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  1. Come join an exciting roleplay set in the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Come to Camp Halfblood and be claimed by your godly parent, master your strange abilities and most importantly learn how to keep the monsters from using you for a chew toy.

    Universe Rules
    • This roleplay will be set a 2 or 3 years before the events of the first book (the Lightning Thief) and as a result any original characters whose parents are a lesser god (Nemesis, Iris, Nike, etc) will not have their own cabin and will stay in the Hermes cabin. You can still be claimed by your godly parent but you will have to remain in the Hermes cabin due to your minor god/goddess parent not having their own cabin.
    • It also should go without saying that none of the characters from the Heroes of Olympus series are present at camp and your character should not be friends with them/know them. The only canon characters that will be present at the camp are those who were there in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. More specifically the characters present at camp before the first novel, this includes Luke, Annabeth, and Clarisse along with others. This excludes Percy Jackson and Nico di Angelo. (Your character shouldn't know either of these characters, especially Nico.)
    • I am going to put my foot down and say no children of the Big Three (Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon) due to the fact they aren't allowed in the books. I am also going to say no Roman parents just to keep things simple/keep the action focused on the Camp Halfblood.

    Roleplay Rules
    • You must post a minimum of two paragraphs (minimum of four sentences) not counting dialogue. You cannot post a single line responce and if you do you will be asked to revise it. Check your spelling before you post but don't be too worried about using the right there/their/they're. We won't toss you to the harpies over something small like that.
    • You can have NPCs but they, and their role in the plot, must be approved by the GM before they are introduced. (Like if you want to have a few more kids from your cabin help you beat up the new kid or you need another person on your team for an event but none of the other players are in the same cabin as you. Just send the GM a quick message bout what they will be doing and get the GM's approval before posting your responce.)
    • All characters must be approved by the GM before they become apart of the roleplay, any character centered events (like a halfblood running into camp while being followed by a hydra or a quest) will have to be approved by the GM as well. The GM will try to work with the roleplayer as best they can but you are reminded patience is a virtue and having too many things going on at the same time bogs down the roleplay. Please remember that most of the events will be centered in the camp.
    • Similar to NPCs canon characters/gods will have to have their roles in the roleplay approved by the GM first. If you want Luke to come in and save you during capture the flag you have to explain his role and show that you can write him moderately well. There shouldn't be any canon and oc relationships besides crushes, friendships, and possibly family bonds? The guild master will be roleplaying Dionysus and Chiron, who will be used to announce events/introduce new campers during the campfire dinners.
    • There will be a limited number of open slots, first come first serve sort of thing. Once those slots are full no more characters will be accepted unless someone drops out of the roleplay. If that happens than the slots will open up and people can submit their characters until the slots are filled again.
    • What the GM says goes, if the GM says to wrap up your conversations so the next event can be announced than you better wrap up your conversations. If the GM says a monster can’t be defeated by a single person than you better not find it’s weak point straight away and take it out in one blow.
    Do I sound like a rule stickler yet? I probably do but hopefully that doesn't turn you away just yet. There are some things in the planning/can promise that will hopefully make you consider sticking around.
    • An active GM who will help keep the roleplay active by introducing new events when things start to slow down.
    • A helpful and patient GM who will help you develop your character and ideas so they can be incorporated into the roleplay.
    • Events already in the planning, once the meet and greet/developing of characters is done an event is sure to follow.

    This is only an interest check, if I get enough interested people I will get the signup forum up.
  2. I'd be interested, depending how fast the RP moves.
  3. I will try to keep it going at a fast pace as much as I can, I have seen too many interesting roleplays die because nothing is happening. I hope to avoid this with the events. Thank you for your interest.
  4. I'm interested, but the two paragraph minimum post length kinda has me worried. Would there be any chance of lowering it to one?
  5. The number of paragraphs doesn't really matter as much as the quality. That rule, or more accurately guideline, only exists to encourage people to write more detailed responces and discourage one line responces, which are kinda difficult to respond to. If you only need one paragraph don't feel pressured to find other things to describe/talk about in an unneeded second paragraph.
  6. Actually, I'm worried about the opposite issue: the RP going too fast. I'm better at posting in the late evening/early morning, but I don't want to join only to slow down the RP. I'll keep watching this thread, however, and get a feel for it when the time comes around.
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  7. Month of May - I completely misunderstood your previous statement and I apologize for that. I will not deny that I will try to keep things happening within the roleplay through the use of events but I will say that your times (late evening and early morning) alone should not slow down the rp. That being said it is entirely your choice, hopefully once things start moving a bit more you can descide whether the pace of this is the kind you feel comfortable with. Thanks for continuing to consider this roleplay.

    Lonewolf888978 - Thanks!
  8. Thank you, and no need to apologize; I should have clarified what I meant when I posted my initial statement. Also, with luck, you're right; it shouldn't pose a problem, but it's always a nagging worry. I'd be a bit disappointed if I couldn't; I really adore the book series.
  9. A quick suggestion. You might want to simplify the character sheet. Right now, it looks really intimidating.
  10. Thank you for your feedback, after looking over it I realized I had over complicated it. It is now simplified to a hopefully more reasonable level.
  11. Currently working on a character sheet. Will either post tonight or early tomorrow.
  12. I submitted a character for you: Kyra Bowie. She's older then most characters, but I hope that is ok? If not let me know and I will fix her age.