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  1. Come join an exciting roleplay set in the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Come to Camp Halfblood and be claimed by your godly parent, master your strange abilities and most importantly learn how to keep the monsters from using you for a chew toy.


    When we get rolling and events start happening you will be able to find a summery of them here. Questions, concerns, and ideas can be posted on this thread. Currently you can find the rules, character sheet, and character slots below.

    Universe Rules (simplified)
    • Roleplay takes place 3 years before the events of the Lightning Thief
    • No characters from events after the Lightning Thief are present and they should not be mentioned ( this includes Percy, Nico, and the characters introduced in Heroes of Olympus) Luke hasn't turned yet so don't treat him with suspicion.
    • No children of the Big Three or Roman gods

    Posting Rules (simplified)
    • Minimum post must be a paragraph
    • NPCs must be approved by GM before use
    • Canon Character use must be approved by GM
    • The character you will be using must be approved by GM before you may begin posting

    1. TAKEN (Month of May)
    2. TAKEN (Naois_DragonGirl)
    3. RESERVED (Akuma)
    4. RESERVED (Obsidian L Scarletta)
    5. TAKEN (TheLotusDragon)
    6. OPEN
    Fill Out Entire Sheet (except if your character is new to camp in which case don't fill out the camp life section)



    Hair color/Style:

    Body (height, weight, scars, etc):
    *Remember that the uniform for camp is an orange camp halfblood tee-shirt, kids who have been at camp for a while should have one.*

    Summary (summarize your character's personality in a few sentences):

    Good Traits:
    Bad Traits:

    Mortal Parent:

    Other Mortal Family:
    Godly Parent:
    Ability from Godly parent:

    Things They Struggle with:

    Give a brief description of your character's past (no more than three paragraphs):

    *If your character has been at camp for a while remember to describe how they arrived at camp, also mention if your character has been claimed by their godly parent or not.*
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Kyra Bowie
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female

    Hair color/Style: She has dark brown hair, almost black. Since her hair is corkscrew curly she lets it grow almost like an afro. She does try to keep it neat and short.
    Eyes: Green
    Body: She has a very toned body for a girl. Being that she is short, 4'7, she is able to find her way around crowds better then most people, not to mention tunnels and other tight spaces. She has a few scares from playing rough with the other demigods.
    Clothes: Normally she wears her orange camp shirt while at Camp Halfblood, but sometimes she likes to switch it out with a mix of Greek and military style outfits. Her favorite jacket is her Navy jacket that she got from her mother. And she never leaves home without her knee length military black boots.

    Summary: Kyra is fairly out going for being the daughter of a war god.
    Good Traits: Out going and loves to talk
    Bad Traits: Blows things out of proportion, gets mad easily, and takes major offense to her lack of height
    Interests: She likes anything with a blade.

    Mortal Parent: Astrid Bowie
    Other Mortal Family: Uncle Gene and Grandma Daphne
    Godly Parent: Ares

    Ability from Godly parent: She is extremely skilled with a blade. She can use daggers or swords or even a small, dull knife to her advantage.
    Skills: She can use any type of fire arms but she is better suited for hand-to-hand combat with knives.
    Things They Struggle with: Math and pretty much anything to do with fashion

    Kyra's mother was a former sailor in the Navy when she met Ares. At first she didn't really like him because he was so arrogant, but she did like his determination and physique. After she found out that she was pregnant she was released with an Honorable Discharge where she joined the police force. For several years she raised Kyra with the help of her mother Daphne. Her brother Gene was a very disagreeable man and thought that Astrid should have put her daughter up for adoption. Needless to say they didn't speak much to each other afterwards. Whenever he did visit he would hardly have anything to do with his niece. Astrid taught Kyra to be kind and patient, which was hard since Kyra hated to wait for anything. But the love between mother and daughter was very strong. One night when Kyra was 8 her mother left her with her grandmother so she could participate in a stakeout of a suspected murder. Astrid never came back home. It took three bullets to the chest to kill her, but she did kill the man who killed her.

