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  1. Hello everyone!

    So, I was bored a little while ago, and had a bit of extra time on my hands. During that time, I learned something rather surprising. Apparently, I can draw people! O_O

    sample (open)

    Now, I always love it when someone new shows up in the Portrait Studio, even if it is just for a little while, so I decided I would test that supposition by offering up my dubious artistic talent to the Iwaku community.

    Now, this is just a test run. I fully anticipate the possibility that image up there was a massive fluke on my part, a combination of obscene levels of boredom and a random burst of creativity. But maybe not!

    For that reason, I'm willing to take one, maaaaybe two, portrait requests from the lovely people of Iwaku, to see what happens. This will be a traditional drawing, not digital, with no coloring, but maybe shading if I'm feeling particularly enthused about the image. Or if you ask me real nicely. :D These images will be realistic! I can't draw a cartoon like style.

    So, if you want one... fill out a form! Like I said, at the moment I'll only take on a request from the first person or two who comes along and doesn't ask for something particularly absurd. Not that I think you will, but I reserve the right to fail and give up on your portrait, and move on to someone else.

    If it goes well, then I'll take on a couple more.


    Portrait Type: (Half body or head shot preferred, unless you have a very good reason for full body)
    Character Name:
    Physical Description:
    Head -
    Clothes -
    Other Distinguishing Features-
    Any Habits you want portrayed: (Please, be nice, and don't give me too crazy of an action pose)
    Reference Photos: (Please, be as generous as possible here. The more reference photos you give me, even if it is only for a small piece, like hair, eyes, or body shape, the better your image will turn out. Reference images can replace a word description, if you want.)

    Let's give this a go!
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  2. A commission for @unanun and Ilium. It... quickly grew out of scope... Ah, well! Turned out nice.


    Still willing to take a couple more!
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  3. Hello! I've been looking for help in a project and you might be interested. Would you like to try?

    I'll leave the Link to the thread where you can see more of what i'm looking for, and you're invited to join me in this challenge! Thank you for your time!

    ART REQUEST - Wonders of a Nascent World - Sardonya needs help!

    Would you like me to add something to the request? Send me a PM in any case so we can all improve.
  4. Is this still open?? :O
  5. Not exactly, but it could be if it means that much to you. :) I'm on break, so I've got the time to devote a few hours to drawing.
  6. *happy screeching*

    Yay!! :D

    I'll be filling the sheet out in a few hours, then!
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  7. Portrait Type: Head and shoulders
    Character Name: Luna Adler
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Physical Description:
    Head - Round, not too thin but not particularly fat either. Nicely rounded chin with a bit of a point. Like the one labelled 'round'.
    Hair- Black. A little past the shoulders in a layered cut, longer in the back than in the front, slightly curled. A silver (or, in this case, light grey) relatively noticeable streak on the right side of her face (her left, viewer's right).
    Height- 5' 8"
    Clothes - A form fitting dark grey t-shirt with a low neckline. Like this, but no words and grey XD
    Other Distinguishing Features- Silver eyes and no evident makeup, pale skin. (Almost like this. Just younger and with a different hairstyle.)
    Any Habits you want portrayed: She's shy and VERY insecure, so if you could portray a little fear in it, that'd be cool ^.^ I want the pose kinda like this....but with hair down and a bit more of a smile.
    Reference Photos: I'll just repeat the links here in more of an order for better access (and maybe add a few). :)
    Head shape
    Near perfect reference photo for colors (or what would be colors :P) and eyes
    Not the same pic for the shirt, but it's just the shape I'm looking for XD
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  8. That should all work just fine. :) Do you want her hair covering one eye, or should it be pulled further back?
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  9. I'd prefer if it was pulled back a bit. Thanks!
  10. @neobendium

    I got a rough outline done, and I wanted to make sure it met with your approval before I started darkening lines and making everything impossible to erase. :)

    So! This is a very crooked and rather pale phone photo. Don't worry, I'll scan the final version.

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  11. It's awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product!! You got her hair PERFECT. :D

    Gah! I'm so excited! *bounces in place*
  12. @neobendium


    I added just enough shading to give her face some depth. Or it was a really bad smudge job. I'll leave you to decide. :P

    If you want the larger version, I'm going to need an email address, or some other method of sending it to you. Iwaku limits upload size. :)

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  13. It's awesome! :D thank you! Full size won't be needed, this size is perfect. ^.^
  14. *pops head into shop*

    Is this still open? I would love to see some more of your work!
  15. Hmmm.... prooobably not. I've started college again, and this semester is going to be a doozy.

    If you want to fill out a form, I may get to it. In like... a month. Maybe!

  16. Alrighty! Here it goes. And thank you ahead of time!

    Show Spoiler

    Portrait Type: Half body
    Character Name: Akira Dokokashira (has aliases and other appearances, but I'll do her standard)
    Gender: Female
    Physical Description:
    Head- Akira's head is usually depicted as rather large, with a slightly if not definitely pointed chin. This is in part by me drawing her rather anime-style, so I am unsure of what her realistic depiction would be. Go wild!
    Hair- Some sections are floor-length. She usually has two ponytails - one with rather short hair compared to the rest, but enough to make a decent floof ball. Her second is nearly down to her waist. It's raised up high, much like the floof ball ponytail, but sometimes lower. Bangs of some sort are usually present, if not held in a third ponytail.
    Height- 5'4"?
    Clothes- Usually rags. They start out as an EMT outfit or something or other, but with all the fighting she does? Yeah.
    Other Distinguishing Features- She has some crazy eyes. Like twin blue stars imploding. She also has sharp, shark-like teeth, and a chainsaw that "talks" to her. Also, a plethora of scars.
    Any Habits you want portrayed: Licking blood off of her finger, saying "LOSER!", or grinning/smirking.
    Reference Photos:
    Street clothes on/near spawn typical appearance-

    I can add more pictures, as needed. I just can't find my other drawings of her as of now.
  17. @Bab

    You got lucky! Or potentially unlucky; depends on your perspective. I left my drawing pencils at home after winter break, which means I pulled out my tablet.

    It's about half done, but I want to make sure everything meets your satisfaction before I continue. You can probably tell where I started and where I ended based on how lazy my sketch gets. X_X

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  18. @Peregrine Nice! I love it so far. Especially the hands o3o; I suck at hands. Thank you so much!
  19. Portrait Type: full body
    Character Name: Andrea Bethany Dawson
    Gender: female
    Physical Description: brown or black hair (you chose), pale skin, and brown eyes
    Head - round and soft chin
    Hair- messy brown or black (your choice)
    Height- 5'4
    Clothes - grunge girl (this takes place in the late 90s btw)
    Other Distinguishing Features- none
    Any Habits you want portrayed: vaping
    Reference Photos: