Peregrination (GingerXX & Windson)

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  1. Her blonde hair rushed behind her as she sprinted down the walkways, maneuvering her way past the fellow elves. Glancing at the sky, Nariel pushed herself to go faster. It was past noon which meant she was late, and he never tolerated. The books in her hands were barely being held up, swaying with every step.

    The garden was passed through and then the castle, till she finally reached the training yards. She threw her books down by a stone bench near the outer part before coming to a stop in the middle. "I'm sorry Quilby!" I was practicing with Elnor and our session ran over its time!"
  2. "And which session would you deem most important, my little ranger?" Came a chiming voice with the rhythmic scrawling of quill pen on parchment as the man pushed himself up from where he sat, a book quickly slapped shut in his palm. A gentle push of his spectacles up his nose and a smile on his face as he opened his arms in a welcoming fashion.

    His attire was light, accommodating the heat that permeated the city during the warm mid-day sun. Already he'd brushed leaves and fallen debris from the raised stone dais at the edges of the garden to make way for a massive set of rune works in the middle. The rune's were written in white chalk, a local stone commonly used for this purpose.
  3. Tariel's eyes widened away question before confidently answering, "Well to be honest.." Before she could answer, one look from him told her it was not the right choice. "Yours! Yours of course Master Quilby." A large grin made is way to her face.

    She took a moment to remove her cloak, leaving her usual leather apparel. The long blonde hair was released from the updo it had been confined in prior to.
  4. "You'd do well to reign in those sunlit locks of hair of yours, my last student this morning left looking as bald as the southern ogre tribes." He chided, with a roll of his eyes once his back was to her, pinching the bridge between his nose and forehead with a matching grimace to boot. This one will be the death of me. He stated to none other than himself.

    With a sudden flourish he spun back around and pointed with his index finger at the runes situated on the stone dais. "Stand in the center rune now. As I've instructed before. We'll begin today on a rough note. Hopefully you'll learn your lesson with magic and being late." He instructed, standing near the edges of the runes and indicating where she needed to walk to avoid disturbing any of the carefully laid runework.

    "Let's see how you handle polarizing elements. Bring together earth and air."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.