "Miss Nyan-san! Miss Nyan-san!" someone called from behind her. Misa turned to see a fan rushing toward her with a paper in his hand and a wide grin on his face. The fan-boy grin. She blinked some.

    "Uh, you shouldn't be behind here. you could get in trouble" she pointed toward the guards in the distance who had turned to see a crowd member had gotten loose from the pack. The boy startled some but Misa chuckled as she grabbed the paper from his frozen hand and quickly signed it, To my loyal fan. Always smile through. <3 Misa-Nyan~

    She quickly shoved the paper back in his hand and stepped aside pointing behind her, "Better run" she said cheerfully as she patted him on the back. His face tinted a deep red, and she feared he might have a nose bleed, but he didn't. Grinning he suddenly took off as the guards took chase. She watched with a slightly amused glance and a soft chuckle as she went to grab another glass of water. This time, she noticed Leo again, now sitting on a bench nearby. He really looked upset about something. Curious, she approached and stood just behind the cut off tape separating crowd from behind stage.

    "You seem quite frustrated. Is there anything I can help you with before my next act?" She said with a kind smile. Luckily no eyes were trained on them at the moment, or they might be swarmed. However, it was almost as if Misa exhumed some force that literally kept the otakus away, but that was just silly, right?

  5. Léo
    "Who me?" Leo asked.

    He looked to his left and right. There was no one else around, which surprised him. Leo knew that almost any of the idols would have tons of fans swarming around them.

    "Oh! Sorry. I'm alright, honestly, I am!"

    Leo patted the back of his head. He had been lost in his own little world and now there was someone addressing him. He blinked a little upon seeing that it was Misa-san that was asking him a question. Leo knew a little bit about her. She wasn't as well established as Isabelle was but she was up and coming.

    Leo didn't want too seem rude, she was a busy lady after. "I'm just tired!" This was a half truth. He forced a grin on his face. "I had to come all the way from Orooro on my bike. Just a little worried that I missed a lot of the acts, that's all!"

    He hadn't been paying close enough attention to the fact it was Misa-san that had just been singing on the stage. He now felt like a derp. Leo quickly shoved the schedule he had under his legs; just so that she wouldn't assume that he was insulting her in any shape or form. He always tried to be careful about offending people.

    "Thanks for asking, though!" He still had a forced smile on his face upon saying this.

  6. Misa~Nyan aka Miss Angel

    Misa watched Leo's nervous mannerisms and was keen to notice him kick the program under the bench. She wondered which Idol he missed, but his headband really gave it away. Per usual she just kept politely smiling at the poor guy, "It's okay. I just hate to see fans, even those who are not mine, upset about things. It breaks one's heart." Her smile saddened some, but then she felt a familiar presence approaching. It was another of the idols, Mary, who was yet another Idol that Misa didn't quite get along with. Well, in general most idols didn't get along with one another anyways for their own reasons.

    "Well well, what do we have here? Misa~Nyan sympathizing with another pathetic otaku?" Mary smirked with her hands resting on her hips. Misa frowned as she turned, "that's not nice. I'm sure he has feelings...what do you want Mary?"

    "Oh nothing, but this round is almost over so you better hurry up unless you want to lose again" she scoffed.

    Misa sighed some and turned as Mary walked off laughing. "I apologize for her." She said with a polite bow, "I hope you can see your Idol and enjoy the rest of today's show" she said with another warm smile before she parted and prepared for round two. The judges were tallying up the scores from the first round. Next was a short question answer and then the day would end.

  7. Léo
    Leo then chuckled. "Thanks." He said to Misa. She seemed like a nice lady. "It means a lot to me." He smiled. This time it was more natural, though still very nervous looking.

    Then...Mary got involved with their conversation. He blinked for a second and noticed that Misa and Mary were "debating" with each other... He then clenched his teeth. For reasons soon to be explained.

    "Hell yes, I do have feelings!" Leo then stood up. He might have been what most would consider a geek but that didn't mean that he didn't stand up for himself; unlike many of the other fans in the pavilion. Certain times...Leo was rather... Impulsive. He crumpled his schedule and then chucked it at Mary as fast as he could.

    "First off, dearest cousin" Leo exclaimed, "I am not obsessive about anime or video games!"


    "OH MY GOD?!!? Oh...It's just you Leo." Mary said. "Goddamn you! How many times have I told you not to come to this things!" She complained. Mary then noticed that he was wearing the orange headband that all the fans of Isabelle wore. "Oh for the love of cheesecake! If you do come to these things, you should at least support me instead of a rival. Where's your sense of family bond?"

