Penpal Project: Exposed

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  1. Synopsis
    When the principal of Avalon High decided to reveal the identities of those whom the students have been corresponding with for the past six months, things immediately go out of hand.
    The sole purpose of instigating the 'Penpal Project' had been purely out of desperation to bring one school together in peace and prosperity. Principal Jackson promised confidentiality and a safe, welcoming environment to help encourage students to open up and talk to one another - anonymously of course. And for the first few months all was well and dandy. The students seemed to get along well more and tension quickly dissolved. But then one moment changed everything.
    When Principal Jackson announced the names and identities of each assigned penpals, he didn't expect two things to happen; 1. confetti of papers with a screenshot of private conversations flying from above and 2. a malicious force simply known as "King" coming out to take over the entire school.

    Just who is this mysterious entity?

    And what is he really after?

    Six months ago, the faculty of Avalon High decided to instigate a new project. Having observed their students for ages, it had become common knowledge that people were being left out and others were being bullied. Sides were being taken, fights were breaking out and their campus was no longer welcoming; having turned into a battle of the cliques.

    Parents from all over the city had heard of this and were choosing to send their kids to other schools. It was then Principal Jackson decided to take action.

    His plan was was perfect. He called it The Penpal Project. This project began by giving every student a number and then each student would pull another random number out of a hat. The number they pulled matched the number given to another student -- the student they would be sending their letters to. The rules of The Penpal Project were simple: once a week the students would send a letter to their penpal. One week, for example, they could send a detailed description of how their week went, what they had been up to, their secrets; anything, so long as the two were conversing.

    The only other rule was that they were not to give away their identity, nor give away any information that was too personal. Students would write under alias, as to make sure no one would find out who they were.

    The project went along perfectly for the first couple of months. But, as time went on many students became far too curious concerning who they were writing with and broke the rules by revealing their identities.

    Because so many of the students were finding out the identities of their penpal, Principal Jackson thought of another brilliant plan. His conclusion was simple: if some students were finding out the identity of their penpal then everyone would.

    So he set up an out of nowhere school assembly where students and staff had been summoned to the auditorium for his supposed 'important' announcement. The first thing they saw upon coming inside was a list of names of every student attending Avalon High, and right beside them where names of other students. What did this mean? Why were there names printed beside someone else's? What was going on, really? Was this another one of the school's stupid way to bring them all together? Confused and completely fed up with the principal's ridiculous mind games, the students broke into whispers and protests, demanding to know just what the purpose of this whole thing was. Finally, after minutes of struggling to keep boisterous students in line and once the auditorium had filled out, the principal made his appearance and told his students exactly what they had been dying to know.

    Those names projected up on the screen?

    Yeah. Turns out those are the names of the people they have been exchanging letters with for the past six months.

    Their penpals.

    The one person they've told all their twisted little secrets.

    Their reactions were priceless. There were some who breathed out of long sigh of relief -- relieved that they have been assigned to someone who'd never use their words against them and was trustworthy enough. While others didn't quite seem to share the same feeling. In fact, they were shocked to find that the person they spilled out their entire life story to, talked about things that not even their closest friends knew about, did not turn out to be someone they expected.

    But the worst had yet to come. . .

    . . . because in a few moments time, another surprise would make its way into the lives of those attending Avalon High.

    And it came in the form of articles of papers flying from above the ceiling with screenshots of conversations between students exchanging emails, talking about their day, and secrets revealed. Panic ensued almost immediately. Screams, doubts, fights unfolding between friends, and students praying desperately for none of it being real. But it was all real. All too very real. Everything was spiraling out of control. Heck, someone even passed out from the shock.

    The staff and teachers did all that they could to calm the students down, turning immediately to Principal Jackson for help, but one look at him changed everything. It was a look that told them clearly he had no idea what was going on. The situation was no longer under his control.

    What now?