    Two years later fate played another cruel joke to Kyra. Her grandmother died from a massive heart attack after finding Kyra with a knife piercing her leg. Kyra had been playing with a steak knife when she saw a snake try to bite her leg. So naturally she tried to stab the snake, but her leg got the brunt of the attack instead. Just as she accidentally stabbed herself her grandmother saw what had happened, terrified she started to run towards Kyra, but fell to the ground instead. Luckily and neighbor had been passing and called 911, but it was too late for Grandma Daphne. The only other kin she had was her horrible Uncle Gene. After hearing what had happened with Kyra's leg, which now has a permanent scar, and his mother he vowed to keep his promise from before. To have nothing to do with Kyra. So he arranged for her to be sent to the orphanage. When Kyra heard that she was being sent away she quickly packed all of her belongings, including the Navy jacket that her mother gave her, and left. She tried to live on the streets but it wasn't long till strange monsters began to follow her.

    She was being attacked by a one-eyed monster when a satyr came to her rescue. After escaping the monster which she soon learned to be a cyclopse, the satyr told her about how she was a demigoddess and about a camp that was meant to keep her and other demigods safe. Naturally she agrees to go to the camp. It's been 6 years since she first arrived to the camp. She gets along with just about everyone, but they tend to keep their distance from her since she likes to blow up every now and then. She loves the battle games, obstacle courses, and any quests that Dionysus lets her go on.
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  3. BASIC
    Name: Gabrielle Scott
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female

    Hair (Color/Style): She currently wears her raven-colored hair in a edgey pixie cut.
    Eye (Color/Features): Her eyes are a dark blue, almost black at times.
    Body (Height, Weight, Scars): Gabby is tall for her age. She has no real feminine curves (a late bloomer) and, from the back, often gets mistaken for a boy, which frustrates her to no end. She has no prominent scars, but she does have a raspberry-colored birthmark under her collar-bone.
    Clothes: Her personal style is a cross between country and park ranger, which she find practical and cute.

    Summary: Gabby is calm under pressure and isn't afraid of hard work. She loves getting her hands dirty and often puts 110 percent into everything she does.
    Good Traits: Determine, generous, hard working, and passionate.
    Bad Traits: Stubborn, overly ambitious, and overly enthusiastic.

    Mortal Parent: Randall Scott
    Godly Parent: Tyche
    Mortal Relatives: Gabby has a half-sister named Cassandra Scott. She is 8 years old and the epitome of beauty. The only thing they have in common is their dark tresses and love of music. She has a step-mother: Michaella Lane, a real-estate agent for a small east-coastal town. She doesn't hate him, but she doesn't understand her enthusiasm for real-estate or golf. However, Gabby admires her grandmother, Elsa Scott, a tough old bitty who owns a ranch in Wyoming and taught her what value really means.

    Godly Ability: Gabby doesn't really believe she has an ability, but sometimes, things just go her way, and there is no real explanation as to why.
    Skills: She knows everything about ranch life, riding horses and milking cows. She knows how to aim and has a great sense of direction.
    Things they struggle with: Gabby struggles with interaction. She's not shy; she's just not as tactful as she could be. This often gets her trouble and labeled as a trouble-maker from teachers and students alike. She often gets lost in the details. She prefers a hand-on approach than book learning, and she struggles to make sense if she is overloaded with information.

    Tyche and Randall met at a highway pit-stop. She was posing as a young hitch-hiker, and he was driving truck. It was when he left in his truck that things started to heat up, in more ways than one. When a slippery set of roads and another semi-truck come from the opposite lane smashes into his front end, Randall thought he was a goner. But the beautiful woman for the pit-stop came to his rescue just as the vehicle caught fire. One thing lead to another and about a year later, a baby and a note appeared in the back cabin. Randall, not seeing fit to raise a baby on the road, sent Gabby to live with his mother on the ranch; from there she learned to love the outdoors and the tough work day. She continues to live with her gran as she struggles with public school, a first for her.

