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  1. The sun shined over Camp Half-blood, a summer camp for the children of the gods. It was like most other camps except for the magical border that kept mythological creatures from breaking in and slaughtering the campers. The working forge where the campers could make their own bronze weapons was a little strange too along with the stables that housed flying horses. It might actually be safe to say it was unlike a lot of other camps but the campers loved it nonetheless.

    On the top of the hill where that the camp was built on there was a house and on the stairs leading up to the door a young boy was growing a small but impressive garden. He wasn’t actually supposed to be out there, he was supposed to be watching the boy that had been brought in the day before but after spending two hours watching him sleep Milo had gotten very bored. When he noticed how empty the room was he decided that he had to get some flowers for his patient.

    He wasn’t all that worried about being caught even though Chiron sitting on the porch. Chiron was paying close attention to the card game he was playing with Mr D, possibly because he wasn’t doing well, and hadn’t even turned when Milo had opened the door. Confident that he wouldn’t be caught Milo focused on the flower patch in front of him, trying to figure out what color flowers the boy would like best.
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    As the clattering of the bell signaled the end of fourth period and last git-up for the school day, Gabrielle Scott tried to avoid getting trampled by the herd of students chittering in the hall as she exited the school counselor's office and tried to forget the scolding she had gotten for comparing a student to a blue-ribbon pig or perhaps it was because she told Mr. Jannis, her English Literature teacher, that she didn't understand why she had to learn Shakespeare as it had nothing to do with her future plans, which would be taking over the ranch from her gran. She had immediately gotten a reprieve from class and sent to the principal's office, which then redirected to the school counselor, Ms. Gertz, for "behavioral issues". Now, tightly clutched in her hand, Gabby had a pink slip for Gran to sign and a head-ache the size of Wyoming. What would her gran say? She's never been in trouble before -- or at least, she never had a note to bring home as proof she's been in trouble before...

    "Ms. Scott!" She snapped her head in the direction of the voice. It was Ms. Gertz again, and she looked -- angry. What did she want? Did she over-hear her yesterday, when she said that her pink suit made her look like the blue-ribbon pig at local county fair? Or was it something she said about the school and its rather illegal funding? Gabby bit her lip and took a hesitant step towards the counselor, who just pointed a stern finger to an open door.

    Ms. Gertz shut the door in silence. When the counselor turned around, her eyes had darkened, sharp slits for pupils. In a quick motion, she felt brick scrape against her back. The creature's eyes held her as surely as it held her against the wall, a clawed hand pressing down on her neck. "So lovely." That tongue slithered between its lips, reaching out towards her. "So delicious."

    "Let her go!" As the creature turned its head, Gabby brought the heel of her boot to the snake-like woman's stomach and kicked hard as a brown blur rushed forward. The fifteen-year-old dropped to the ground as the creature hissed angrily, hunched over.

    "Come on; we have to go!" Hands grabbed at Gabby, pulling her to feet. Her vision was still reeling; her head pounded against her skull.

    "What do you mean? Go? Go where?"

    "You're not safe here. That is Scythian Dracanae, and there's going to be more if we don't get you to Camp Half-Blood." For the first time, she had a chance to look at her rescuer. An older student. Dark fuzz on his chin. Matching eyes. He was small -- slender for a senior. And the boy had an odd sense for dress. Fur pants and...hooves?

    "Camp Half-Blood? Have you lost it?" Gabby asked. She didn't scream; didn't run back into the wall; instead she studied her strange companion with a quizzical look. "And what are you?"

    "A satyr -- I'm a satyr, and it's my job to protect you!"

    "Great job you're doing." She said as they rounded a corner. Behind them, they could hear a loud crash. It sounded like lockers being smashed with a boulder.

    "Hey!" He muttered something under his breath as he dragged Gabby down along another hall. "Look, we don't have time for this. I'll explain when we are in a safer location." They had reached the metal doors that lead outside.

    She stopped on the grass. "What about my family? My gran? My dad?"

    The sun was bright, her muscles were sore, and dark colorful bruises marked her body. It had taken Sorrel -- the satyr had a name she found out -- a few minutes to explain what it would take her whole life-time to fully process. Turns out she was a god -- well, half of one, anyway. And her family knew. Knew about gods and demi-gods, about this magical camp, and the danger she was constantly in. How did she not know?

