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  1. [video=youtube;nLdP-hHqIcI][/video]

    The andriod known as Leo and the humanoid lifeform called October have once again joined forces to provide their lovely victims friends with a new song. Enjoy.

    If you feel like you wish to sing:

    Big Gibs, Thread locks, fighterjoe, Cbox
    Myrn Dog, Asmo's peer, Revi's shorts and Vay's right here

    Fantasy, General chat, Miss Diana Notacat
    Jump in, Octoknight, Modern Bromance, epic fight

    Stacisaur, GMK, Ask Darkness he'll say that's gay
    Paoman, youtube, Creepers crushing on some noobs


    Khev, Tribs, Koori's pissed, in the cbox talking shit
    Top posts, forum screen. 'lil monster, Lewi, Clockworkqueen

    AnglKate, Sign up thread, Powerbass, my rp's dead
    Redblood, Moonlitblade, Lady Harpy, MDK (murderdeathkill)

    Jack Shade, Refresh page, MeGoRawr, Pianorage
    Broken links, Kitti, Dawn, Leo made me sing this song!
  2. ^ This.
    Made me very happy just now.<3

    I do not shop at WalMart.
    - ^-
    But Iwaku,
    forever love.<3
  3. The Iwakubot forces Leo and I to make these...Robots enslaving the human race? You can't get anymore sci-fi than that!
  4. These are the oddities of Iwaku.
  5. Well. I am traumatized and amused.
  6. Forever alone.
  7. This needs to be called People of the C-Box.

  8. So. Many. Mad. People!


    Why IWAKU?!?! WHY!!!
  9. I am about to start WHEEZING I am laughing so hard.

    October does a great "rawr".
  10. idk why but... this made me smile...
  11. Iwakubot, Dawn, Rory and I conspired to force October into this. True story.
  12. I am still new around here but I found this to be really impressive and it definitely makes me want to stick around in the community to see future stuff like this.

    I think people said it was October that sang this? Well you have an awesome voice.
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  13. That was amusing ^^ Iwaku has such talented people.

    *points at my name* it's me ^^
  14. Yes, it is October that does the singing. I do the lyrics.
  15. XD Nice. I love it.

    And indeed, October does do a great Rawr. >:D
  16. Lol, this was really good. Makes me want to go shopping at Walmart in hopes i see you guys lol
  17. When's the album getting released? :P
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