    She has yet to discover she is a demi-god or Camp Half-Blood.
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  4. Naois_DragonGirl - Your character is really good, I especially love her appearance. There are somethings I am a little confused about that I would like you to explain. The first thing is in her back story in the third paragraph you say that her Uncle Glen's house was attacked by a Cyclops but he was yelling at her/threatening her? I am a little confused on what the cyclops is doing in this scene because it seems strange that his initial reaction to his house being attacked by a giant monster is to yell at his niece.

    You also mention in her abilities that she is skilled in numerous different types of weapons (understandable considering who her father is) but I am a little confused on what her preference is. You say she is extremely skilled with blades but prefers hand to hand combat? Which one does she tend to use more?

    Besides that everything is good except for her age. It is rare for halfbloods to live past 20 and although she isn't twenty she is kinda creeping up there. Luke was nineteen in the first book and he was respected as one of the older, more experienced campers. If you character were to be fifteen or sixteen (I leave the choice up to you) she would either be the same age as Luke during the first book or trailing him by a year (considering this roleplay takes place three years before the first book).

    Excellent character, her background is especially interesting and believable. Just answer my questions and decide on an age, she will then be accepted.

    Month of May - Overall your character sounds good, her personality is pretty balanced (although I think you meant overly ambitious, ambitious by itself is a good trait). Her godly abilities also sound good although it is mentioned that children of Tyche can slightly alter outcomes that involve luck as well as being naturally lucky themselves, such as the team they are rooting for winning a game, a trait that is more likely to seem more unusual than simply having extraordinary luck. Also remember that with luck/chance based powers there is no really assurance that you will get the outcome you want. Although they can tilt the odds in their favor that doesn't always mean they win, they can make the chance of failure smaller but they can't get rid of it. (That is just me rambling, no real critique here.)

    Your character sounds pretty good, her background sounds simple and believable. I am a little confused when you say that she isn't tactful with lazy people and this somehow makes her appear to be a class clown? (This is listed under things the character struggles with if you are wondering.) Assuming you mean that she has no patience for lazy people I still fail to see how this is 'funny'. Once you explain this bit to me your character is good to go :)

    On a side note you describe her appearance rather well.

    If you need me to explain a question in a different way feel free to ask, most of the things I pointed out are simple misunderstandings rather than flaws. The characters you two made are very good, I just want to make sure I understand them well.
  5. I edited and simplified. I meant class clown as being disruptive (and brutally truthful), but I switched it out for trouble-maker, figuring it'd be easier to understand. If there are any other questions, let me know. :)
  6. Month of May - Alright that makes a lot more sense and I can see how she would get that reputation (even if she is calling people out for, what I personally believe, things they should be called out on.) She is accepted, she seems to have an interesting personality and I look forward to seeing her in the roleplay.

    I will probably wait for a few more characters (including my own) before the roleplay starts but I think we should figure out how your character will arrive at camp-halfblood. Perhaps something goes wrong at public school and a satyr leads her to camp halfblood? I am not sure if we will actually work that into the roleplay or what but we can figure something out. Whatever you want to do I will try to make work so feel free to tell me your ideas. :)
  7. Awesome, and thanks! I can't wait to see everyone's character.

    I like that idea. It would be accurate, in her case, to have a school day go from bad to worse. If anything, I can include it in my introduction post as a sort-of prologue if we can't work it in.
  8. I think a prologue in your introduction would be best, it might confuse people if the action jumps from Wyoming and back to Half-blood hill. If you need any help figuring out a monster to attack or something feel free to ask. (I personally recommend a Scythian Dracanae, the snake women with two snake bodies instead of legs. They are pretty common (considering they make up a majority of Luke's forces) and can get pretty dangerous. She probably wouldn't have a deep serious agenda beyond taunting the gods or getting some lunch though. Just a suggestion :3
  9. Sounds like a plan, the Scythian Dracanae and the prologue. I'll get started on writing that bit while more people join.
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  10. Okay, two things:

    1. Is it too late to join?

    2. How do you feel about children of primordial beings [Gaea (frigid earthen bitch. Don't tell her I said that. Wait, can she read computers?), Hemera, Nyx, Tartarus, Aether, Uranus, etc.]? I heard nothing involving the Big Three, which I definitely respect (though don't quite understand. If they can't keep it in their pants enough to not have Percy, Jason, and Thalia, then what the hell, right?), as I feel that there are many more gods that have way more interesting powers.
  11. Mr V - There are still a few spots left, including the one for my own character. I am really iffy on children of primordial (or protogenoi) beings for a few reasons.