    Sorrel tapped her on the elbow, nudging her forward. "Welcome to Camp Half-Blood." Her frown deepened; she followed him across the barrier wordlessly. "I'll take you to Mr. D and Chiron." Gabby nodded as the noise of the camp grew louder. She watched as orange shirted kids of all ages run around the grounds. She had to admit she was a bit surprised; she didn't think Sorrell was serious when he said there was archery and sword training.

    Gabby nearly ran into Sorrel as they stopped in front of a porch with a couple of men throwing cards around. They looked harmless enough, she thought, but then she's been wrong before...
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  3. Well this day was just getting better and better, Dreama thought as she trudged through a large forest sticks and roots kicking against her boots. She had woken up in her sleeping bag in a nice grassy clearing the sun had been shining and all seemed well. That is until Dreama sat up and found a ugly Harpie flying down at a dead drop toward her, she had to scramble out of her sleeping back to dodge it in time so instead of her its talons caught her sleeping bag. She had stumbled to her feet grabbing her ragged blue levi backpack and sprinted into the forest hoping the Harpie couldnt follow with all the trees and branches.

    Now she was trudging through the forest trying not to trip over roots or rocks that seem to have a grudge against her sense they keep popping up in the oddest places. After awhile she had began to relax thinking the Harpie had given up or at least is looking for a different way in. Then Dreama heard the sound of sticks cracking and a odd thump thump almost like....Hooves? Was it another monster? She quickly spins around looking for any enemies, as she turns completely around somebody - or something tackled her to the ground. What the? Before she could respond a overly hyper male voice greets her "Oh! Im sorry! I couldnt stop myself in time...Are you hurt? We need to get going I saw a Harpie circling this area earlier"

    Dreama was stunned for a moment not only by being tackled by what seemed like not an enemy, but by the boys knowledge of Harpies. As he gets off her she quickly stands up her eyes widening in surprise as she sees he has brown furry legs and hooves for feet. "Wow what are you? And what do you mean we have to go? How do you know about Harpies?" her voice was very confused. He takes her arm dragging her through the forest as she tries to keep up "No time to explain it now, but im Satyr and we have to get you to Camp Half-blood before anymore monsters find you". Dreama was stunned at his words but nodded and followed him as best she could.
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  4. Chiron was the first to notice the new girl following the stayr and the only one to really care. Milo was trying to hide his garden with tall grass before Chiron noticed and Mr D was celebrating his victory in pinochle with a fresh can of diet coke.

    "Sorrel? I wasn't expecting you back for a few more weeks. It would seem that you managed to find a half-blood after all, I trust that the young woman behind you is indeed a half-blood and not a mortal someone let in." Chiron said, rolling his wheelchair out from the table so he could get out of it without accidentally flipping it over.

    Milo turned away from his grass and watched, despite having seen it a few dozen times since he came to camp, Milo couldn't understand how he managed it. The wheel chair was the right size for a grown man but much too small for a full sized horse. Where did the horse body go when Chiron sat down? He was so busy watching the strange process that he forgot he was trying to be sneaky, even when Chiron was looking right at him.

    "Aren't you supposed to be inside?"
    Chiron asked calmly as Milo's face began to turn red.

    "I haven't been outside long, I just needed a breath of fresh air."

    "Really now? If that is the case I must congratulate you on how well your abilities are improving. That is quite the garden you have grown." He said gesturing to the poorly hidden flowers with a wave of his hand, Milo cringed as he looked at it. This would probably be the last time Chiron let him work in the infirmary. Chiron turned to the stayr and the new half-blood with a smile.

    "I welcome you to camp half-blood, my name is Chiron. The Trainer of Heroes. I am sure you have many questions so feel free to ask, most people do when they first arrive. Milo over hear had enough to keep me busy for hours, he actually asked some of them twice."

