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  1. As the title and prefix suggests, I'm just looking for like minded people to RP with, figuring this the best place to advertise for it anyway.

    I figure everything's in my resume to look at and judge, saves me some typing here for the most part. But I guess the most prevalent idea that's gotten into my head is an Elder Scrolls sorta roleplay, but that's just one of ALOT that I'd be willing to do.
  2. Well my Aerethia setting is a fantasy continent of 3 major races, two minor races (one is acutely a whole group of races but is taken, for simplicity, as being a single one). Once I by some miracle manage to finish it completely it should had a unique fauna, flora, history (from the ancient to the near-modern period), geography (a grand map of the continent is finished), settlement and location plans and many other things. Currently I have most stuff concentrated around the time of steam engines but medieval and near-modern Aerethia are also having a nice amount of data being condensed, especially the major military conflicts and historical events.

    Here is a map of Aerethia during the Middle Ages a few years before one of the major wars.
    Aerethia (open)

    Oh yeah I will probably write an extensive interest check for Aerethia sooner or later on this forums so keep an eye out if you are interested in it, but don't feel like 1X1ing at this time.
  3. I'll keep it in mind.

    A wholly unique setting built from the ground up always catches my eye!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.