    First of all they are significantly more powerful than the gods, being even more powerful than the titans which are the main antagonists for the first set of books. As a result their children would be titans or gods, too powerful to be at camp.

    Secondly they don't really have as close a connection to the human race? While the gods of Olympus are worshiped by people and embody human concepts (such as war, poetry, and love) the protogenoi embody things like light, dark, and the sky. How would a mortal attract the attention of the sky or the dark, which are uncaring things?

    Thirdly they don't use physical forms as much as the gods and when they do shit is hitting the fan. When Tartarus manages to take physical form Anabeth states that no one could stop him, not even the gods OR the titans. Even if a protogenoi was totally heads over heel for a mortal there is no way the gods wouldn't try to stop him/her from spawning another offspring (which would likely be more powerful than them.)

    Fourthly, and I may have implied this early, they aren't really gods. They are the very first beings to exist in the universe and they are spirits that embody the building blocks of the world.

    I assure that there are many more gods out there that could spur children, not just the ones listed on the official websites. I have a few examples that might help inspire you.

    Palaemon: The minor sea divinity of sharks and harbors. A son/daughter of this god, while lacking control over water, may be able to communicate with sharks, hold their breath for extended periods of time, or be able to summon sharks via communication. Someone who cares for or works with sharks would attract this gods attention.

    Phobos: The minor god of fear. A child of this god would be good at analyzing people and figuring out their fears, possibly being able to display that fear to them on if eye contact is made. This is personal rather than a group of people and they would probably only be able to work one person at a time. A person could attract this gods attention if they were either respectful of fears while still being a fearful person or on the flipside who isn't easily scared but still respects fears. Maybe someone who knows and understands phobias, which are named after this God.

    Melinoe: The minor goddess of ghosts. This one is a bit iffy since she usually stays in the underworld but lets assume she travels up to bring lost souls down to be judged or something. A child of this goddess wouldn't have a lot of apparently useful powers, more personal/strategic abilities. They may be able to know if someone had died recently in someones life or after going to some place (like Gettysburg would freak them out because of all the deaths that happened there.) They couldn't resurrect the dead like a child of hades but perhaps they could figure out information about a dead person if they concentrated? Maybe going into a trance like state while they recall facts about the dead persons life they shouldn't know. A person might attract this goddess if they work with and respect ghosts, maybe try to help them move on?

    Delphin: God of Dolphins. Similar to Palaemon children of this god, while not being able to control water, would have an affinity with the animal their father is connected to. In this case, dolphins. They would be able to talk to dolphins, breath underwater for extended periods, and even command them to some extent. (Like how Percy can talk to horses and possibly persuade them to help him.) A person might attract this god if they worked with dolphins or helped dolphins.

    Deimos: The god of terror, partnered with Phobos. A child of this god could possibly just make people terrified, similar in how the Aphrodite kids sorta bring on feelings of love he would bring on feelings of terror, especially if he is excited or upset. They would probably be considered dangerous just because of the feelings they can invoke in people (added to their possible weapon skills.) A person could attract this god if they were around a lot of terror, enjoyed terror, or respected terror. (They could also cause it but that implies they are attacking people or something which is kinda morbid.)