    Behind the centaur Milo, his face still a brilliant shade of red, tried to get a good look at the new girl without having to stand up. She looked nice enough, she had really pretty hair, but she didn't have a look that fit with any of the main cabins. She wasn't scowling like a child of Ares and wasn't burly enough for the Hephaestus cabin (although she still looked strong.) He frowned as he looked at her before he smiled in what he hoped was a welcoming way, first impressions were important.

    "I can hear another one tramping through the forest." drawled Mr D, not looking up from his wine magazine.
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  5. "Trainer of heroes?" Gabby asked, finding her voice after Chiron's transformation from man to half-horse. "Like Hercules or Jason?" Sorrel gave an absent-minded nod in reply, which the girl tried to ignore. She knew she should be grateful for the satyr's help -- she wouldn't have survived the Scy...the Dra...the snake-thing -- but she couldn't help to feel a little upset for being torn away from Wyoming. She turned back to Chiron, a mixture of curiousity and uncertainty burning in her eyes.

    "What makes you think I'm like him?" She jerked her head in Milo's direction. She saw that he was smiling at her and attempted to smile back before it faltered. "And how come I didn't know about, you know," Gabby started to twist a piece of black hair like a nervous twitch. "I mean I should have known, right? There should have been signs or something." She continued to play with her hair even as Mr. D spoke up. At least Harry Potter got a letter when he was eleven, she thought. That wouldn't be too much to ask for, would it?
  6. Why did hellhounds have to be so fast? Nathan still blamed Mike (the satyr who'd found him when he stopped in Albany to lose this VERY SAME pack of hounds in the crowd) for stopping them both to save a forest (and a few rather attractive dryads) from some smoker prepared to toss his cigarette in the brush, and allowed the hounds to pick up his scent. Nate was also fairly sure that there was someone holding them on a leash, a Dracanae or other semi-intelligent creature. Maybe an empousa. He shuddered at the thought of those things (having met one of them a few years before). "Mike, tell me we are close."

    "Just... Another... Quarter... Mile." Another quarter mile? "YOU SAID THAT TEN MILES AGO, WHEN WE HAD A CAR!" A wonderful Sedan. That they crashed into a hellhound. Mike was limping from a bite, and Nathan had a few slash wounds on his back and down his legs. The scar from an encounter with an empousa (he lost, but managed to escape. A story for another day) was throbbing on his chest. He was down to 3 improvised arrows made of jagged wooden shafts and tipped with chunks of sharpened Celestial Bronze he'd managed to scavenge off of a Dracanae's armor once. His old longbow (a gift from dad) was gone, so the arrows were useless anyway. He drew his kopis (also taken from a Dracanae) and hacked at a hound that leapt out of the shadows. A mastiff. Mom had one once. He hated that dog. It bit him several times. It didn't help that the situation that it was 12:47, when at another, later time he could've cloaked, dunked himself in a river to lose his smell, ditched the goat-man, and made it to this Camp Half-Blood he hadn't even heard about until now before dinner. But at least he wouldn't die alone. Suddenly, Mike looked up, hope filling his eyes. "There!" A large pine tree rose into view on a hill. "What?"

    "That's it!" They started moving faster. Maybe you weren't such a waste of time. And then he was on the ground, pinned by a massive dog. Mike suffered the same fate. It failed to pin down his arm. The kopis slashed through the hound's belly, dissolving it into a black puddle. Nate leapt up, hacking at another hound leaping from the shadows, and then stabbed the one on top of Mike. "Come on, we've got to go!" They started running (or limping rather fast) towards the hill. Mike pulled out a pair of reed pipes (a rather good instrument. High tone, compact. Also good to summon the powers of nature) that looked like they'd been duct-taped together a few time and blew a few quick notes. The grass erupted up, ensnaring several hounds that had emerged behind them. "Where do they keep coming from?"

    "Who cares? We're running, remember?" Mike replied. They were climbing the hill now. The tree was just a few meters ahead. And Mike fell, a large pair of jaws snapped over his wounded leg. He screamed so loud that Nate thought he was Pan. He slashed down, only to have the hound dodge to the side, carrying Mike with him. Pulling an arrow out of his quiver, he threw it like a javelin, striking the hellhound in the side and dissolving it. "Di immortales man, don't leave me!" It took a split second of thinking: If he entered there without Mike, what sort of story could he tell? He had weapons, he had the strength the carry him. They would never believe he had to abandon him to save himself. Nate couldn't leave him, for both their sakes. A jump down, and Nate grabbed the satyr by the hoof, dragging him up the slope. "P-p-please..."

