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  1. I will post all links with youtube videos here for now on!

    Join group and be a pirate!

    You can join this group and download free musics or even share some of your own links! It is a pirate group! We do what we want because we are FREE! Like all the stuff we plunder! LULZ!

    A list of all the stuff that can be found there:

    I screen capped my links on .. that place that does not exist... rather than typing all that shit out.





  2. (Original Poster: Crow)

    Quite the Marvel, one may say. It was so marvellous, Hikaru nearly DC'd from reality.

    "I've never seen a place like this before..." Hikaru was amazed by the displays.

    Soon, Chiaki was ready to leave to prepare for her performance, Hikaru smiles and waves as she heads off to change.

    "I'm assuming that this isn't the surface we're supposed to scratch," Hikaru then turns to Wes. "So, Wes-san, how's an average day for you?"
  3. "If Michael and the others really wanted to look, she wouldn't have stopped them."