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  1. It was another sun-drenched California day as the school year began at Pendragon Academy, where the mystical and the mundane rubbed elbows. A teenage girl entered the school, cat carrier in one hand and duffel bag in the other. She introduced herself to an ancient-looking woman with a badge reading Information.

    "I'm Gwen Black. Could I have my belongings sent up to my room, please?"

    The woman nodded, taking Gwen's possessions. The teen leaned up against a wall, just watching the people walk by.
  2. Lorna explored the school with her eyes. They had been told to get their things to their dorms, but she'd already had that done the week before school started. Well, mostly done. In her arms was a box of things she wouldn't trust anyone with, her most sacred and special items.

    After struggling with the door to the school, she stumbled inside. Really, for all intents and purposes, she could have been considered an average human. But there was more to her than that. Lorna supposed that was true for anyone, really.

    She passed by a girl leaning up against the wall, but it was the cat that drew her attention and made her jump. Losing all sense of coordination, she stumbled and fell. Her box was upended and her things were scattered across the floor - old maps and dusty books and film reels. She squawked and scrambled to pick them back up again.


    Rosalia rearranged her classroom for what seemed like the hundredth time. She couldn't help it. After all, it was her first job as a teacher - her first time working as something she wanted to be - and there was every chance she could get it wrong.

    Finally satisfied with the state of the room, she moved on to introductions. Should she be strict off the bat, or should she try and be more lenient? She knew the latter option would probably kill her, but she didn't want her students to hate her either. Deciding to wing it, she took a red marker and wrote 'Miss Carminio' neatly on the board.

    With that done, Rosalia let out a deep breath. "I really need a breather," she muttered. The stress of her first serious job was really getting to her. She supposed a power walk around the school wouldn't hurt, and she could at least get to know the layout better.

    And so, the teacher slid out of the classroom and started off down the hall.
  3. There was a 'womph' noise, then another, and another, seeming to grow louder and more oppressive, eventually transitioning from a sound in to a solid wave of air, the doors rattling slightly as they were blown open by the buffeting blasts of wind. then the cause of the wind appeared, a massive dragon the scales a burnished orange, looking like writhing flame in the summer sun. Alexander grinned, well the dragon tried to grin, it looked more like a snarl, suddenly surrounded by smoke and ashes, Alexander shifted back towards a more human form, though keeping a few of the key dragonic features, such as the reptilian eyes and patches of scales here and there. those and the massive pair of wings which explained away the reason he didn't wear a top probably due to the fact he couldn't get one on without cutting massive holes in it. he didn't carry much, just a small backpack in one hand.

    Spotting a girl scrambling round to clear up spilled objects he assuemd he'd caused it due to his rather loud and rough landing, walking over he started to gather up the items and put them back in the box. "Sorry, Didn't know that anyone would get thrown around that badly," he said and smiled "are you ok?" he asked lightly, the smile was warm and open, as if the fact he had just turned up as a dragon large enough to outright eat most other people in one bite was something that didn't really matter.
  4. Lorna hadn't even noticed the entrance of the dragon, too preoccupied trying to get her things and get out of here. The sight of another persons hands picking up her things was a bit of a shock. Her eyes traveled up the arm, scales scattered on it. Higher, and she saw the wings. And he was smiling, too. She didn't dare look into his eyes. She could never bring herself to look into someone else's eyes. He asked if she was okay, and suddenly, she felt a little bad for worrying someone.

    "Yes, I'm alright. It's not your fault, I assure you. It is merely my clumsiness that strikes me at the least convenient of times," Lorna spoke in a voice so quiet, she doubted he would even be able to hear it. "Thank you for your help…"

    She continued to gather her belongings in silence, hands shaking.
  5. Gwen's eyes became the size of saucers as she saw the dragon come in to the school. She knew she wasn't exactly normal, but she was human, at least far as she knew. In fact, she'd never met a nonhuman. This was certainly a different experience for her. She went up to the new guy, trying to present a brave face. And failing miserably.