    It took nearly the whole day to remove every piece of paper piled up in the auditorium spilling secrets after secrets, and even longer to calm the students. Although not all secrets have been exposed, ones that have were personal and humiliating while others were so life altering, it discouraged students from leaving their dorms. Principal Jackson took immediate action and demanded every camera and computer in classrooms be checked. For the next couple of days, no one was allowed to leave campus until the culprit responsible for the damage done was caught and punished. Lockers and dormitories were checked for evidence and students were expected to cooperate and tell all that they knew. But it wasn't enough. No witnesses had been called in and everyone was growing impatient, all too anxious to figure out who did it and finally put the pieces of the puzzle together. The students took matters into their own hands, losing faith and trust in the principal they once looked up to. Fingers were pointed and blames were pinned on one another. Friendships were put into test and sides were taken, once again turning the school into a battle of the cliques -- the one thing that the Penpal Project should've ended. The situation had gotten so out of control that many students felt unsafe and too scared to stay, choosing to transfer from Avalon High while they still had their heads held up high.

    That was until one morning, Principal Letterman arrived at his office to find a cryptic note taped to his computer screen. The color drained from his face when he realized the note was from the culprit. The one who caused it all.
    The LetterLet's play a game.
    If you are able to solve the mystery in one month, I'll call everything off and leave Manchester High alone. For good.
    But if you guess wrong or run out of time. . .
    I'll expose the truth and let the whole world know of your secrets! You and your precious school's reputation will be tarnished in no time.
    Don't believe me?
    Just wait and see.

    Yours Truly,
    The King

    Word quickly spread like wildfire, reaching the ears of many students as they braced themselves for what was to come. What happened there at the assembly was just the beginning. He has so much more in store for them and clearly knows how to use it to his advantage. The entity known as "king" is no laughing matter. He's a force to be reckoned with and not someone to challenge, but one thing is certain; he -- just like the rest of them, is a student of Avalon High.

    But who is King?

    And how do you stop him before it's too late?

  2. Avalon High

    Avalon High is your basic boarding school located on the East coast of the Unites States of America. Children between the ages of 14-18 may be sent there to learn for 8 months out of the year. They are allowed to return home during holidays and breaks throughout those 8 months.
    Students will be sharing dorms with three roommates and dormitories are mixed by cliques.There are seven periods in the day consumed of classes unique to each student.

    Once school hours have ended (8 AM-3:30 PM) the students are allowed to do whatever they please until 10 PM. At 10 PM students must return to their dormitories and must remain there until the next morning. While the students are not in school or in their dormitories they can explore campus which has its very own coffee shop and park.

    Reminder of Avalon's School Rules

    ✖ All students must be in class by 8:00 A.M and are prohibited to leave campus until 3:30 P.M. They are permitted to do as they please after 3:30 until 10:00 P.M.
    ✖ It is not mandatory to have an extracurricular or be part of a club, but recommended.
    ✖ Students may have a choice to either stay in campus or leave home for the holidays and the three month summer break.
    ✖ No running, sprinting, screaming, fighting and loitering around the hallways - especially during passing period.
    ✖ Absolutely no PDA (this includes kissing, aggressive touching and hugging). Students caught intimated will face an hour of detention and further consequences if necessary.
    ✖ Be kind, helpful and considerate to all your peers. NO BULLYING.
    ✖ Respect your elders and those around you.

    My Rules!

    1. Please respect @Brea and I
    2. Please respect everyone here
    3. Please no perfect characters (no one is perfect)
    4. Brea and I will be assigning dorm rooms as well as Pen pals
    5. We will also choose who the King is, so dont ask
    7. Brea has just as much power as I. She can choose to accept or decline characters so please listen to her
    8. You can reserve up to four characters
    9. Have fun please!!
    10. If you have finished reading the rules, put a heart at the end of your character sheet.​
  3. Popular

    You're one of hte most popular kids from Avalon High and have always been the center of attention. Whether you're the star of the football team or the sought after queen bee, you make everyone else blow your social ladder want to cry. This includes but is not limited to jocks, cheerleaders, preps, partiers, and other associated rich kids.

