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I will post all links with youtube videos here for now on!

Join group and be a pirate!

You can join this group and download free musics or even share some of your own links! It is a pirate group! We do what we want because we are FREE! Like all the stuff we plunder! LULZ!

A list of all the stuff that can be found there:

I screen capped my links on .. that place that does not exist... rather than typing all that shit out.





Yay new links!

Fjord - Vinlandic Northern Heritage Demo - 320kbps - Folk metal

No youtube.. but if you wanna try this you can find it here!

For my Pain - Fallen - 320kbps - Gothic Metal/ Finland

For My Pain - Dancer In the Dark
[ame=""]YouTube - FOR MY PAIN- DANCER IN THE DARK[/ame]

you can get this here!

Forgotten Sunrise - Willand - Electro/ Industrial/ Metal/ Estonia

No youtube but this was really good and can be found here!

Fall of The Leafe - 5 Albums - Melodic Death/ Folk / Gothic Metal

Fall of The Leafe - All The Good Faith
[ame=""]YouTube - Fall of The Leafe - All The Good Faith[/ame]

Fall of the leafe - Quiet Citizen
[ame=""]YouTube - Fall of the leafe - Quiet Citizen[/ame]

This band is full of :^\YES!/ and can be found here!

Niyaz - 3 albums - Folk music / Electronica / Arabian style / Iran

Niyaz - Beni Beni
[ame=""]YouTube - Niyaz-Beni beni[/ame]

Niyaz - Allahi Allah (Live)
[ame=""]YouTube - Niyaz - Allahi Allah[/ame]

Niyaz - Golzar
[nomedia=""]YouTube - Niyaz - Golzar[/nomedia]

This is really damn awesome. I want more like this! you can get this here!