    "Where ever you left yours!" Leo snapped back!

  8. Idol Wear Challenge
    With the scores being tallied up the Idols were changing outfits back stage for the conclusion of the idol contest. They would be in cute Idol Wear chosen by their specific sponsorer to wear. As Misa was slipping into her outfit she overheard Mary complaining about something.

    "I can't believe him! Whatever, i'm better anyways, I don't need his support! pfft such family!" That girl had quite the temper and she could hurl it in anyone's direction when she so well pleased. She wasn't someone that Misa herself wanted to know well, but seh tried to remain friendly with her, "Is something wrong?" She asked approaching the girl as she shifted her dress a bit.

    "Nothing is wrong! And you shouldn't care..." Mary sharply said back. Misa blinked, " seemed to know that boy I was talking to, who is he?" she asked curiously, wanted to learn more about him. Mary glanced toward Misa disapprovingly, "Even if I don't like my cousin that much...he could still do better than idolize the likes of you."

    "I didn't say he had to, but what is his name?"

    "Why are you so curious? Does Misa have a crush?!" Mary got into her face now with rampant curiosity. Misa blinked and blushed some as she took a hesitant step back, " I was just curious. He seemed sad"

    "His name is Leo..." someone else said walking up to their conversation. Mary turned and glared daggers before walking off. Misa turned to see that it was Isabelle who had spoken. How did she know, she wondered. Misa nodded, "thank you. I should...finish getting ready. Good luck" she said timidly.

    "Heh, I won't need it. I should wish YOU luck though" she gave a smile but it put Misa off guard as Isabelle walked away. Sighing she went back to her mirror to freshen up as the competition winners were being announced.

    "Ladies, please come back on stage and we will announce the winners of this years Idol Contest!" The Idols marched onto stage posed now in their chosen outfits. Misa smoothed out her dress a bit as she put on a smile and awaited the results.

    "In THIRD place with a score of 390 is...." the crowd waited with baited breath. Misa scanned the crowd a moment and her eyes once more fell upon Leo. She felt something about him, but what?

    "Miss Misa~Nyan!" the crowd cheered and Misa snapped to as she smiled and moved forward, "Thank you, thank you" she said accepting the award as she stepped aside.

    "In second place with a score of 420 is....Miss Mary!" applause erupted as Mary stepped forward to accept her award. Misa wanted to scream, but she kept her cool and smiled, even congratulating Mary as she stood next to her. Mary only scoffed some at her.

    "And now...for this years Idol Competition winner....with an outstanding score of 490 Miss Isabelle!" confetti shot off as music began to play and Isabelle was once more crowned Idol Winner. Misa applauded politely, but she was still disappointed. Her disappointment was put aside though as she kept glancing in Leo's direction from the stage. Isabelle, Mary, and Misa were pulled aside for photo ops before the event ended, the pictures were being taken nearby where Leo was still sitting.
  9. Léo
    Leo watched the idols receive their scores. Misa got in third, his cousin got in second, and Isabelle got in first. He wasn't really shocked by these results. Though he did wish that Misa would have knocked Mary down to third. Then again, her branch of the Hellum family was pretty inflluential in Paopao. He pulled out his cell phone and took some photos of the three winners. He was still disapointed that he missed watching Isabelle, there was no use in crying over spilled milk.

    The girls where then ushered elsewhere, with their adorning otaku fans all flocking to take close ups. With that he placed it back into his shirt pocket. He didn't want to be involved with the cluster. He had his fun and now it was time to leave. Leo failed to notice that Misa had been watching him more or less the entire time ever since he had first arrived. So with little thought, he placed his hands in his pockets and left the pavilion.

    As he started to walk away, he felt himself get into a headlock.


    "Leo-kun. Seeing you here of all places." A man with dark hair smiled as Leo struggled to get out of the hold. "What will I do with you?"

    Leo looked up. The man had a poetic tone to it. "Mimasuya Hisashi...." He mumbled. "Hello Mimasuya-senpai."

    This man was an upperclass-men at Leo's high school. Hisashi always had a thing for keeping Leo close to him whenever they met. It crept Leo out.

    "Did you come to see Misa-kun? She sure seemed interested in you." He then let go of Leo and patted him on the head. "Though I notice that you have one of Isabelle's hair-ties on...Oh you are bad, Leo-kun."

    "Wuh...." Leo asked confusedly. "I-I can't stick around."

    Leo then left as quickly as possible.



    It was now early evening. There was hardly anyone out in Paopao at this time. They were very conservative and closed up shop exactly at 5 PM and expected their citizens to spend a good night home with their families. However, Leo was in no rush to return home. Taking his sweet time, Leo decided to take a break and rested with his bike near a building.

