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Another idea I had that was more 1x1 centric was a Fallout/Doctor Who crossover wherein myself and whoever I'm writing with would be playing rival Time Lords hidden away on post-war Earth. May or may not have been heavily inspired by Fallout Who Regenerated. Also not entirely sure what the overarching plot would be, but I could probably manage Gallifrey being a looming threat probably. General issues of the Wasteland and our characters causing problems for one another aside.

Okay, this is a bit of an odd way to start a thread, but I'm going to skip all the fancy stuff and just state my concept outright. As is shown in the copied text above (which is just my own idea taken from the discord and transplanted here), I would like to do a crossover between Fallout (4 to be specific, although I'm also down for going back to the Mojave) and Doctor Who in which a partner and I play a pair of rival Time Lord agents who were seeded within the Fallout timeline as part of the Perdition Protocol in order to maintain Gallifreyan supremacy over the multiverse - or at least this particular corner of it anyway. I am more than willing to discuss specifics over what lore is and isn't used, or how granular we want to get detail wise, as well as the direction of the plot overall. I have a few vague ideas for how things could go--beyond our characters, being the equivalent of the Doctor and the Master (or Solace and Solitude respectively when it comes to their general roles within the Protocol), just messing with each other--but nothing concrete.

Beyond that I'm not really looking for pairings here since our characters wouldn't really be on a romantic level with each other, at least not in my mind anyway. I can write multiple paragraphs if necessary, but honestly I'd like to go for something more relaxed this time around if possible. Other than that I ask that any potential partners be 18+, I myself am 23, as not only is Fallout a mature series with quite a lot of dark themes, but I also feel vastly more comfortable writing with other adults. Posting frequency can be once a week as far as I'm concerned, so long as the roleplay doesn't die and I'm given something I can reply to. Other than that all I ask for is decent spelling and grammar.

Can't think of much else that needs to be listed at the moment. If you have any questions, however, feel free to ask and I'll see if I can't come up with an answer.
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Still looking for partners. Might add new ideas to this thread over time as well.