    "We're gonna make it. We're gonna make it. Don't worry." Mike was sobbing. "Come on, don't do that. We're almost there." He didn't turn when he heard the hissing behind him, just moving to the side when a fireball hit the earth beside him. "Damn sorceress..." Keep moving. They were a few feet from the tree now. "HALF-BLOOD!" Final push. The hounds were growling, prepared to lunge. They were beyond the tree, and it just now occurred to Nathan: What happened now? They were still in the open. Still ready to die. He felt it best to turn and face his killers, at least to die honorably. He caught a glimpse of the pale skin and mismatched animal and bronze legs of his pursuer before they disappeared beneath a black cloak before he averted his eyes. Don't take a risk with her powers. A fireball extinguished itself in her hand. The hellhounds prowled just outside of the tree, whimpering and growling at the same time. "Another day, demigod." The empousa turned on her heel and hobbled off down the hill, shortly followed by the hounds, offering one last howl before stalking off. "Wonderful. Pick you up at seven." He grinned at the horrifying concept of dating an empousa before collapsing on top of Mike.
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  7. After what felt like many hours of travel the Satyr finally began to relax, Dreama found out along the way that his name was Blane and he was my escort-protector-thingy. His duty was to protect me and guide me to Camp Half-Blood a camp for Half-Blood's or demigods, which apparently she was. That wasnt that surprising to her sense she knew for a long time now she was different, it was actually nice to know she wasnt just some freak of nature. But what god she came from she didnt know, and Blane couldnt tell her.
    It was dusk when Blane led her to a hill with a big pine tree at the top, for some reason she felt safe here it seemed...Protected, if that made sense. Or she might just be so exhausted that she was hallucinating which could be very true. Dreama looked down at the camp Blane standing next to her, it was as he described. There was what looked like training grounds, many different houses, stables for what she assumed were horses but she couldnt tell in the dark. Blane led her into camp Dreama following him quietly not sure what to think of this place or what would happen to her now.
  8. "Your knowledge will serve you well here, yes I am the same centaur who trained those heroes. I was given the gift of immortality so that I could continue serving the gods and their children." Chiron said with a smile, it wasn't everyday that a new half-blood knew of his myths. Most of the time they asked for a explanation on what he was instead of knowing who he taught.

    "You are probably more more like Milo than you would originally think, there are a few traits that most half-bloods share regardless of parent. Difficulty in school, difficulty concentrating, an ability to see through the Mist when mortals can't, and the scent. Half-bloods carry the smell of the gods in their blood, monsters are attracted to this scent and will hunt those who carry it."
    Chiron explained, counting off the different traits on his fingers.

    "We weren't sure if you were a true half-blood or merely a troubled student until the incident with the Scythian Dracanae, the snake woman who had impersonated a member of your school staff. The fact that she had gone through the trouble and specifically targeted you means you are a half-blood."
    Chiron planned on waiting and answering any further questions but he could tell there was a disturbance at the entrance to camp. Actually everyone in camp could tell, the barking was echoing throughout the camp.

    "If you will excuse me my dear, I believe we have some more newcomers. I will be back shortly and but I ask that you don't follow me in case there are some monsters prowling around. If you have any more urgent questions I ask that you direct them to either Milo or Sorrel,
    " he said pointing pointing to the people he mentioned, "If it is a truly dire question than just wait for me to get back. I will go collect our new campers and be back shortly." He said as he began to trot down towards the disturbance.

    Milo got up from his seat on the porch steps but not before picking a red peony from his garden. He bet she wasn't thinking too fondly of him what with Chiron calling him out like that but people liked flowers right? She couldn't think he was too nasty if she realized he had spent his time making something so pretty.

    "Welcome to camp half-blood, do you want a flower? This is a peony, did you know that this flower is connected to Greek mythology? It was named after Paean, the physician of the gods who treated their injuries,"
    explained Milo as he handed the flower to Gabrielle, "I have never met him but I bet he is a nice person."