    "Hello, Leo!" A young woman's voice come from behind him. "Huh?" He said. He looked back too see a strangely dressed young woman with purple hair. She then did a typical cat noise, "Nyan!"


    "Uh....Hello." Leo said. The girl then smiled at him. "...Are you a member of some cosplay group or something?" He asked.

    "Oh, no I am not! I was with the idols and my van broke down. I was hoping that someone would be willing to help a girl out here!" She then smiled. "Silly old me~ My name is Utada Arai!"

    If she was one of the idols that might explain why she knew his name. Mary did have a habit of blabbing about him being such a jerk of a family member. Though how this girl would have known what he looked like was a bit perplexing. He decided to play it safe. This could be a prank.

    "Sorry," He said. "I'm a computer repairer...I don't know a thing about cars! I do apologize. I could call my father. He's good with machines...." Leo then pulled out his cell phone.

    Utada then cackled. Leo then felt a sharp pain on his arm. He dropped his cell phone. He looked down and saw red coming from his left arm. Someone this girl had cut him. Utada then cackled again.

    "My producer was correct. You will be easy prey for me. Nyan!" Utada then charged towards Leo. Panicking, Leo began to peddle his bike as quickly as possible. However, the girl was able to keep up with him at a surreal speed.

    "Cute! I like it when a boy runs from me. Makes things more fun!" She then waved her hands and that same pain came over him again. This time he fell off his bike and tumbled roughly to the ground. He was pretty bashed up looking by this point. He groaned.

    Utada then stood over him. "Nice knowing you boy. Your prana will do me great wonders."

    Natural instinct then took over. Leo then tripped her and Utada fell face down to the ground. He stood up in pain.

    "WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!??!" Leo hollered. He grabbed his arm which was still bleeding and began to run as quickly as possible, abandoning his bike.

    "Keekek. You cannot out run me little boy!" The strangely dressed girl squealed. "Oh, how I just love the hunt!"

    She then lashed out her whip again but Leo was able to dodge it by running in a zig zag pattern. "Fufufu, you are just delaying the inevitable cutey!"

    Leo didn't respond he had to keep running. His life depending on it. Now he had wished that he had stayed at the pavilion for longer. This probably wouldn't be happening right now; whatever sick joke this was.

    Utada then threw herself at him. He fell to the ground and once again she stood over him. "Fool. Don't you understand? Your prana belongs to me now. You are little more than a vessel." Leo then screamed in pain as he felt her claw like fingers digging up into his skin.


    However, just then what sounded like an arrow came crashing down near Utada. The cat-like girl then jumped back.

    Leo had just been saved in the nick of time.....

  10. Idol Fight!
    What Leo thought was an arrow was actually a lance that had been thrown down between him and Utada. Soon after a familiar face would appear, but Misa was dressed oddly. Her usual cute outfit was replaced by something that looked like an armor type outfit.

    "Leave him alone Utada-san. I'm here, Leo. You summoned me. in your time of need, I have come. I've been watching you, Leo-san..." Really he hadn't summoned anyone and it just so happened that Leo was there, being attacked, and Misa decided she wanted to make him her ronery-san. So she came to help him out. Luck of the draw random chance. Plus, one could not deny the strong attraction she'd been feeling toward him since she'd laid eyes on him. He was the one. He was to be her master, she knew this much already.

    "....Summoned?" He asked as he noticed a new fighter had come to the scene.

    "well...more or less. In your time of great need you have given off this...burst of energy in a sense and I've come to answer the call for help. I will not hurt you, Leo-san. I am here to protect you!" She turned her attentions toward Utada as she pulled her lance from the ground, "Always the coward Utada! Fight me! If you win then you shall have his prana. What do you say?" the question was extended to both Leo and Utada, though mostly Utada.

    Utada grinned, "If you are that desperate! Then I am more than willing Miss Lancer. Your class doesn't stand a chance against me." She then cackled before charging at Misa.

    "What?!?! I don't even know what pranna is!" Leo yelled.

    "Leo-san....stand back. I am here to protect you." When Utada attacked Misa was quick to act. Utada was cocky, like the rest, and often underestimated Misa's speed. Dodging Utada's attack, she quickly pushed off the ground in a lung-type attack as she took three quick swings at the girl.

    Leo did as he was told. Utada growled. Two of the swings had successfully hit her. She then extended her hands and then cackled.

    "Lady!" Leo shouted, "She did the same thing against me! It's like a whip or something!"

