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  1. Do you have peircings, if yes, what do you have peirced?

    If not, are you thinking of getting one?

    I have my ear lobes and the cartilage of my right ear peirced. The latter is new.

    I might be getting a navel peircing and a little more metal in my ears and one in the lip possibly...

    My brother on the other hand:

    Left ear: Four peircings (Including an Industrial)

    Right ear: two peircings

    Lower lip left side

    And he tried twice to have a piercing in his eyebrow, twice, but it got infected both times.

  2. *stares intently at TK*


    *walks off*
  3. Self-mutilation is an offense where I studied in high school.

    So I have none of it. I don't plan on getting piercings as they're not the sort of vanity I'd seek.
  4. Well, TK, I hate to agree with what seems to be the moral majority here, but yeek. I've got tats, and I plan on getting more, but piercings... well they sag when you get old. Have you ever seen an old dude with nipple piercings? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I won't be that guy either.

  5. Ear lobes :3 I love dangly earrings. And shiny earrings. The shininess appeals to me~

    By little more metal to your ears, do you mean more single piercings or are you thinking of going down the scaffold route?
  6. No and not planning on getting any.

    Not particularly keen on shoving a piece of metal into my fleashy-meaty body without reason. Examples of the only time I would do it would include such things as make shift surgery for bullet removal. Other than that I don't see myself doing it.

    Now on a woman, most common ones look attractive. Having 14 pieces of metal in your face is not however, especially if its a symetrical. Lips and Beauty spots are not ones I am to keen on seeing. Ears I never have an issue with though.
  7. I'll stick with tattoos, thanks. Piercings on dudes tend to make them look like emo faggots. I'm not saying all dudes with them do; hell, some can pull it off.

    But I get into enough fights for looking vaguely emo-ish as it is. I don't need to fuel that fire.
  8. More single piercings.
  9. Just the standard lobe piercing and I rarely ware earrings, so getting more is out of the question... besides face piercings always look... wrong to me. "You've got something on your... oh wait... nevermind."
  10. Standard ear piercing.

    Had my navel pierced for a few years, as well as my nose. BUT NO LONGER.
  11. I have my ear lobes peirced and I used to have my lower left side of my lip peirced for about a year, but it fell out one day and I just didn't care enough to get a new one.

    OH and I have my left nipple peirced, but that's it. I would like to get my nose done sometime in the near future.
  12. ......Reading this makes me feel like I would be looked at funny!
    I got Snakebites ( 2 lip piercings, 1 on each side), nose, 2 lobes on each ear, and my cartilage!
    but i never where them all at the same time, that's a little to much metal at one time, even for me!
  13. eh, other than the normal ear piercing, I don't care for them. And even then, those ear piercings where there's a ring shoved into a hole on your ear is quite unattractive. Though I'm also not a fan of excessive tattoos, makes the skin imo look unclean. I like my women with minimal tattoos and piercing free :D
  14. I Like face piercings on chicks! It is hot.

    I don't have any. I have been thinking about getting a bar or something in my eyebrow though, but its just a thought.
  15. Nuffin for me.

    Hate to say it to those before me but both make me just laugh when its dudes.

    Like the old joke of the Marylin Munroe tattoo that 100lbs & 20 years later becomes Chris Farley.
  16. *laughed hard at that*

    I have a couple piercings, thought about getting a couple more but it's a hassle and sometimes just comes off looking more cluttered. Thought about getting a couple tattoos but that would be more of a personal thing and not so much for artz purposes. I WANT THEM TO BE WITH ME IN THE AFTERLIFE, WEIRD STUFF LIKE THAT.

    Guys around here have pierced ears and I don't really see anything wrong with it. It looks nice, I think. But maybe the redman can just pull it off without looking like a faggot.

    Generally I find body modifications to be really fascinating and beautiful in their own way...

    I don't like gauge-piercings though. Those look nasty.
  17. i had two bars in my left pec throughout high school and plan on repiercing them an adding the same to my right pec once i can afford to have them done by something other than a safety pin. my reasoning? "who gets their pecs pierced?"

    the metal will be superceded by atleast 3 pieces of ink though
  18. Aren't you afraid of migration, though, Marius?
  19. not really. i found that my bars custom-made from quilt pins were the perfect diameter. it was too big to force out but not big enough to weigh down the tissue
  20. I have the traditional earlobe piercing for girls... I've thought about a tongue or navel piercing but I'd be worried I'd catch them on something and accidentally rip them out .-.