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  1. I'm new ^.^
    I'm like having a hard time finding a good roleplay to start with! If there's anyone starting one or whatever....*sweats nervously*
  2. Hi there! Welcome to Iwaku :)

    If you're having trouble finding a roleplay, you could check out Roleplay Talk; you can usually find some people pitching good ideas there. Or if you're not adverse to the two-player scene; we have an entire forum for One x One requests (it's a subforum of the One x One Roleplays board).

    You can also go to roleplay Talk to pitch your own ideas - you never know who might be interested! You can also kill time in the Creative Challenges and Guild of Worldbuilding; there's some pretty fun challenges and exercises that have the added bonus of helping your writing skills
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  3. Hi! 8D Welcome to the community! Also, if you just wanna jump straight on in to a roleplay, the Jump In section is great for that.
  4. Thank you both!