    As Leo shouted out toward her, Misa quickly changed from offensive to defensive in one quick move. Utada had managed to get a decent cut at her though as she jumped back and landed with her injured arm up. Blood dripped from the wound, but she ignored the sting, "stalker-class...finding a weakness to prey upon. You are a cowardly class!" Misa spat at Utada as she stood straight again and regained herself, "well, if you're a stalker-class. That must mean your master is also a coward. He won't even show his face" Misa smirked some as she shook out and re-gripped her lance. She pushed off again, the speed and force causing the ground to buckle slightly under where she'd pushed off. Charging forward she appeared to be attacking in the same three swipe pattern, but at the last moment she change to a sideways and upward diagnoal pattern. She moved so quickly that this pattered happened right as she was passing by Utada, their eyes meeting.

    Utada glared at Misa. Her whip had been blocked by the lance. She would have to resort to using her knives at this point. The Stalker class hated close quarter combat... "At least me master isn't foolish enough to wander around the city unprotected. He doesn't even know how to use magic! What a pathetic little man!"

    Misa stopped and turned to face Utada again, the lance resting carefully at her side, "you only say that because you're jealous of my master" Misa said with a smirk, "I grow tired of this. It's time to finish this." Misa suddenly knelt a moment as she brough the lance across her chest and began to focus her energies. She was goign to exectue her finishing move. The Pefect Cherry Kiss of Death. It usually lived up to its name and was her ultimate attack.

    Utada gritted her teeth. "You win this round." The Stalker then disapaited into the shadows of the park. Her mission had been to scout out the other masters. Now that one of the higher levelled classed had been found, she didn't want to engage in a battle without her master being near by.

    As Utada disappeared, Misa broke her concentration and stood with a soft sigh, "coward" she called, but left it at that.

    Leo then stood up. "...." He was unsure of what to say next. "Uh...Care to explain what's going on here?"

    Misa was nursing her wound a moment as she glanced up toward Leo. Walking toward him she leaned on her lance a moment when she was close enough to speak, " probably won't believe me, but the idols you otaku's so adore are not just normal people. A group of us are separated into special classes that are bestowed upon us at birth and give us special abilities. Every so often our innate abilities are called upon so that we can battle it out to determine who the real top Idol is in a battle royal. however, we can only fight if we have a master...people like you, Leo-san." she smiled and poked him in the chest, "the idol contests you watch are just our comes the REAL contest. Only one winner can come out on top. You have been chosen as my master, and so I am your servant and will fight to protect you as your summoned waifu. Now, we are bound together, master. However, you have much to learn, though," she sighed some and reached forward for his arm that was wounded, "Does it hurt?" she took out a hanky and dabbed some at the blood before beginning to tend to it like any good waifu would do.
  11. Léo
    "...." Leo blinked for a moment as she poked in him in the chest. "Well...Well..."

    He had no response to her fact. He was not trained in whatever this weird affair was all about. This made no sense what so ever. Idols fighting each other like epic warriors to prove whom was the best? She had chosen him of all people?

    "Whoa, whoa!" Leo said bringing both of his hands up, as if they were stop signs. "Why are you calling me your master?"

    Leo never cared for such titles. One of his former girlfriends had always called him that and it disturbed him. Hell, it still disturbed him.

    "Please, please...Lancer was it? Don't call me master." Leo said.

    Misa then grabbed his wounded arm. He closed his eyes. The wounds on his body hurt him more than he wanted to present to Misa. She then had began to padded the still bleeding wounds with a hankey.

    "So...Is there any place we can go to...You know so I can actually understand what the hell is going on here?" He asked.

  12. Misa~Nyan
    Misa blinked as leo asked if there was anywhere private to go. Yes, he probably was a bit confused. She fixed his arm up a bit before realizing she was still in armor. "Oh right..."

    Stepping back she powered down as her lance disappeared as well as the armor she was wearing. Now, she was just regular old Misa~Nyan. Her arm had a nasty gash on it from Utada, but it would heal. "aww...she ruined my shirt" Misa grumbled as she looked around carefully. She was deep in thought about where they could go. Well, it wasn't perhaps grand, but the headmistress of the idol school would know how to better explain things to Leo. or at least Misa hoped. Plus, she needed to talk to the headmistress anyways.

    "Come on...this way" she said taking Leo's hand as she quickly began to lead him through the streets of Toto city. Their destination was the Perfect Cherry School. Leo would be safe there, she hoped. "Leo-san, all will be explained I hope" she said looking back at him with a caring smile. She didn't even care that he was a fan of Isabelle. Isabelle was at least one of the few idols that Misa somewhat respected.