    These are just a few of the many minor gods/goddesses that exist in Greek Mythology. There is a god for everything, literally, and their children can still be powerful without being children of the twelve Olympians. Look up some more if you want, I am sure you can find one that inspires you. :) Let me know if you need any help.
  12. Ok, I tried to fix my bio. Is it ok now?
  13. Okay, be prepared: Deimos was an ass, playing on his demigod sister's fears of being abused; SCREW DOLPHINS ON LAND!; SCREW SHARKS ON LAND!; SCREW TALKING TO GHOSTS! (that would only make me look more insane); SCREW PHOBOS, FOR ESSENTIALLY BEING DEIMOS! But I catch your meaning about minor gods. I'm Greek myself. My thinking was, my guy is the only true son of Tartarus, and he can shift his body into monstrous parts (claws, blades, etc.), as well as having a bit of a connection with monsters, but making them gravitate towards him even more, endangering those around him worse than other demigods. Also, with further training, he may be able to start summoning or creating monsters using the dust they turn into when they die, not nearly as unstoppable as daddy dearest (who I absolutely LOVE. Yeah. I'm gay for the god of true Hell and Torment), partially because most of the super-children of the protogenoi are spawned from the relationship of two PROTOGENOI, or a primordial and one of their children or grandchildren, such as Aeneas (I believe that was this particular character's name), son of Gaea and Poseidon, which also shows you just how incestuous the gods are. Never once (as you've stated) has a primordial mated with a human. Thus, the result would most likely be a demigod, as with a the Twelve Olympians and Lesser Gods mating with a mortal. The attraction felt between his parents was to be his mother having particularly badly to the point of assuring herself a position in the lowest pit of his father (I was thinking like she defecated in the Parthenon while drunk, and took a half-naked selfie in the Temple of Zeus at Olympia), who felt it absolutely novel to have a relationship with an enemy of the gods, who I assume he didn't really like at the time for, you know, having killed his kids A LOT over the past millennia? What do you think? I feel that I didn't OP him too much.
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  14. can i reserve a spot or am i to late o.o
  15. Basic
    Name: Ash Waters
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    Hair color/Style: Ash's hair is dark chocolate brown worn in a messy don't really care style.
    Eyes: His eyes are chocolatte brown
    Body (height, weight, scars, etc): Height: 5'7" Weight:150. Ash is slim but fit. He has a tattoo on his arm of a Raven.
    Clothes: He usually wears a brown hoodie and any color of jeans he can find. Though when it is hot he usually wears a red T-Shirt and beige shorts

    *Remember that the uniform for camp is an orange camp halfblood tee-shirt, kids who have been at camp for a while should have one.*

    Summary (summarize your character's personality in a few sentences): Ash is nice and respectful he will be nice to anyone he meets unless he knows that they have done something utterly wrong. He usually gives people a second chance unless he knows that they are bad. He is not afraid to say what he thinks and even though it might not be right he will sometimes act upon it. But if Someone were to cross the line by hurting his friends he will lash out at whoever is causing the problem.
    Good Traits: Determined, nice, respectful, fun, stands up for his friends, brave.
    Bad Traits: Ash has a slight anger problem when it comes to someone hurting his friends, sometimes he is shy but when you break the ice he is perfectly fine and sometimes when angry he may be a bit rude for a couple of days.
    Interests: Ash likes to Read and write aswell as play sports he is also up to try a load of new things aswell.

    Mortal Parent: Tom Waters
    Other Mortal Family: (None.)
    Godly Parent: Athena
    Abilities: He is a quick thinker and he is rather fast and agile.
    Ability from Godly parent: He is rather smart and LOVES reading.
    Skills: Ash is skilled with a short sword and he can use his smarts against his opponents or just to pass a test.
    Things They Struggle with: Ash struggles with making new friends but he can when he feels comfortable, he is not that good at math (surprisingly.) and he isn't good at speaking to large groups of people at a time. ((Public speaking.))

    Give a brief description of your character's past (no more than three paragraphs): Ash was born on Febuary first. Then when he turned 4 he went to kindergarden where he didn't make any friends because he would be getting all the awnswers right. Then in grade 1 he made his first friend his name was Brian McAffy his parents always welcomed him into their home. Then a couple years past by until he was in high school it was gym class and they were doing a couple laps around the school field to warm up they began to toss the foot ball to each other when a large Hellhound ran into the feild for some reason everyone in the field except for Ash was screaming "AAH A CAR!" the hell hound started to chase Ash around the feild. Ash's father being one of the teachers looked out the window seeing Ash and the giant dog. He quickly ran outside and abandoned his class. As Ash was running around scared dodging the hell hound his dad rammed the fence gate open and stopped righ beside him "COME ON!"his father shouted at him as Ash jumped into the passenger seat the dog was about to hit the car when Ash's father put his foot down and sped to the road. Then they just kept on driving a word was not said until they got there. "Ash, Welcome to-" his father was cut off as A hell hound rammed the car and Ash blacked out. In the morning he woke up in the hostpital wing and wondered where he was. ((He has not been claimed yet obvoiusly