    Meanwhile Chiron had made his way down to the camp entrance where he found not one but two half-bloods, one whose satyr appeared have suffered a serious wound to the leg. It would be safe to assume they had been pursued by the hounds he had heard earlier. The other one half-blood, despite not appearing to be too battered, was clearly on the edge of her nerves.

    "You don't have to worry for your safety anymore, no monsters can pass through the borders around this camp. If you follow me I can take you to the camp infirmary where we will be able to treat your injuries, well all of you that can follow me." He said, eying the nasty bite mark on the satyr's leg with a frown. He walked towards the injured satyr and carefully picked him up, being extra careful with his leg,

    "You have done well Mike, you managed to bring your half-blood to camp in one piece despite the adversity you faced. You should look back on this moment with pride, once we have healed your leg of course."
    He said in a fatherly tone, turning and heading back to the Big House.

    "Well come along, we have to start making sleeping preparations for you all. Your tour of the camp grounds will have to wait until tomorrow morning but you will likely see most of it when are led to the Hermes cabin to get your rest."
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  9. Dreama was surprised to see a half horse half man trot up to them, it wasnt until then that she realized there was a passed out boy and another Satyr on the ground next to them. They looked worse for wear and she felt sorry for them. Looking back up at the Centaur she relaxed slightly realizing he must be one of the leaders here by his words toward them.

    Dreama follows the Centaur as Blane helps the other boy up and follows after them. "Uh I assume your the camp um instructor? Or leader? Im a little confused on whats going on here. But thank you for your generosity, my name is Dreama Sappheiros" her voice is slightly nervous but respectful.
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  10. Smell of the gods? That a bad advertisement, she thought. As Gabby watched Chiron leave she thought train changed, and she wondered briefly how many half-bloods existed. Before she could ask, however, Sorrel excused himself, mumbling something about finding a good tin can. That left Milo, and he was holding something out for her. A flower.

    She didn't know what to say.

    "You're giving this to me?" Her hand lingered on the stem of the peony before taking it gently and bringing it up to her nose. "It's pretty." Gabby sniffed, smiling at the boy. "You grew this yourself?" There was a pause as she took in his sweet nature and then his sprouted fact. "Do you get to meet many of the gods?"
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  11. Milo

    "Yep, I grow flowers for all the new campers. I can also grow fruits and vegetables but most people like the flowers more." Milo said with a cheeky grin, happy that she liked his gift. Although most of the new campers appreciated his gifts some of them didn't, he had seen a few tossed on the ground. It had hurt but it only made him feel better when people appreciated his gifts so he didn't get upset about it.

    "I have only met two gods, Mr D," he said as he pointed to the pudgy man sitting up on the porch,"and Hermes although I didn't recognize him until someone told me who he was. I thought he was just a regular mailman delivering some mail. I thought it was weird that Mr D was being all chatty with him but I figured he was just in a good mood." He tried to ignore the look Mr D was giving him but he couldn't, he began to fidget with the buttons on his shirt sleeves.

    "Not that Mr D isn't, eh, really uh good all the time." he finally mumbled out after a few moments of rather intense thinking. Mr D just let out a disappointed sigh before returning to his wine magazine.


    The centaur gave a small half bow to the young female half-blood, she seemed to be a well-mannered girl despite her clear confusion about her situation. The injuries that the other camper and satyr had acquired seemed to unnerve her although seeing fresh injuries took a while to get used.
    "A pleasure to make your acquaintance Dreama, you can call me Chiron. I work as the activities director at this camp, I suppose you could call me a leader of the camp but I would prefer to just be called Chiron." He said politely, readjusting the satyr in his arms as he did so. The satyr was on the verge of passing out but he kept letting out groans of pain, as if to remind everyone he was injured.

    "If you will please follow me up to the Big House I will answer your questions, which I am sure you have a lot of. Blaine, if you could please help the young man to his feet and bring him to the infirmary. I bet after a night of rest and a few pieces of ambrosia he will be back on his feet." Chiron said in a matter of fact tone, looking over the boy and as he tried to figure out a schedule for when he would have to be fed ambrosia.