    When they arrived at the school's campus, Misa was fortunate to see the headmistress Diana wandering about the front courtyard. She seemed lost in her own thoughts with a dreamy look to her eyes. Misa pulled Leo forward as she stopped and bowed politely before the headmistress, "Sensei, I'm sorry I was out so late. I ran into a little trouble. I have found my master. Sensei this is Leo, my new master. different from the others though, I sense. But he is mine." She smiled proudly.

    Diana simply stood there as Misa spoke with a stern look and her arms crossed over her chest. Misa blinked a moment and glanced at Diana as she cleared her throat and started again, "Sensei I--"

    "Ah Misa! You have returned! How did the idol competition go? Were you able to place this year?" she smiled kindly upon her pupil, not seeming to even notice Leo standing right there.

    Misa blinked but smiled politely, "Yes, sensei. I placed third this year! I was very fortunate! Sensei I wanted to tell you t hat--"

    "And who is this?" Diana turned to look Leo over. She moved forward and scrutinized him a moment carefully, "Interesting. Very interesting, you seem to have a gift. Though you are rather inept in other areas. Misa...this isn't your master is it?"

    "Yes it is. Is something wrong? Oh may he have a place to stay with me so that I may keep my eye on him sensei?"

    "He lacks the necessary control over his prana that most others are quite gifted at. Are you sure you want--" she seemed to drift into her own thoughts again. Misa was about to refute but Diana spoke once more, "Ah yes. A place to stay. I can move your quarters so that you are in appropriate dorm situation. That will not be a problem. It's quite late Misa. You should be getting to your room, you've already missed dinner. I will have someone send you some food. Right then, nice to meet you uh...Leo right? please take care. Misa is a lovely catch and a strong class, count yourself lucky." She smiled sheepishly.

    With that Misa watched as the headmistress walked off again, drifting into her usual dream world once again. Sighing Misa glanced toward Leo, "She can be somewhat spacy sometimes. I apologize. Come on...I'll try to explain as I go. But you will be staying with me now Leo-san. I must stay close so that I may protect you, do you understand?" Once more Leo was dragged off, this time toward the Perfect Cheery Dorms, without any further explanation to this new predicament he was in.
  13. Léo
    Leo was even more confused than when had first asked if there was someone that could explain what on Earth was going on right now. The Lancer in armor was apparently really Misa. She had decided to drag him to her school, which was even weirder. The interaction with the headmistress didn't seem to solve much either. Combined with Hisashi being extra creepy to him at the pavilion and Utada attacking him, Leo felt like his head was going to implode with the sheer surrealism currently going on.

    His brain went numb while Misa dragged him back towards her dorm room. There were a few other students still wandering around at this hour. The curfew for the dorms was around 10 PM. Leo didn't want to guess what time it was now anyways. There were one or two young women that walked by and giggled at the sight.

    "Wait!" Leo then said. "Did you just say that this was the Perfect Cherry Campus?!?!"

    Misa nodded.

    "This a girl's only campus!" Leo then blushed. He had often heard rumors about this site from the students at this high school. There were all sorts of wild tales about the Catholic Church running the school, deaths of teachers, and much more.

    He pulled back from Misa's grip. "You keep saying I'm different! That purple haired bimbo tried killing me. You keep talking about prana!"

    Leo gave her a stern glare. "I might not know what you plan to do to me, but I do know that prana is some kind of important life energy. You'd better not be planning to do some sort of weird voodoo cruse on me or something!!!"

    He then stomped his foot to the ground, "Explain to me what is really going on here! I don't know what sort of weird game this whole set up is, but I am not a fan of Alternate Reality Games!!!"

    Leo was venting at this time. "I'm sorry...Not trying to yell at you....But I don't like what's going on...."

  14. Misa~Nyan
    Misa patiently listened to Leo's outburst, but clearly flinched with the raising of his voice. She gave a sympathetic smile by the end of it.

    "You're right, Leo, I should explain. But we need to get out of the open first, it's not safe. And please don't say such hurtful things as I will put a voodoo curse on you. I would never do that. I am here to protect you, not harm you." she gently took his hand and gave it a light squeeze before leading him off again toward the dormitories.

    Girls giggled some as Leo and Misa passed, but they kept their distance. Leo would be safer in the confines of the all girl's school as opposed to out in the open. Or she hoped. Misa and headmisteress would be there to make sure nothing happened on the school grounds. Leo would be allowed to transfer to the school as well so that he could continue his studies. In most cases, someone in Leo's spot would count their self lucky. However, Leo was right, there was more going on here.

