Pentagram [Science Fiction/Modern Fantasy]

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    Teaser (open)
    At exactly 2:00 AM, there was a blackout in District 17 and every window in Ivory Study shattered.

    A man hurried into the control centre, his fingers fumbling over his long, white coat. "District 17 just went dark and we're getting reports of all the glass in the area simultaneously shattering! Nu--" he cried, looking up to see a older bearded man in the same lab coat. "D-Dr Simmons! It's an honour to meet you, I've seen your work on Pyromancy and the dark matter theory. It's really amazin--"
    He was cut off by the man raising his hand. "Not the time. Jackson, is it? What's happening at Ivory Study?"
    "A... A blackout, sir."
    Simmons raised an eyebrow. "You and I both know that's impossible. Praeteum cable has negative electrical resistance, that's the point. So answer me properly. What's happening at Ivory Study?"
    "I know it's a stretch to believe, but it really is a blackout, doctor. It's not a case of resistance, the electrons are literally being redirected, and--"
    "That doesn't explain the broken glass."
    "Ultrasonic sound waves. Same cause," Jackson explained.
    "Same cause? How can something that redirects electrons emit sound waves of that frequency and strength at the same time? How can something even redirect a subatomic particle?" Simmons demanded.
    Jackson took a deep breath. "Dr Simmons, sir, I... I think Number One is having a nightmare."
    Simmons stared at him. "Then God save us all."
    Who wants to be a demigod?

    Well, don't all shout out at once.

    This is Pentagram!

    The year is 2026, two years after a war between three planets, one being Earth. It just so happens that the other two have magic.
    After the war, a symbol of peace was built: Trigon. This city was built on top of the wormhole that links all three worlds and studies magic, how it works, and how it can improve mundane technology.
    This new science has found solutions to global warming, the fossil fuel crisis, and has rebalanced economies. Cities can now be erected in the desert in seconds and the stars seem more tangible than ever before.
    Trigon also teaches young mages to control their magic, to put it to good use in the worlds.
    Magic is such a powerful force that a Level 7 mage can rival a god.
    The scale goes up to Level 10.
    But the darkness of the phrase "Level 10" goes deeper than anybody thought it would. The seven Level 9s, the most powerful mages of all, so strong that their abilities have driven them to insanity, are preparing to make war with each other to achieve it, to become immortal and absolute.
    But in the dark, even more sinister forces are at work. Sinister forces that even the Level 9s may be unable to stop.

    But a handful of others just might be able to.

    Pentagram is a little unusual. It's a science-fiction and fantasy RP (but not really science fantasy), set a decade in the future, where planets overlap. It's a universe of nigh-invulnerable game breakers and mysteries with more twists than anyone can count and it took a hell of a long time to design. It's mostly player-driven, including the majority of the plot, and the way in which you choose to make physicists cry next.

    I'm putting this out there to check if anyone would be interested before setting up the signup page, since it would be a few days worth of wasted time otherwise.​
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  2. You have my attention. And enthusiasm.
  3. Sweet mother of mercy... I'm in.
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  4. Count me in ^^
  5. @Kylulu
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    Well, that happened faster than I expected. I'm glad to see it's not a completely horrible idea, anyway!

    It's posted here!
  6. I am in!
  7. I've given you all reserved spots. I look forward to reading about your characters!
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