    @kimsim12 - Lilith Casper
    @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming - Victoria Morgan Love
    @Gorgeous♠Chaos - Eliza Bethany Young

    @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming - Keenan Ethan James
    @IceQueen - Yui Choi
    @MarilynFae - Tyler James

    You are the social pariah yet you don't seem to care about what everyone else thinks of you. In your eyes, the popular kids are nothing without your help whether it has something to do with passing a major exam, or trading secret information about that girl you've been "observing" lately. You're tired of being picked on by the popular kids and it's time to take action. This includes but is not limited to nerds, rebels delinquents, goths, artsies, etc.

    @IceQueen - Violent Finch
    @kimsim12 -Vanessa Abernathy
    @DANAsaur - Cordelia Armethia Nelus De Yourne

    @ Stargazer -Jayson Theodore Arnold
    @Marilyn Fae - Matthew Young
    @Lady With Class - Decker Ophiuchus York

    Honestly, you're impartial. You dont really belong to any of the other groups or you basically just jump from group to group. You're somewhat welcomed by everyone.

    @Brea -Terra Eliza Salvatore
    @Stargazer's girl - Annabeth Stella Grace
    @MarilynFae -Cassandra Jones

    @Wonderful thing - Jeremy Walters
    @King shattered - FC: Daniel Hivner

    Bad Boy/Girl

    You're the baddest of the bad and you even put delinquents to shame. You don't really care about anything, other than keeping up the bad reputation that you have. Classes don't really matter and honestly you clash with the popular kids...a lot.

    @Stargazer - Adaline KiraYin Jackson
    @Wonderful Thing - Nayantara Chetty
    @MarilynFae - Isabel Johnson

    @Brea - Dylan Dixon
    @kimsim12 - Damien Tate
    @King Shattered - FC: Andre Hamann
  4. Extracurricular activities
    S T U D E N T - C O U N C I L
    President - @kimsim12 - Lilith Casper
    Vice President - @MarilynFae - Cassandra Jones
    Treasurer - @Brea- Terra Eliza Salvatore
    Secretary - @Lady With Class - Decker York
    Historian - @DANAsaur - Cordelia De Yourne
    Member -
    Member -

    C H E E R L E A D I N G
    Captain- @King Shattered - Victoria Love
    Co-Captain - @MarilynFae - Isabel Johnson
    Member - @kimsim12 - Lilith Casper
    Member - @GorgeousChaos - Eliza Young
    Member -

    S W I M - C L U B
    Captain - @Stargazer - Annabeth Grace
    Co-Captain - @kimsim12 - Damien Tate
    Member - @DANAsaur - Cordelia De Yourne
    Member -
    Member -
    Member -

    B A S K E T B A L L
    Captain - @King Shattered - Keenan James
    Co-captain - @MarilynFae - Tyler James
    Member -
    Member -

    V O L L E Y B A L L
    Captain - @Marilyn Fae - Cassandra Jones
    Co-Captain - @Stargazer - Annabeth Grace
    Member -
    Member -

    T R A C K - A N D - F I E L D
    Captain - @Stargazer - Adaline Jackson
    Member -
    Member -

    D A N C E
    Member - @Stargazer - Annabeth Jackson
    Member - @IceQueen - Violent Finch
    Member - @MarilynFae - Isabel Johnson

    D R A M A
    Member - @King Shattered's guy
    Member - @IceQueen - Yui Choi
    Member -

    N E W S P A P E R
    Editor-In-Chief -
    Newspaper reporter - @MarilynFae - Matthew Young
    Photographer - @Stargazer - Jayson Arnold
    Photographer -
    Photographer - @MarilynFae - Isabel Johnson
    Staff Writer - @Wonderful thing - Jeremy Walters
    Staff Writer -

    A R T - C L U B
    President -
    Vice President -
    Member - @kimsim12 - Vanessa Abernathy
    Member- @MarilynFae - Matthew Young

    A N I M E - C L U B
    President -
    Vice President - @Stargazer - Jayson Arnold
    Member - @ Lady With Class - Decker York
    Member -

    S C H O O L - B A N D
    Member -
    Member -

    School Mascot -
    Hall Monitor #1 -
    Hall Monitor #2 -
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