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Percy Jackson's OC Need Partners

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by PecanScotch, Mar 6, 2015.

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  1. Name : Axeon Blackwood
    Age : 19
    Nickname : Prince of Hellhounds and Monsters
    Race : Demigod of Hades
    - hese children of death have the ability to summon undead warriors, and spirits.
    - They can call forth Stygian Iron and control the rocks of the world.
    - They can communicate with hellhounds, and the creatures of the Underworld recognize them as princes, and do not harm them.
    Picture :
    His Pets
    lexo (smaller one)
    What people see (Mist covers it to make it lookn like a regular dog)

    His Sword

    Name : Jayson

    Parentage : he is the son of Moros the god of vilonet death and hateful death and a mortal named Clyi

    age : 18 (he is a immortal demigod, he can be killed but not by desiase and regualr ways)


    History : Jayson is never a male you want to ask about his past, he killed many people back in the time of WW2 and Nazi's asked Moron for the help to destroy the jews. He became part of their plan, they raised him to beleive humans where not fit to be alive. He when learned of their skeems he turned and destoryed alot of the camps and then after eighty years he was locked away in a dungeon by his father and there he sat for years. he finally broke free and went to camp but even so his powers are extremely unstable and considered very dangerous.

    Powers : by looking at a foe he can cause them to die , (he often is blind folded) He is able to destory about 20 acers of a city without so much as a sweat and can cause alot of people to die. His touch can cause people to die or see how they die.

    weakness : People that care about him, his past

    Name : Ferni Deumi

    Age : 19

    Parents : Michi deumi and Erebus God of Darkness


    Powers : he can control and summon up unbreakable shadows and darkness, he can also blend in easily and keep hidden very well.

    History : Ferni was born in the world of the slums, he often had little to nothing because his mother was a stripper. One day she died when a client killed her while going at it with her. He forever lived in the shadows and stole and was never caught by anyone. He often very scared of life and facing the world he hides. he meet his father who took him into the realm of shadows and taught him enought o keep himself very safe from monsters. He became a prize fighter for his part of the cabin and mostly Zeus and Hades kids even fear him because he isn't someone you want to mess with. His father last year gave him a darkness unicorn as a pet to know he is always there and ever since the unicorn and demigod have grown very close.

    Shadow unicorn - [​IMG]
  3. I'm interested PM me if you want me as your partner :)
  4. Pmed you
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