People + Role-Playing = Rip My Hair Out

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  1. Alright, let me just rant for a while here.

    First thing I don't like about role-playing, is the group role-plays. Why? For a few reasons. One being, you are there, and a lot of other people are there too. The GM claims that no one shall be left out, but guess what? You're the only one that is left out. Yeah. Thanks GM for lying. You're left sitting there, with the requirements of writing three paragraphs, but running out of ideas because no one is making an effort to role-play with you. Then what happens? The GM gets onto you for writing less! Well excuse me! Sorry that you lied to me and left me out entirely. You're the one who made the rules and you still leave people out. Again, thanks GM. Another thing I hate about group role-playing. Most the characters are female in different types of plots. It's rare you find a plot that has mostly male's. By the time you get the role-play, there are like fifteen female characters. You are left being a male character in like every group role-play. How is that fair? It's not.

    Second thing I don't like about role-playing, is the one x one requests. So you get those people who ask for partners, and they are like, "I'll play male or female." You people, god bless your soul. You are the people I try an look for. Then you get those people who are like, "I play female only." Now wait. I always reread that. Like no. Just stop there. That's something that always makes me leave the topic right then and there. In role-playing, I would hope that everyone would be comfortable playing both genders equally. More flexible you are, the more you'll actually role-play. If you just claim that you will only be playing female, well, guess what. Most girls on her only play female anyways. Good luck finding a partner. I'm okay with those posts that ask for a male partner, "Looking for a Male Partner." That I am perfectly fine with. If you are that person who just claims that they will be the female you have to play the male, just stop and get over yourself. You are the people who ruin role-playing for me.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I love to role-play with all my heart. It's something I really enjoy role-playing. Just not when the people I am trying to role-play with, don't know how to role-play. That's what makes me hate it.
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  2. Normally I would have something to say but I...oh wait! I can actually relate to this! FOR ONCE I CAN ACTUALLY RELATE TO SOMEONE'S RANT. I would go into further detail about why I can relate, but I'm pretty sure I'd get in trouble for publicly doing so. In other words if you wan't to converse over this more I'd be happy to in the sweet privacy of an inbox conversation. Actually I would love to as I currently have no one to talk to. <3
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  3. This.

    This right here.

    Even worse when they're making an effort to include other people (usually their buddies).
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  4. Ugh, yes- The favoritism.
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    Except being left out, because I know how to push myself in to a scene and a plot. O_O You cannot ignore me or my characters and I make sure of it. (This is something any roleplayer can learn too, it just takes practice and a little aggressive roleplaying!) And on the rare occasions I still get ignored, I just drop out of the roleplay. It means that group doesn't work for me. ;_;

    I also have those problems in one on ones, except I AM the "I only play females" person. XD I apologize to all the people that sucks for, ME INCLUDED. Cause it's true. ;__; Everyone plays girls and it's SO HARD to find someone who plays male characters, and EVEN HARDER to find someone who plays STRAIGHT MANLY MEN characters.

    You'd think that would force me to play a wider variety of charries so I can get more roleplay time, but nah. Screw that. I want to play what I am interested in and have fun with. I went through my experiment and "out of the box" roleplaying years ago. O_O I want to be in to and enjoy what I'm doing, I don't need to be flexible in order to please others. I will just wait it out until I find the right partners.
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  6. Yeah, I know that people want to keep in their comfort zone. But it seems like mostly every female wants to play only female. I'm not really complaining on that, the only thing I am really complaining about is "I play the female character." I find it so rude! Why cant they just say, "Looking for male partners"? It's less rude, and you might actually get more people to join.
  7. >Is currently GMing a group roleplay that has such a disproportionate number of male characters that it's basically a sausage fest.


    Seriously though I don't know where that "abundance of females" idea came from. I've never noticed such a thing.

    As for not being included... I hate to play devil's advocate here, but, as a GM, this bothers me a lot, so I'll just say this: I've had many players over the years complain about being left out. And, the vast majority of the time, it's their own fault. I'm not necessarily saying you personally are at fault every time you've been left out -- maybe you really have had a bunch of shitty GM's that don't give a rat's ass. I dunno. But like, a lot of the time, there are players that just don't make an effort to get involved in anything, and then complain that they're being "ignored", despite the GM's attempts to get them into the action by telling them to just give other people something to react to already. Really drives me nuts.

