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  1. Hello people of the interwebs. I used to be on this site and baby I'm back (bringing sexy back) [Not sorry] looking for some partners!

    • guy on guy
    • girl on girl
    • girl on guy
    Plot types I enjoy (if it catches your eye lemme know)
    • gangs
    • fantasy
    • romance
    • angel/demon/supernatural in general
    • action
    Here are some prompts if you're interested

    Prompt 1: A gang member who has a hard time letting go of heartbreak hunts down the person that hurt him. The one who hurt this gang member would be a small time drug dealer that sometimes would get affiliated with gangs. He meets this gang member finding him intreguing. He sleeps with him a few times to find he just didn't really love him, but lusted for him. Of course he tells the member it just won't work out and that it was just sex not knowing how hard the other had fallen for him.

    Prompt 2: With nothing else to do this California rich kid decides he's going to travel to help third world countries. And when he gets there he realizes just how bad things are. Horrified at the things he sees he's determined to expose the truth to America

    Prompt 3: Demon x Demon-hunter. A newbie demon hunter ends up surrounded and doesn't know what to do. The demons haven't killed him/her, so what do they want with him/her?
  2. I'll play prompt 3 with you, or any sort of fantasy roleplay, I suppose! Would you like to play with me?
  3. Hello ChesireKitten, I would like to hear more about your Demon x Demon-hunter story line if you have one. I am a sucker for those kinds of plots i find the supernatural fascinating.
  4. Sure! just pm me ^_^
  5. Of course, just pm me :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.