    "H-Hi there. I'm Gwen Black. And you would be..."
  6. Alexander glanced up at gwen, seeing her unnerved face he gave her the toothyest grin he could manage. "Alexander, But just call me Lex or Alex." He said and paused from helping Lorna gather her things up to hold his hand out. "Oh I never got your name." He said to Lorna and puting the last few items in to her box and picking it up for her so she could stand without dropping it. "Don't worry about it, I'm happy to help." He said and glanced at Gwen. "I get the impression you've not seen anyone who can go outright non human?" He said spreading his wings for emphasis, but also so she could look at them. "Don't worry I don't bite, unless you ask."
  7. Lorna noticed the shape changer was already preoccupied with someone else as she took her box. All the better for her to leave, she supposed, but that might make her look craven, and a Chaudry like she was no coward. She cleared her throat and said, "You can call me Chaudry. And I really must apologize for my earlier fumble. Have you a surname?" She preferred to address people on a last name basis. It wasn't that she didn't like being personal, it was just that she was used to it, since every historical figure was referred to by their full or last name. After a time, first names started sounding weird to her.

    Her eyes swept over the girl who was no longer leaned against the wall, the one that had had the cat. Were pets even allowed? Lorna hadn't bothered to read over the student handbook. Even trying to figure out how to use a computer was more fun than looking through that. For a moment she wanted to bolt - after all, anyone who trusted cats that much was probably out of their mind - but the words of her parents echoed through her head.

    'Make friends,' they had said.

    'Okay,' she had said.

    And as much as she wanted to, she couldn't back down. She had made a promise, and by all means she was going to keep it. "It's good to meet all of you," she finally said. "I don't suppose either of you know where the dorms are?"
  8. Yuuto Minami
    The Magical History teacher, otherwise known as Yuuto Minami, was casually thumbing through the textbook for his class. At this point he was truly regretting his decision. Perhaps A Brief History of Magic would have been the better choice. Right now, The Completely Unabridged History of Magic was looking a little dull and if there was one thing he knew about students, it was that they hated to get bored. Well, at least the sections on Asia could be turned more interesting given his unique heritage. The Kitsune supposed that would have to do for the moment, though he'd still try to find a good way to teach it. His ears lowered a little at the idea that the students would get bored and he was determined to make it more interesting. Maybe a few projects along the way? Yuuto closed the book before standing up and walking out of his classroom. He nearly bumped into one of the other teachers on his way out, but managed to shift to the side to be safe.
    "Oh, I'm sorry Carminio-sensei." The kitsune apologized before falling in step next to the other teacher. "I wasn't paying attention to where I was going."
  9. Rosalia stepped out of the way of her fellow teacher. "It's fine, really," she said. "I was the one walking too close to your door, Mister Minami." She noticed he seemed distressed. Of course she wouldn't be the only person worried about how their students would think of them. Most teachers wanted to be liked, after all. So she decided to take pity on the man. "I've been stressing too. Children can be so difficult, I tell you. Love 'em to death, but sometimes, I can't stand 'em at all. And it's my first time teaching, so that's even more stressful."
  10. Yuuto Minami
    Yuuto smiled when Rosalia not only accepted his apology but also admitted to walking too close to his door. It was good to know he hadn't been entirely clumsy. He chuckled when she commented on how students could be difficult, especially given the difficulty of loving them. The kitsune understood that one all too well, especially because of basic human nature. He did wonder how Rosalia was handling things for a first-time teacher.
    "I'm just worried they'll get too bored in my class." Yuuto replied with a smile before looking at his fellow teacher. "How about you? Holding up well for your first year?"
    It was possible that she was fine, but then again she could be more stressed than she was letting on.​
  11. "Honestly? Not so much. I can say I've rearranged everything in my classroom so may times it's back to the way it was when I started. I prefer stricter teaching methods… the only way I'd even get anyone to listen to me, but I'm sure they wouldn't be so sympathetic. I sure as hell wasn't when I was in school." Rosalia sighed and slumped her shoulders. "I swear, I've come this close to walking out those doors countless times. I can say with confidence I'm not holding up too well, but I'll get the hang of it. I learn better when I'm actually doin' something."

