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  1. "With great power comes great responsibility..." Barack recited. He took a slow drag from a cherry flavored cigar and held it in his mouth before releasing it into the air, where the smoke danced through the air. He leaned back into his cotton rotating chair and propped his shiny leather shoes up on his coated, mahogany desk. "That's what he said, right? Your uncle Ben?"

    The masked protector of Manhattan hung upside down from the ceiling, a mere couple feet above the soft carpet in the Oval Room. His body was relaxed, but his mind was racing. Here he was in the office of the most powerful man in the free world - just alone with him and him alone. He was honored to be where he was, but all he could think about was how dashing his President was in a well-tailored suit. He might be Spider-Man on the outside, but on the inside, he was still an overexcited little boy with the opportunity of a lifetime.

    "...Yes." Spidey said, hesitating only for a moment. "He wanted me to remember the value of our decisions, and how they affect others."

    "I see. He must have been a fine man." Barack replied. He turned around in his spinning chair to take a brief look out the window that oversaw the city of Washington D.C. before turning back around to look straight to the eyes of Spider-Man's mask. "He must have been for him to have raised such a fine young man."

    Spidey felt his face heat up beneath his mask and his chest tightened. "Oh, no, no... it was nothing. I'm just doing my duty."

    "Your duty?" The President parroted. His face displayed surprise and admiration. "But most men and women don't feel duty until they pick up a badge. You sprung out one day from the depths of New York City and starting saving people."

    Spider-Man tried to deny these claims, "but, no, you see, that's what--", but Barack wouldn't have any of it. He interjected, saying, "save your modesty, Spider-Man. Take the compliment. You saved my life. Don't you remember? I was flying over Manhattan and..."

    "...and your plane stalled. Something got stuck in one of the propellers and the wing ripped off the jet. You were right next to it and--"

    "--and I fell. I fell from thousands of feet in the air, Spidey. I was terrified. I owe you my life. I owe you everything a man could ever offer."

    Spider-Man felt the inside of his chest flutter. Barack has done everything in his power to make him and his family comfortable. His Aunt May was given a house further from the city with payed monthly mortgage and he himself was offered this chance to talk to him alone in this office without any surveillance. And to think he'll be here for an entire week with Barack Obama! It was unbelievable! Maybe he'll be able to meet the First Lady Michelle and maybe their kids and maybe--

    His train of thought was interrupted when his conversational partner stood up from the chair and snuffed his cigar out in the ashtray. His heart and mind was racing. What was he planning to say? Or what to do? Barack set the cigar down and paced around his desk, carefully placing one foot in front of the other. He was so refined, and so tailored. It was at this moment that He was all Spidey could think about. Barack ended his pacing when he met in front of Spidey, mere inches in front of his mask. "You're an example to us all." He started saying, his usual authoritative voice was softened. More intimate. "You're a symbol that anyone can help."

    Barack drew his hands closer to Spider-Man's mask. The hero could barely see past his dizziness. "Why are you doing all this for me?"

    The President didn't stop or hesitate once. He pulled down Spidey's mask halfway. "Because I have hope." He told him. Then he leaned forward and pressed his dark warm lips against Spidey's. It was at that moment that the hero's heart erupted, and everything he thought he knew was gone. All he cared about in this moment was getting closer to him. Spidey pressed more firmly against' Barack's lips, returning his affection. The President held the back of his head and pressed the two toward each other. There were fireworks in the Oval Office today, and the two shared this brief moment of intimacy together before Obama slowly broke off the kiss. Spidey hung there, utterly stunned by the events that had occurred. The line snapped and the hero fell limply onto the floor, but that did little to snap him out of his current trance.

    Barack, on the other hand, seemed unfazed. He straightened his suit and tie and looked at his watch. "I have a conference meeting to go to in a few minutes across district."

    The President walked to the other end of the room and opened the door to the hallway. He looked back for a brief moment at the starstruck hero that still layed on the ground. "I'll see you later tonight, Spidey." He purred with a wink.

    Spider-Man simply raised a thumbs up sign with his hand before he dropped his arm back onto the ground. Barack flashed him a final, charming smile before he closed the door to watch the congressional debate alongside Joe Biden.
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