Peanut butter and ________

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  1. :bananaman:

    What's your favourite 'Peanut butter and _____' combo?

    I like peanut butter and sliced banana!

    (If you don't like peanut butter, hush; this thread is not for you <3)
  2. On celery with raisins. Aka ants on a log!
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  3. Peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches. Any combination of those three ingredients on bread in sandwich form.
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  4. Apples! I love peanutbutter and apples. *^* Or chocolate!
    I also like peanutbutter cake and ice cream and candy.
    ... I really like peanutbutter.
    I was JUST talking about the peanutbutter cake from my childhood with Kehv earlier. One of my Mom's friends sat me a lot since she didn't live too far away at the time and she made a lot of peanutbutter cakes. Actually it was her Hubby apparently. Either way, I loved them both so much (still do!) and they delicious perfect cake.
  5. Peanut butter with turkey and banana on bread. Every morning.
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  6. I am not fond of peanut butter, but when I DO have it: Peanut butter and apple jelly! Peanutbutter on celery with raisins. <3
  7. I'm guilty of taking a whole spoon full of peanut butter and double dipping it into honey until its completely gone. and I eat it like I would eat Ice cream....No bread, no Bagel, just peanut butter, dipped in honey....


    ~frolocks into the kitchen~
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  8. Peanut butter and pickles always have been a guilty pleasure of mine.
    But, you also can't forget peanut butter and Nutella, you could spread that on anything.

    Not joking, anything.
  9. Aanything?
  10. I go craycray for peanut butter. I like plain peanut butter sammiches! Also enjoy it with jam, honey, bananas, and apples. Yumyum.

    As for non-sammich form, don't even get me started. I love making peanut butter bars, licking it from a spoon, or even spreading it on toast. Also, peanut butter ice cream. *__* AND REESE'S.
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  11. I was thinking sandwiches when I started this topic, but here's some peanut butter treats from the chocolate cafe I work at, too!

    A mixture of smooth peanut butter, honey, and white chocolate, scooped onto a piece of caramel and ALL covered in milk chocolate

    PBJ truffles
    Peanut-infused ganache with some fruit in the middle!

    Tiger Butter
    Peanut butter blended with white chocolate and then streaked with dark chocolate

    Peanut butter cups
    What it sounds like but made without wax, or colouring, and 3x as big
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  12. I like any kind of dessert with peanut butter~ And most foods made with peanut butter! My mom makes amazing chicken coated in peanut butter sauce. It is the best~

    If i'm going with sandwiches though, my favourite is a tie between the classic PBJ and the lesser known and often misunderstood PBC. Peanut butter with cheese. Everyone who I tell that combo to instantly recoils, but the few who have been brave enough to try it LOVE it.
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  13. Half Nutella, half peanut butter, other half cream cheese.


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  14. If I'm eating peanut butter, it's with a spoon. Literally, just the peanut butter.
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  15. Yes anything!

    Go put it on your boyfriend and assess how delicious he tastes
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  16. I like a lot of peanut butter flavored treats and all that jazz. But if it's "peanut butter and ____" then it has to be honey, banana, or Nutella.

    If my mother was replying, she would say "peanut butter and miracle whip". Apparently it's an Acadian French thing.
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  17. @Dawn
    :O I eat peanut butter and miracle whip sammichs too! I always thought it was just a thing in my family. I had no idea there were other people out there who ate it too!
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  18. @Tribulum Yep! We always cringe when we see Mom eating it but she loves it. XD