    *If your character has been at camp for a while remember to describe how they arrived at camp, also mention if your character has been claimed by their godly parent or not.*
  16. So, can I at least give it a shot? I'm sure that if it is a no to Tartarus, I can definitely find something on my own. But thanks for the offer of help..
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  17. Well I got a lot to reply to, lets get this started.

    Naois_DragonGirl - Your character is all good. Consider her accepted, I look forward to seeing her in play once the roleplay gets started. Off topic I actually know a few people with her last name :3

    Akuma: Yes you can, there are still plenty of spots open. I will reserve one for you.

    Mr V - I am sorry to say this but I have to ask that you do not make a character being the son or daughter of any of the primordial gods. It just doesn't make sense and there is no way that offspring of a primordial being wouldn't be significantly more powerful than normal halfbloods (and their godly parents.) I mentioned previously the reasons why such an offspring seems so strange (and I am sorry if I didn't make my points clear enough.) There is also no way he could meet the demigod mother without her dying first (remembering that people can't waltz in and out of the underworld). She would likely be killed before she came down there in which case no children, also she thinks just because she made some bad decisions while under the influence she deserves to suffer in the deepest pit? I bet Hades is more understanding than that.

    I ask that you choose a third generation god or minor god, I understand you find the character Tartarus interesting but I don't believe that one of his offspring would be suitable for this roleplay. Perhaps you could develop this character for your own project, like a story where he stars as the main character?
  18. Nah, that was more of a thing I was just making up as I went along. I see your point. But seriously. Athena turned Medusa from a raped innocent into a hideous monster that turned peeps to stone with a glance. This demigod mother defiled the temples of Hephaestus, Athena, AND Zeus. And she WON'T get a dark pit? But yeah, I was thinking of something a lot more devious after a bit of mulling over it. I'll PM it to you if you want me to run it by you first, but I'll get a character up soon.
  19. TheLotusDragon - For the most part Ash seems to be good but he has a few problems that we can hopefully clean up easily :)

    First off I think he needs more flaws, he only has two real flaws (shyness and rudeness) and one is easily broken. I think if you threw a few more dehabilitating flaws in he would be a much more balanced character. Person you could make something out of his anger, maybe he judges people really quickly and has trouble changing his opinion of them? Maybe he judges situations without figuring out both sides of the issues? Maybe he throws himself into fights without trying to understand them? I would be hesitant to make him make friends quickly due to him seeming to be a very friend orientated person and I would definitely try to make his behavior around people he is friends with different than his behavior with people he is just being nice to.

    The next thing is his abilities, you can be a little more outgoing here. The children of Athena aren't just 'rather smart' they are incredibly smart and good strategists. Passing a test would be no problem to a son of Athena and they can figure out strategies to defeat opponents rather quickly (although this isn't as useful if someone is hacking away at you with a sword, you would still figure out how to disarm him but it would take a bit.) Don't be afraid to make him powerful, after all the brain is the most useful weapon for a child of Athena.

    Thirdly it seems strange that hellhound would attack him since those creatures are most commonly associated with Hades. Although Hades sent a few hellhounds to chase Thalia she was a daughter of Zeus who broke a promise with Hades. A son of Athena wouldn't make him upset like that. Although one could have gotten loose it seems strange that it would follow him to his car, I love the idea of people seeing a car instead of a hellhound (it is kinda a funny picture) but I think you have to explain that it is not sent by Hades. Maybe have someone explain to him that it got loose and attacked the nearest demi-god, maybe Zeus or some other god gave Hades crap for not paying attention to his monsters over the incident? Just explain that it wasn't some attempted assassination and you should be good.
  20. Yea I can't wait to start!
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