    The dormitory was a two bedroom mini apartment like setting. It had long ago been reserved for Misa for when this day came. Pulling Leo inside she quickly shut and locked the door as she lead him to the couch and sat him down.

    "Do you want anything to drink? The food will be brought up shortly as I'm sure you're hungry."

    Misa herself went to the fridge and grabbed some water, bringing one back for Leo as well. "You were right about the prana. Think of prana being the conversion of what you say is lifeforce. True. There is mana, which is the natural energy all around us, and there is od, which is the energy found within. When those energies or forces are converted they can be used as....well i guess in layman's terms as magic."

    She paused a moment to drink and make sure that Leo was following somewhat what she was explaining.

    "As for you...well...I don't know what headmistress means when she says you are different. Though I did sense you strongly when we met at the idol contest. Leo, you have to take this situation seriously. It is no light matter. You are now within a great battle for the ultimate prize, sort of like we're seeking the holy grail. Every couple span of years this tournament occurs and the competition is to see who will come out on top as the victor. Ultimately the master of the victor will receive their ultimate wish.

    "The way the tournament is ran is with a waifu/master system. I guess sort of like a wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend, but we do not have to be an official couple" she quickly added with a blush before continuing, "there are seven classes and one waifu who is given attributes of one of the seven classes. We are chosen at random from birth and train to hone our skills, but ultimately our true potential cannot be realized until we have our masters. That's someone like you Leo." She smiled and poked h im lightly in the chest.

    "Ronery masters are chosen at random...anyways so the short of all this is that you are within a holy battle fought to obtain your ultimate goal. Should we win your deepest wish will be granted. Should we lose...well...we don't want to lose" seh left it at that. "Does that help Leo-san?" It was a lot to take in and Leo seemed slightly dazed. Misa reached over to gently touch his arm, making sure to avoid his wound. "Leo-san?" she asked again hoping he'd snap out of it. Maybe that's what headmistress had meant. That Leo was just a spacy boy, kind of like headmistress herself.

  15. Léo
    Misa then touched his arm. This almost made him jump back. He had been zoning off into his own little reality. Not that he had meant too.

    "I think I understand...." Leo said. "So far....I still do not like the sound of this so called war."

    Leo wanted to stand up, but his legs refused too. His body was exhausted. What had started as a decent day had definitely taken a turn from disapointing to just plain surreal.

    "Somehow..." He said, "I think that you are probably right that loosing would be rather bad for me...." He tried to recall everything she said about prana, mana, and that other thing. "After what happened to me this evening, I doubt that my body could take much more abuse from such...Strong idols."

    Leo then stared around the room he was in for a moment. It was small and how he'd imagined how a dorm would have looked. There was fake wooden paneling on the sides of the walls and cheap white plaster paint covered the upper walls and ceiling. Misa had added a few things here and there to make her dorm room look a little more homely. She had some framed pictures of herself with some of her school friends, two flower vases were on the coffee table nearest to the couch that Leo was resting on, and she had stacks of old books on several large book shelves. Next to her TV was the various awards she had own over the years.

    Leo had to admit, her track record was pretty impressive thus far.

    "I don't have much that I want to wish for..." Leo said. "I just kind of take each day as it comes by."

    He then forced a smile on his face, "So how about we fight this war for you instead!"

  16. [video=youtube;Qo_Oga0k0sw][/video]


    Misa had never really responded to Leo when he asked her about fighting the Idol War for her instead of him. She'd simply smiled, gave him a light kiss on the cheek after checking his arm again, and sent him off to bed. That had been about a few weeks or so ago, Misa had really lost track of time. As promised, Leo had been privately transferred to Perfect Cherry so that Misa could keep a close eye on him and train with him. He was given a private tutor so that he didn't have to attend the all girl's classes, but Misa herself was still in class for a portion of the day.

    Misa wasn't the only one of the idols who attended Perfect Cherry. Among the other contestants Imari, Mary, and Isabelle also attended the school. However, she didn't often run into them and she wasn't about to start a fight with them just yet. All of them knew what was going on, but they respected the rules of the war.

    During their training time together, Misa began to realize why Leo was different from the other ronery-sans. Leo didn't have the innate ability to control his own magical ability. Meaning that Misa would have to rely a LOT on her own skills when doing the fighting, but she still needed Leo-san. He had his own gifts still that could come in handy. As the noon bell rang, Misa left her class and headed across campus to meet up with Leo for a bite to eat and some training. Misa was surprised they hadn't been challenged again yet, but the war was still young, and now that things were was just a matter of time.