    "I promise that you will have a roof over your head and food in your stomach when you go to sleep tonight Dreama." Chiron said as he turned and began to walk back uphill towards the Big House.
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  12. Nodding Dreama follows Chiron glad he was a polite and friendly director and not one of those bossy jerks she was use to. As she follows him to what he referred to as the "Big House" she can feel her fatigue and hunger spreading through her as her adrenaline rush wore off, man just how much did Blaine make her walk, or run? Speaking of Blaine upon hearing Chiron's request he jogged over to the unconscious boy and picked him up onto his back, then started walking to the infirmary.

    Upon reaching the Big House Dreama notices a shy looking boy talking to a raven haired girl they seemed to nice enough, she also saw a older man he looked unhappy and he was reading....Was that a wine magazine? Odd choice.
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  13. "Party Pony..." At least, it looked like a Party Pony. He loved those guys, especially the Texas branch. Those guys knew how to party. But he didn't like Root Beer (more of a Dr. Pepper kind of guy). And they had no taste in music. A satyr (he guessed Mike) was lying on the centaur's back, and Nathan himself was being dragged along by another satyr. "Hey..." They must not have heard, for they kept moving. Could have been worse. Nate could've been riding a smelly horse, but it smelled like strawberries down there on the nice, comfortable grass. He reached a hand to his ears, and found that the headphones were still there. Good. Nothing extreme. So lets take a look (or hear?) see at what was going on here. He listened, and heard so much noise. But it seemed to be good noise. Spears smashing on shields, swords clashing on swords, and arrows spiraling into targets. This place had a ready army. They'd need to be ready if that empousa came back. But there were other sounds as well (beyond the twitching of muscles and the sounds of violence): Laughter, hammers on metal, eating, yells of outrage for whatever reason, music, and even a toilet flushing (accompanied by some unpleasant screams). Enough. The sound cut out, replaced by what little was around him. What was this place? A summer camp? Mike had made it out to be the safest place in the world, a virtual fortress. Not some place where you pick strawberries in the green fields and play tag in between the trees. He was surprised the hellhounds had given up. "I'll be taking it from here, gents." Nate pulled his foot out of the satyr's hand, and jackknifed to his feet. A sudden flash of pain sent him down on one knee. Should've stayed on the ground. He struggled to his feet, and stared into the eyes of a centaur.
  14. "My gran and I have a garden. It was my favorite spot to hang out in the summer time." She said with a trace of sadness. Her hand gripped the flower tightly; talking of her grandmother made her home-sick. Gabby tried to hide her worried frown and turned to listen as Milo talked about the two gods he met.

    "Is he always like that?" Gabby asked, noticing the stares between the god and the young man. "Can you send regular mail here?" She wondered if she could write home. Explain her disappearance, even though her family probably knew more than she did at this moment. It wasn't until she heard Chiron's foot -- hoof-steps that Gabby turned around. She was surprised by the battle-worn group, one worse than the other.

    "That boy's not okay." She said, pointing at the new-comer. The girl, however, seemed curious. Gabby waved.
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  15. "Your grandma has good tastes, the best people have gardens," Milo said with a grin, "I am not sure if the camp has a regular mailbox. I know that if sometimes you can get someone to bring a letter to a post office if they are going into the city for some reason. Most of the campers use Iris messaging if they want to talk to someone outside of the camp."
    Before Milo could explain what Iris messaging was a sound distracted him. The boy who had been being carried by the satyr had apparently fallen from the satyrs grasp. Milo eyes went wide as he looked at the nasty wound on the boys leg, it looked like something had been trying to tear it off. He glanced at the forest nervously before he was distracted again, this time by an loud theatrical sigh from Mr D.

    "What a smart boy you, I am sure if you walk on it enough your leg will heal up just fine," said Mr D with a roll of his eyes, "Even Milo has more common sense than you and he is the same boy who thought it would be smart to hide in a canoe out in the middle of the lake. He managed to break his paddle and was stranded out there for half a day."

    "You can't say it wasn't a good hiding place," Milo muttered under hid breath although it sounded more hurt than funny. He had been the laughing stock of the camp after that, someone was always making some nasty comment about him. It only got worse when some Aphrodite kids tricked him into using some magic potion that made his sunburn worse; he wasn't just an idiot but a gullible idiot. He hid in the infirmary for the rest of the day, not even coming out for dinner.

