People aren't understanding the posting expectations

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  1. I know people have brought this up before in previous threads but I have to bring it up again. =/

    I was browsing through the group roleplays and found that people did not understand what Intermediate, Advanced or Adept expectations even meant. It's very inconsistent, and because of that inconsistency it makes me wonder what new players expect coming to the site.

    Does Adept really mean I can post one paragraph of nonsense? Does Intermediate mean I have to write ten paragraphs? I love these posting expectations, but if people don't bother to read what they mean or even understand them, then all it's doing is making people very confused and frustrated.
  2. If you look on your roleplay resume, it has a link for posting expectations. If you're having problems (And believe me, it's not just you, but I don't think it has anything to do with people not understanding requirements.) simply add the link to your roleplay sign up and see if that helps.
  3. From what I understand, your problem is people ignoring the 'posting expectations' or interpreting them differently. The cure to ignorance is pointing it out. Quote the expectations in your RP's OP or re-direct people to them. Or better yet, write up your own expectations because the standard ones are quite vague. If people continue to wilfully ignore the rules you put up, reject or remove them from your RP.

    If you're not a GM but a player, either see if you can put up with it or (privately) tell your GM that you expected something different and ask what their view on it is (don't demand to remove a player or something because you will come off as an asshole). If nothing changes, you're free to leave the RP. Just make sure to do so politely.

    This is more a people problem than anything, as I've been told the 'levels' are purely meant to be used as guidelines and very open to interpretation. So it's best solved through communicating to the involved parties directly.
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  4. f people are misusing the posting expectation levels, feel free to point it out to them. That's the only way it's ever going to get any better.

    No, Adept does not mean you can write one paragraph of nonsense... because by the definition, Adept implies that you aren't going to be writing nonsense. And no, Intermediate does not mean you have to write ten paragraphs. The Posting Expectation Levels were specifically written to avoid placing any specifications for length. If the Game Master has length requirements, those will be in their rules and OOC info.

    Kestrel's pretty much covered all the bases with things you can do to resolve the issue.