Percy Jackson rp?

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  1. Was just interested if anyone would want this to be made.
  2. How 'Percy Jackson' will this Percy Jackson RP get?
  3. As it should have been without all that bullshit that was thrown in.
  4. Less one-man prophecy and weird scenarios and more action packed and togetherness.
  5. I'm interested! I have a couple different characters that'd work for something like this and the last percy jackson rp i was in was great till the one running the rp dropped off the face of the earth
  6. Hmm...i'm interested.
  7. I'm interested
  8. *Cough* This guy's interested *Cough*
  9. Let's do it!
  10. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT
    If you didn't notice... I am in xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.