Peacekeepers and Magical Shotguns of Doom

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  1. Alright, after some time playing this video game where a guy in knight'a armor, wielding a rifle, shoots bad guys dubbed "Ruffians", I came up with a character! Or, at least, some kind of thing. The idea for now, or specifically what I am thinking of, is a fancy medieval-esque sci-fi-ish armour with a very large and brutal double-barreled side-by-side shotgun. The details are fuzzy for me, but if you'd like to sketch this out, make a convo' and we'll talk all about it. Now, I have many reference images, so there's something we can branch off of. :3

    Rumor has whispered that I have no money. Rumor is correct. But I personally just need a sketch of this. Soo... 'Bout it. A good thing to note is that once you poke at me about some things involving a subject, such as this armor and whatnot, I tend to add more detail to the idea and find it easier to describe.

    I really want this to happen...