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Hello and welcome to my little search thread, dear potential partner!

As the title suggests, I'm seeking a Penny Dreadful-esque story. You don't need to be really familiar with the show, just interested in a gothic Victorian (or modern) RP based on the themes of Penny Dreadful, ex. Wolfman, vampires, Frankenstein.

I'd love to brainstorm and create an idea with lots of drama, character development, intrigue, action, and sensuality - much like the show. A partner with a good handle on grammar and description is ideal, too. I write 2+ paragraphs depending on the scene and what you give me to work with.

Sex will be a part of the story but the characters and plot are our focus; I'm not interested in smutty short stories based on fetishes. I RP over PMs and enjoy maintaining some OOC communication. I'll always let you know if I can't post in a timely manner (at least once a week), if I lose interest, or if I have contributions or criticism for the story, etc. Please return the favour. Collaboration is the lifeblood of a good RP, don't you think? :)

I won't put a time frame on this story and say this has to be long term either. Let's write as long as we both can keep it enjoyable and interesting. If we write well together then I'm more than happy to start a different story (or multiple stories) with you if/when this particular RP runs its course. We don't need to play a large cast like the show, however, I would like us to play a few main characters each. Secondary characters/NPCs can be made up and played by either of us when needed.

Finally, if you have any questions or want to discuss an RP, please read my preferences then shoot me a PM. You can find all that relevant information here: Andronica's Search Thread

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