Penumbra Nocturnis (SIGN UPS CLOSED)

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  1. You feel the soft heartbeat of relaxation against your chest as you sit staring into oblivion. You smile, knowing the world could never be better. The wheel of fate churns your demise rather than your favour. You are a sinner, one of the cursed, and the powers above have decided you must be purged of your sin. You must prove your worth or be sentenced to a hellish eternity.

    As reality crumbles at your feet , an infinite, tenebrous stupor fills in the cracks. You are wrapped in a new plane of existence; a dark, dank hallway, where an amorphous coagulate of oily malice stares with it's gleeful grin and it's twitching, darting gazes.


    " friends." It spits and squeaks at you, the maleficent creature's mouth full of decay, gore and sinew. You look around and see, after all, you are not alone. There are others. Other sinful beings sentenced to this damnation alongside yourself. "In order to leave this place....leave my home....leave Penumbra..." It explains in that of a sickly, oily, sweet-sounding voice, "You must each give up hope....renounce the most primal, deadly sin that your subconscious holds dearest... and survive my brothers and sisters, who..." The creature lets out the most ear-piercing shriek of a laugh; "Will not be as pastoral to you as I."

    Penumbra is based in a separate dimension, similar to that of purgatory, however, characters in this roleplay will have to form bonds and partnerships in order to stay alive, as their sins will become key parts of the narrative later in the story. The plot itself will be heavy on dark themes, with generous servings of mindfuckery, so if you enjoy these themes, you should probably enjoy Penumbra. The roleplay itself will need players who can write on either an Intermediate or Adept level.

    Player List (FILLED)
    -Arcadia Lumina (GM)
    - @Moogle-Girl
    - @Melon
    @Lady Bernkastel

    Lust: @Lady Bernkastel
    Sloth: @BeeShard
    Gluttony: @Melon
    Envy: @Icystorm
    Greed: @Dawn
    Wrath: Arcadia Lumina
    Pride: @Moogle-Girl
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  2. Interested. :o
  3. Great to have you on board! :D
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  4. It seems interesting enough. So yeah, count me in.
  5. Great! :D Hope you find it fun! :D
  6. This sounds interesting. I'm in!
  7. Not sure if I consider myself good enough to join but I will definitely be stalking.
  8. Well, as long as you can write 5+ lines of prose, then that's fine! :)
  9. That I would be able to do. ^^ Count me in.
  10. Glad to have you on board! :)
  11. 8D
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  12. I would be interested in doing Lust :o
  13. I'll take pride! :3
  14. Envy please, although I could also do Sloth if someone else wants envy more.
  15. Actually, change that to a might. I forgot that I have time constraints for a sec. If someone else feels more up to it, then they should probably take it.
  16. Alright :)
  17. Wrath for me, please!
  18. Sorry @BeeShard, I chose Wrath already. There are two free, Envy and Sloth, if you want to choose one of them.
  19. Whoops, didn't see that, heheh.
    Sloth, please.
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