    "Leo-san!! I'm back!" Misa called as she entered the little dormitory. She slipped her shoes off at the door and threw her things on the couch as she went to the fridge to grab some stuff to make sandwiches for the two of them. A good waifu always knew what to do! "Leo-san! where are you?! What do you want on your sandwich!" She called again, "Leo-san?" she blinked a moment and stared toward his bedroom. Why was Leo so quiet today? She wondered. She moved toward his room to find out.

    She knocked gently on the door before letting herself in.

  17. Servant Stalker
    Mimasuya slapped Utada. "You failed me. Leo-kun should have been no match for you."

    The stalker class idol had some tears in her eyes, but remained standing firm. "Master," she said, "He was somehow able to summon the Lancer class. My skills aren't for close quarters combat with a higher ranking Idol."

    "Excuses." Mimasuya said. "You have much more potential than whomever the Lancer is."

    "It was the third place winner at the contest yesterday afternoon." She said, rubbing her cheek.

    "Oh! That cute little Korean girl, then. Looks like her instant crush on him has turned into a full infatuation. Oh, hehehe. This is just great. I have a rival for Leo-kun's affection."

    Utada then raised her eyebrow, "Are you some kind of yaoi..."

    "No!" Mimasuya said. "Leo-kun is just my play thing. Not her's! I don't like sharing my toys."

    Utada was glad that she knew the identity of the Lancer. The joys of the internet and otaku. They said where she went to school and if her Master was right about one thing, Leo would be there with her. She run across the tops of the trees. No one noticed her since the Stalker Class' abilities allowed them to avoid detection. Utada was soon at the gates of the Perfect Cherry Academy.

    She then slipped on a school girl's uniform, "Oh gawd..." She muttered to herself.

    Utada was one of the older idols in this weird war. She didn't really want to take part in it but fate had other things in store for her. And now wearing a school uniform annoyed her.

    Forcing a smile on her face. She then saw some students coming her way. "Hiya! I have a question. Does anyone know where Misa's dorm is? I'm...I'm her new chemistry partner! And, and...Since I have a break in the schedule right now, I think I should find out where she lives."

    Utada then blushed. She hated acting like a moeblob but it seemed to work. "She lives on the 3rd floor of the Silver Dorms. They are the big ones near the water fountain!"

    "Thanks!" Utada said with a rosy smile.

    "Alright...Step one was taken care of. Now too find that stupid little boy and deliver him to Master."

    She then looked left and right. There were no signs of the other students. Utada then leaped up to the third floor with relative ease. Since Misa never locked her doors too often, Udata was able to sneak into her dorm. "Leo has a strong prana level...So he'll be easy enough to find."

    And sure enough he was. Just sleeping on the couch...How lazy.

    She was about to grab him, when he shot up.

    Leo then grabbed the vase. He felt something pulsate through him, with the flick of his finger it shot quickly from his hand like some sort of missile. Utada then reeled back.

    "You little douche!" She the hollered at him, "Master said that you didn't know any magic!"

    Leo blinked. He had no idea what he just did or if he could even do it again. "Looks like your master is a fool then!" Leo taunted back.

    He then touched one of the book shelves that Misa had in this spare room. Leo felt the same sort of energy that he had last time. He had a visual of where the foe was. With the slightest touch, the bookshelf then went flying. Utada didn't have enough time to react. She was sent flying out of the window with a solid oak bookself following her to the ground. Utada then faded away. Her magical abilities weren't as effective here inside the protective walls of the school.

    Leo sighed and fell face first to ground. He was then out. Misa would soon discover that a battle had happened once again and Leo had no means of summoning her to his safety.
  18. Misa~Nyan
    There were subtle signs taht something wasn't right. Quickly she opened the door to find Leo faceplanted on the floor and passed out. Gasping she ran to his side, "Leo-san! Leo-san!!" She took him into her arms and looked down at him with tears in her eyes. Why hadn't he summoned her? Was he okay? "Please answer me Leo!" she tried again shaking him a bit more until he somehow startled awake.

    "Leo-san! Oh I'm so glad you're okay!" she exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around him in a smothering hug. When he finally was freed she dragged him over to the couch where he was sat down, given an ice pack for his head, and a sandwich to eat. She listened as he slowly explained what happened, after a little coaxing from Misa of course. By the end of his story Misa had an unsettled frown upon her face.