    Again, I'm not saying you personally are at fault -- I don't have enough information on your experiences specifically to really be the judge of that. But like... just consider that thought. Maybe you wouldn't be "ignored" or "left out" if you'd just interacted with characters instead of letting yourself be a loner. Not every GM is skilled or knowledgeable enough to help when a player paints themselves into that corner.

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  8. Yeah that one annoys me too. O_O Especially since you THINK maybe you can play the girl cause they never specified but then you find out too late. T__T And then you look like an asshole cause you dun wanna play that role.
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  9. I'm not talking about this site- If you go to Quotev, it's literally just females on that site. It's rare to find males.
  10. Ugh- That too! It really ticks me off when that happens! You're left there like, I thought you said we can play any role, then forced to play a role you don't want.
  11. Oh.

    My bad, then.

    You didn't mention anything about another site, so I could only assume you meant here. O_o
  12. Sorry, my fault. I probably should have stated that. It's hard to rant on that site without someone yelling at you, and calling you names for stating an opinion. That's why when I saw this part, I was drawn to it.
  13. I never saw those problems in group-roleplays happen. Well apart from gender equality but I am pretty much not caring about that, why should I? As for the "being left out part" maybe, and that is a big MAYBE, you play this dark edgy emo guy that cries in the corner for attention? Because that's the only reason I can think of. Or are you literally saying you let your character walk up to someone else, greet him, and said someone just ignores you in a fashion of not even acknowledging in his post that he ignores you on 'purpose'? Or you just mean with the GM giving you 'something to do'? Well, that is true but you also have to communicate with said GM, you can't just railroad whatever the fuck you'd like to do and expect said GM to adapt to all of this.

    I do agree with 'being capable of playing both genders equally', I used to play a lot of males, now I just play a lot of females. But I can do both. And isn't the problem in one x one that the person actually cares about the gender behind the roleplayer? Why in the seven hells should that matter?
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  14. It's different when you attempt to make an effort to talk to everyone in the role-play, and they just leave you out.

    And the "looking for male role-players", that means people who will play male characters.
  15. I actually get really annoyed when people care about the gender of the player. O___O Cause it's like.... why does it matter as long as the character is the gender you wanted? Unless you're a sex pervert trying to get jollies through cybersex "disguised" as roleplay. ...or SCARED that someone is a sex pervert so you only play with a safe gender. @.@

    I have seen both of those happen and it's very silly. @_____@
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  16. Ew...cybersex. How does that even work? I don't even like doing to libertine role-plays [They are too boring in my opinion]. But would it work...? Just, no.
  17. So...maybe the people all relating their problems in this topic should roleplay together! That way there can be no problems right? Riiiiiight?! RIGHT?
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  18. How many request threads have I had to look at and go "UGH. I LOVE ALL THEIR STUFF BUT I HAVE A PENIS WHICH IN NO WAY AFFECTS MY ROLEPLAYING SKILLS"?

    I feel ya' (the OP) on a whole lot of those fronts. Sometimes it's a bitch to get into a group that's already established or even brand new sometimes when it's made by people that know each other.

    1. Acquire Libertine partner.
    2. Demand smut.
    3. Place preferred sexual organ in your hand.
    4. ???
    5. Profit.
    You never read something saucy and fired off some sauce?
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  19. Eugh. I relate to this.
    " I play submissive females only. Looking for male/female partner" just gives me an idea that they just wanna cyber. And I'm like damn I love this idea, yet because I am not your preferred gender, I can't rp with you /shakes fist.
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  20. EH, that might not always be the best solution. There are other things in role-playing that people dislike about other role-players.

    Also people, these are my opinions on role-playing, So you have no right to get mad at me.
    No, I have not. Not ever. I've been role-playing for six years and it has never given me the urge to want to do a libertine. I try avoiding it at all costs.
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