Pendragon Academy

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  1. Pendragon Academy is a brand-new public high school opening up in Southern California. In some ways, it's just like any other school. You've got all your classic cliques, clubs and classes. And yet there's something strange about the people here. Maybe it's the creepy eyes, the floating lights, or the fact that a significant number of the students have fangs, but you can just tell that not everybody here is human.

    Okay, so we've all seen supernatural school roleplays before, but the key to this one is that there are Muggles in this particular school too. There's no segregating the supernaturals from the humans, and they don't have to hide what they really are. Everybody's still trying to get used to the radical changes to their lives, which only adds to the challenges every teenager faces.

    So, you interested?
  2. It sound promising. I'm interested.

    Considering this is Southern California (hey, that's where I live--), we're probably going to have a lot of supernatural beach parties.
  3. I'm interested, finally somewhere where I can let my love of vampirism show...
  4. Yes, I would be interested as well.
  5. So what's the range of supernatural that you'll allow? Will it be just the basic werewolf and vampires or will you be allowing every supernatural creature known to man?
  6. Well, damn. I thought this had died.

    As for what I'll allow, pretty much anything that isn't obviously OP goes, but if it's an obscure species or your own creation, please describe it. I'll get an OOC up tomorrow.
  7. If you do have an OOC, please link? I am HORRID and finding these things otherwise. Sad but true.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.