    "Why won't they leave Leo-san alone!" She quickly took his hand and pulled him from the couch. If they weren't going to stop she would take the fight to them and they'd get this over and done with! It actually didn't take Misa long to find Utada's master. She already knew, somehow, that Mimasuya was Utada's Ronery-Hubbu. Soon after leaving the protective walls of the school she saw Mimasuya standing under a tree with his arms crossed and a smug grin on his face. His eyes seemed to focus on Leo, but Misa kept him back, "stay here, I'll take care of this." With that Misa moved forward.

    "I have a score to settle with you! Stay way from my Leo-san!" she said as she suddenly summoned her armor and appeared ready for battle. Her lance appeared in her outstretched hand as she crouched low, "Utada show yourself now you witch!" she hollered as she charged at Mimasuya and readied an attack. Mimasuya wasn't quite as helpless as Leo, but he still needed Utada's help, though their relationship seemed strained. Eventually, Utada showed herself as Mimasuya took a step back and Misa and Utada duked it out.

    However, right in the middle of the battle three blades came falling down from the sky at Utada and Misa. They both blocked the blades, but misa knew who they belonged to! "Isabelle?!" she exclaimed as the female only smield and blew a kiss at Misa.

    "Of course it is, now to take care of this boring stalker!" she smiled as she executed her special attack and thousands of swords came crashing down upon Utada. Defeated, Utada laid there unconscious, Mimasuya stared angrily at the two. "Now i'll have to get a new waifu!!" he sparkled and opened his arms toward Leo. Seeing this Misa's eye twitched as she gripped her lance, "Ultimate Blossom Lancer Attack!" she called as she unleashed one of her special attacks at Mimasuya. As the attack landed Mimasuya flew off into the sunset leaving the group alone.

    "Well I hope you two have a nice contract. Good luck in this war, Misa" Isabelle said and promptly walked off. Misa sighed as she looked toward Leo who simply stared in disbelief at the entirety of this situation. "Are you okay Leo san? she asked as she went and poked Utada to see if she was still alive. The girl was out cold. Kneeling beside her, Misa patched her up a bit and left her be. Utada was out of the war, so she wouldn't have to worry about her anymore, she hoped. "Come on Leo...we should get back to classes" seh said taking his arm and walking away.
  19. Léo
    "No, I am not okay!" Leo then clenched his teeth. "This "war" is royally @#$@ up..." Leo seemed like he was going to blow his top. "Why father wanted to move to this island, I don't even want to know anymore!"

    He then pointed at Misa, "Please! I don't want to go to anymore classes. I can't handle combat! I just can't!"

    Leo then pulled away from her and plopped himself on the ground. "You're a nice girl...Don't get me wrong, but this entire thing seems farcical...."

    He ruffled his hair, a nervous habit that he always had. "I mean...What's her face has been knocked out of the combat...But with swords?!!? Thrown by a blonde haired moeblob?!?! Bah...And what's her face kept trying to kill me to steal whatever is inside of my body...What's too say that the rest of the girls and their allies won't try coming after me?!?!"

    There was a murmur coming from Utada's body. It meant that she wasn't dead, that was a good sign. Though when she would wake up, she would have no memories of the events that had occurred over these past few days.

    "Please, Misa...I need to learn some kind of magic to defend myself....I can't pretend that learning normal studies can help me anymore...."

  20. Misa~Nyan

    When Leo pulled away and had his small tantrum, Misa simply stood there listening. When he finished she drew her gaze away from him a moment and glanced toward the ground and hugged herself a bit. "I'm sorry you feel this way Leo-san. There isn't anythign I can do about the war..." her tone was somber and the weather seemed to reflect her tone as the skies clouded over and a slight breeze started, "Yes, more people will come after us, but that's why I'm here. To protect you. When an Idol is taken out of the war, she loses her memory and doesn't remember about the war. I personally try not to kill...but others are not as forgiving and kind as me."

    Misa moved forward and crouched before Leo, putting her hands gently on his shoulders, lifting his chin so that their eyes met, "You have the ability within you Leo-san. You just have to believe in yourself...I believe in you Leo-san. That's why I know we'll win" she smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek before standing. Her smile seemed to bring the sun back. She stood and tapped her chin in thought a moment as Leo continued to simply sulk there a moment. He would come around, she hoped, eventually.

    "Well if you don't want to go to regular classes....lets see if we can find Mistress Diana! She might be able to give you a lesson or two on how to controll your magics! And also maybe tell us why you can't summon me!" she puffed her cheeks angrily at the second part. Shaking her head she pulled leo to his feet and began to dust him off, "Come on...this will be for both our benefits and it's not our boring regular people classes" she smiled, "it'll be fun!!" once more she bossily pulled Leo along in search of Diana.