INTEREST CHECK people exploding?

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  1. alright so I've been having this idea rolling around in my mind for quite some time now....

    So it's this dystopian future with people that explode when their heart stops. When they explode their darkest memories attack the nearest people and battle with them internally. IF someone succumbs to these nightmares, they go "dark" and are left heartless- so then they won't die. These people turn into malicious ones and manipulate people. And yes, people can beat off the nightmares if they're mentally strong enough.

    I definitely think this roleplay is awesome and do-able (maybe one[x]one or in a group) but feel like the plot has some holes. Does anyone have an ideas they'd like to throw out there? And if you're interested, please let me know either by commenting or messaging me.
  2. I'm interested, I may also have some ideas
  3. what are they?
  4. What if one of the characters goes dark, but then they still get the feeling of dark memories and thoughts. After someone explodes they sees their darkest memories and then they can detect the next person who is going to explode. After they save enough people they begin to feel where the source of the darkness is and must destroy it (whatever it may be)
  5. Wow I like that idea a lot! It really strengthens the plot. Thank you
  6. Would you like to do this or the mirrors edge based one
  7. the mirror edge based one
  8. Ok, if you want you can look up a summary of it. Our roleplay won't be exactly like it but it'll be similar
  9. no! Let's get started:)
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