    Really, just getting these feelings off her chest was starting to help her feel better. The newbie teacher was glad for Yuuto's company, though she hoped her ranting wasn't bothering him. He seemed so experienced, it surprised her when he voiced concerns over his class being boring. "C'mon, Mister Minami, you gotta give yourself a little credit. Any kid who finds themselves bored in a class about magic is probably deaf in one ear and blind in both eyes." She grinned. "Besides, if a kid falls asleep in your class, you can always just throw a book at 'em! Kidding, of course, but I'm sure anything you could come up with will keep 'em intrigued."
  12. "No, I can't say that I have." Gwen shook her head. "So, what do you think of us? Humans in general, I mean. Did anyone ever give you problems just for being who and what you are?" Hopefully, he had a positive outlook on humans, but Gwen had several run-ins with people who looked down on her for being a witch.
  13. "Its nice to meet you to. I'm afraid I don't really have a last name. No pearents to speak of." He said and grinned again. "as for the dorms. I can show you" He said and looked to Gwen. "You mind walking and talking?" he said and started to head towards the steps. "As for humans and what they do. who cares? If people are nice to me, I am nice to them. if someone wants to stab me, they end up chargrilled." he said and grinned. and turned to walk backwards, looking to both of them. "so you got any idea how roommates work?" he asked lightly.
  14. "No, not really. I've never really had to share a room with anyone before," Lorna's monotone voice droned as she tried to keep up with Alexander. Really, she always hated how unemotional it sounded. It made people think she wasn't interested or that she was trying to be sarcastic. She shifted the box in her arms and tried for a tone that sounded a little more interested. "Sounds like it would be difficult to share a room, especially if you both have different sleeping schedules, don't you think? My activities tend to keep me up later than many would find reasonable…"
  15. "All they said were co-ed dorms. Personally, I'm not sure why on Earth they'd trust teenagers to room together and not get up to mischief, but it's their choice." Gwen looked at Lorna. "I take it you're the kind of vampire that burns up in sunlight rather than sparkling, correct? Why not just put up blackout curtains in your dorm room or something? That way nobody has to try to adjust to someone else's schedule."
  16. Lorna furrowed her brows. "I-I'm not a vampire! And besides, maybe they wanted to show a little trust in us, putting us in coed dorms! Not every student is straight, either…"

    But she was already worried by Gwen's assumption. Did she really look like a vampire? She wasn't pale by any definition of the word, but maybe it was her demeanor that had said it. She knew this would bother her for a long time if she didn't ask, so she said, "What made you think I was a vampire in the first place?"
  17. "Well if you want someone who's not bothered by nocturnal shenanigans or you can trust not to try anything stupid I'd be ok dorming with you" He said politely. Alex smiled softly "Also I think that having a dragon in your room would discourage people from doing things like trying to steal things." He said and smiled though the smile quickly went to a face of terror as he went over backwards on the steps. probably his fault for walking backwards. "Uwah!" he yelled as he landed on his ass and slid back down the steps.
  18. "Well, you did mention nocturnal activities, so I made the natural assumption." Gwen looked at Lorna. "What are you, anyway? Mundane or magical? As for the rooms, I really don't care who I room with, but there's a sign saying dorms to the left. We can at least check them out."

    Gwen opened the door to the common room, which was large and well-appointed, with a fridge, stove, and a big-screen TV already in place. "Looks pretty nice."
  19. "I never said a thing about nocturnal activities…" Lorna muttered. She took in the sight of the common room with a bit of disappointment. She and technology kind of had a bad relationship. Really, the girl could never figure out how to work it. Even refrigerators seemed to dislike her, always malfunctioning when she tried to use them. And it was a wonder she wasn't dead from the amount of times some device has shocked her. "I guess it's nice… if you care for television and such…"

    Her eyes flitted to Gwen. "I'm… human. No powers worth mentioning. Completely mundane. Really."
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  20. "You did say you did things at night" Alex reminded her and shrugged at the common room. "No pool table. no pinball table, I'm not interested." he said and headed towards the dorms. "So, back to the more intresting question, would you two like to dorm with me. No funny business intended. but you two are so far the first to NOT freak out when I start to puff fire." he said and then looked at Lorna.
    "Well I'm impressed, most normal people freak the hell out" he said and smiled. "I'm going to claim a room." he said and started to head towards the actual dorms. He started to hum a tune that sounded like the great escape, though it was a octave to low.