    Chiron noticed the tone of the young half-blood's voice and shot him a sympathetic smile before he turned his attention back to the new half-bloods.

    "You really shouldn't try to stand on that leg, the more strain you put on it the longer it will take to heal. As it is you will have to spend the evening in the infirmary with your friend here," Chiron said, gesturing with his head to the unconscious satyr in his arms.

    "It is too late for any of you to receive a tour of camp, it will be too dark to see anything anyway. Tomorrow morning you will be given a full tour of the camp but right now I bet you want some dinner. I won't have you head down to the mess hall for dinner, I will have some satyrs bring you up some food and you can eat here. After I will have someone find Luke and he will escort you to the Hermes cabin where you will spend the night."
    He said, turning to look at Dreama and Gabby.

    "Chiron, do you think I could eat up here too? I can help you answer questions, I've been studying! I can name all fifteen Olympians now!" Mr D raised an eyebrow at this and Chiron sighed, he knew the boy had been trying.

    "Only if you promise to go get Luke when you are done eating."

    "Of course sir, thank you sir. I won't let you down sir. I will finish eating and Luke will be up here faster than . . eh . . a cheetah? Are those the fast ones?"
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  16. Dreama notices the girl wave at her and waves back shyly smiling slightly. Glimpsing from the corner of her eye that the boy Blaine was carrying had tried to stand up on his own. She frowns worried for him, his injury did look pretty severe and painful. As Chiron explained the situation and what they were to do Blaine helps the injured boy back up putting the boys arm around his shoulders so he was supporting most the boys weight.

    Dreama relaxes slightly as she hears they were going to be served food here soon and that they didnt have to do the tour of camp. Not that she didnt figure that sense it was dark but she was grateful she didnt have to walk anymore than needed, exhaustion was hitting her pretty hard but she ignored it. She smiles at the shy but cute boy that wanted to stay, he seemed friendly and genuinely kind.

    Realizing she hadnt introduced herself to the other 3 at the house she waves at them all hesitantly her royal blue eyes shining faintly in the moonlight. "Uh hello, my name is Dreama, nice to meet you all" Her voice is nervous not use to being around so many people at once sense she had been mostly alone in the wilderness for a long time now. Even if these people wernt really uhh...Normal.
  17. He really ought to accept their help. He was no healer like the other children of Apollo. If he left, Nathan's leg would take much longer to heal. It might not heal at all. And his photokinesis wasn't nearly good enough to help him survive wounded like this. But what could he say? He had his pride. "I'll walk myself to whatever infirmary you may have, thank you very much." He glanced at the sun, which angled down towards the east. Afternoon. Most likely 5:00, 5:30, maybe later. Perfect time. But with those hounds out there... Whether or not he was visible was irrelevant. They'd just sniff him out. "Also, you might want to mobilize whatever garrison you have here. That sorceress will be back, centaur." Nate noticed the bearded man in the leopard shirt drinking a coke, and bowed immediately, sending a shock of agony up his leg. "Hail Dionysus, Lord of Wine, Madness, and the Greatest Parties in History." The god paid no heed to him, which Nate interpreted as "Yes, yes, now go away before I burn you to oblivion".
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  18. "Iris --" Her question was forgotten by the distracted halfblood. She was still half-watching the two new campers when young man fell to the ground. Gabby briefly wondered if she should help when Mr. D spoke up, grabbing her attention.

    She gave Milo a gentle pat on the shoulders before turning to face the new girl with a quirky smile.

    "Dreama, uh? That's a cool name." She offered her hand. "I'm Gabby. Gabby Scott." Dreama seemed nice, if not a little anxious, but she couldn't blame her. This camp was something else. A proven point as Chiron mentioned a few more oddities from a normal camp.

    "Luke?" She asked. "And why the Hermes' cabin? Doesn't everyone get their own cabin?" She was going to ask more when her questions were cut short at the injured boy and his curious greeting to the camp counselor.

    Did he know the god personally or was that a title thing? "That'"
  19. Chiron

    "You needn't fear about the empousa sneaking into camp hero, this camp is protected by a magic set in place by Zeus himself. It has repelled much stronger threats than the empousa that has chased you." Chiron explained, looking up from the injured half-blood at something in the distance, his eyes softened as if he was remembering something sorrowful but it was slowly replaced by a more thoughtful look.

    "We will probably have to do something about her eventually though . . . it frightens some of the younger campers when there are monsters roaming nearby," Chiron said, indiscreetly glancing over his shoulder at Milo, "Regardless it is not a matter that should bother us tonight, it is a cause for celebration when we have new campers. If the hour was better you would be introduced to the entire camp at the campfire following dinner but we can hold that off until tomorrow. Now if you don't mind I am going to take this satyr to the infirmary, come with me if you want or you could stay out here and eat with the others if you feel up to it. I leave the decision up to you." Chiron said to Nathan, he waited a moment before the satyr in his arms gave out another pitiful groan.

    "Well, you know where I am if you need me. Some satyrs will be up with some food shortly." He said over his shoulder as he walked into the Big House.


    As Chiron left Milo turned his attention back to the new campers, they all seemed to be nice although Gabby seemed especially nice. She was almost as curious as he had been when he had first arrived and she had liked his gift. Dreama seemed nice as well but she was a lot shyer than Gabby, her hair was very pretty though. Milo wouldn't be surprised if Aphrodite claimed her, even the knots and twigs caught that she got from spending time in the woods didn't subtract from her appearance although that could just be because he liked twigs. Even Nathan seemed nice although Milo wasn't sure how he liked his lofty attitude; if he went around addressing with the gods so casually he might get fried.

    Milo pushed these thoughts aside; he had to make a good impression. He turned around and squat down in front of his small flower garden, after a few moments consideration he picked a purple iris and a yellow daffodil, being extra careful with the flower stems he rose and turned back towards the new campers.

    "This one is for you Dreama," he said as he handed her the daffodil, "Did you know that the daffodil is also called the narcissus? It's name comes from the Greek myth of Narcissus, he was so beautiful he fell in love with his own reflection and died. You shouldn't fall in love with yourself but you should realize you are really pretty. Hehe, you would look weird taking yourself on a date wouldn't you? Table for three; me, myself, and I?" Milo joked, giggling at his own joke as he turned towards Nathan.

    "This one is for you," he said offering the iris flower to Nathan, "It is an iris, it is named after the goddess Iris. She is the goddess of rainbows you know? Isn't it pretty? I think it is pretty, I hope you like it!" He said with a big grin, already assuming that his gifts would be well-received without actually waiting for a response.

    "My name is Milo Bennett; I have been at camp Half-blood for two months, almost two months and half. If you have any questions I can answer them! I know this camp like the back of my hand," Milo paused, a thoughtful expression on his face, "Well, you shouldn't ask me where the bathrooms are because I still get lost sometimes but besides that I can answer all your questions~!" He said happily, whistling a happy little tune to try and hide how nervous he was. He hoped they wouldn't ask him any hard questions, he would hate to embarrass himself in front of Mr D.
  20. Blaine shrugs and lets the demigod-Nathan go before going off on his own into camp. Dreama smiles softly shaking the girls hand, her grip strong but gentle. "Thank you, nice to meet you Gabby. Quite a day huh?" Her voice is still nervous but friendly. Well this girl- Gabby seemed nice, at least that was a good sign. She looks to Chiron as he speaks and nods slightly before he walks-trots off to the infirmary. Turning her attention back to Gabby and the boy- Milo, she looks surprised when he gives her the flower, not use to getting gifts even something as simple as a flower. She takes it gentle and smiles warmly "Oh thank you, thats very sweet Milo. I didnt know that...Hehe no I dont have any intention of "falling in love with myself". Dreama blushes lightly at his odd way of calling her pretty, as Milo moves on to Nathan she brings the daffodil to her nose inhaling its scent her eyes closing for a moment. It smelled nice, though daffodil's wernt her favorite flower she still loved them, she loved most all flowers. Opening her sapphire eyes she looks back to Gabby, with a small smile. "So uh...I take it your new here too?"
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