Peace Through War

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  1. Faervel winced as her opal hair was pulled back tightly, her handmaiden braiding her hair. Breathing through her teeth, she asked, "Tegilbor, must you pull it so tightly? Surely this isn't necessary."

    The girl behind her replied with, "It is, my lady. After Lord Rochirion captures the elven city, you will be the lady of the city. Are you not excited?"

    "Of course I am. But Rochirion will not be capturing the city; his general Linnor will be. I just do not think it is fair." With that, she heaved a heavy sigh much unlike the usual dainty Lady Faervel. She had a right to, anyways. She had no love for her husband, and did not like the idea of him gaining a seat of power when Linnor and his army were doing all the work. Her marriage had been a strictly political one, and Rochirion reminded Faervel nearly every day, with the mistresses he would have at their home. But Faervel would never admit defeat; wraiths were a proud race, more so than the dragonkin, and she couldn't stand the thought of the disgrace it would bring to her family if she gave up.

    Feeling her lady losing some control of her shadows, Teglibor gave a sharp tug on Faervel's hair. She got the message and soon the pulsing shadows in the corners of the carriage receded, as did those around her eyes.

    It wasn't long before they arrived at the small makeshift camp that the soldiers were staying at. It was bustling now, the soldiers rushing about as they prepared for battle. Soon, she was led to her husband's tent, being told stay there until the city had been won for the wraiths.


    Linnor put his armor on, tightening strings and straps where needed. He had lost some weight, he noticed, as he made sure that is armor was still in good condition. Brushing back strands of his hair, which was black with fiery colors mixed in here and there, like a dying fire, he polished his sword unti it shown like silver, listening to the sounds of his men outside of his tent.

    Eventually, he was told that the time to ride for the city was nigh. Sheathing his sword, he left his tent to mount his grey stallion. Riding to the eastern edge of camp where his men waited, he was soon leading them towards the city. No matter what, he was certain that the wraiths would take the city.
  2. Holi Catalyn is in Purple --- ---- Krimzon Copel is in Teal

    Leather slapped against the stone beneath her feet repeating like rain cascading from the sky to make a patter of drumming that was only enhanced by hundreds of others following beside her, behind and in front. The cavalry clung close to one another not out of formation but the silent fear and prayers that perhaps with so many bodies close at hand they would have a better chance at surviving whatever the bastards threw at them this time.

    She wasn't remotely diluted into thinking such a thing, she had witnessed enough noble men and proud women fall without the ounce of mercy of their own comrades as they all raised their weapons in hopes to hold the slippery reigns of their homeland. It was proving fruitless in the end, they had already lost so many around them that it seemed the hope of reclaiming what they all had been born into would stay theirs.

    Exhaling hard in the cool misty day the skies overhead threatened and rumbled thick with thunder and rain but seemed to be nothing but a taunt than action. She would have killed to have it spill out to the dried and blood stained lands, not to cleanse the earth but rather to provide a cover that she could use to her whims. But that was a fleeting desire that she knew she couldn't dwell on.

    Her mind was tired strained and focused all at once barely paying heed to the sound of plate and chainmail clinking together in the muddle of leather hide and arrows tumbling around in the quivers. It was the sound of heavy hooves crashing into the stone and gravel beneath their feet that the entire fleet of archers halted abruptly allowing the man on the talbuck wind around into the front of them all, almost as if he was herding sheep rather than looking for a single body in the fleet.

    Brilliant glimmering pale blue gems searched along the heads, working the magnificent tan hide beast into the ranks pushing archers aside with nothing more than a mild word and a tip of his chin. Many of her fellow comrades were watching him with a keen interest not due to the fact that he was from a different regiment than them but the fact that he was one of the head generals fighting this war. He had been born into the title from his grandfather, to father to elder brother and now him and unlike many he was suited perfectly for the role. His head was level, compassionate and yet the wild fury that ripped and snarled in his sword dared to make him seem far more savage than he really was. Whispers began to rise to the long tapered ears of others, lifting hands as if they were going to temper the sounds, she wrinkled her nose letting her fingers slip under the double stitched belt over her shoulder, adjusting it absently.

    Giving a firm jerk to the embellished reigns, she couldn't help herself but let the frown etch into her lips deeper than should really have been given. Pulling the carefully forged helmet from his head - his elongated ears slipping through the notches cut out- the single red iris phoenix feather in the rooster crest moved gently with all the movement drawing more whispers from the fleet. It was a rare feather in the first place but the fact that he had one was even more so and it was often a common item that fellow tribes wanted desperately. It could fetch a hefty price that would easily set a handful of any of them up for the rest of their lives, yet he kept it.

    Tucking the helmet against his lap and the saddle horn, the crimson red hair fell over his one shoulder from his loose high ponytail. Lifting her head upwards to consider him fully, the placid soft smile sat there looking at her. "Holi Catalyn." he spoke gently as if he was afraid to break the barrier of speech with being too loud, she couldn't help herself but raise a brow at him. "You're fleet is to continue up onto the west brook cliffs while I have been requested to gather you up for another mission."

    Keeping her actions solid and poised she had half a silent mind to start yelling at him for what he was doing. She was hardly stupid and he knew that she was dying on the inside not calling him every name under the sun, as she could only nod woodenly to him. Glancing around his body and beast of burden, the men and women of the gaggle of archers seemed to take understanding that they were suddenly released from his sights only happy to oblige.

    Remaining vigil in spot, Holi heard some farewells from her companions walking by before she would release her stubborn breath from her lips and glare murderously up to Krimzon contemplating throwing her own leather helmet at him. Raising his brow he smirked a little wider, "If you hold your breath any longer and you are going to be the same shade of red as your hair."

    "What are you doing Krim!" she did throw her helmet but at the ground knowing it might not look good on her record to have beaten an General with it. Though it was still a last resort thought. "What in Ulsi's name are you trying to pull, " her hand shot out before her startling his talbuck to jump forcing Krim to pull the reigns again. "I was almost out on the lines and you decide now to come and find me. Is this some sort of sick joke?"

    Huffing hard allowing the displeased look to overtake his features, Krim shook a finger at her about to scold. "I was given orders, I can't help if it your regiment moves faster than half of the others, quit your belly aching and be happy that you aren't going to be a hawkeye today." turning the talbuck around to bare its hind quarters to her, it was a sign for her to climb aboard.

    "I like being a hawkeye." she pouted, reaching up to take up halfway up his arm to pull herself up onto the beast, sliding her arms around his waist in case he decided she needed to met mud with her face for her outburst. Wouldn't be the first time either, he had done it once or twice when they were children and she had no urge to repeat the mistake. "Who asked for me to be switched missions anyways?" she dared, feeling the surge forward of the mount lunging towards the head camp she had just left.

    Hearing him chuckling, she suddenly frowned again. "Duza."

    "My brother is an idiot." she muttered foully, another general that seen her more of a child than an soldier. Making no comment back, it was clear that Krim was going to stay out of any squabbles they were about to have learning over time and many arguments it was best to avoid it like the plague. "What does the ass want now?"

    She might not have seen his face but she could feel him smiling almost darkly; "Seems we have recieved word that the slaggin cur Rochirion is hoping to overtake our city." her ears rose in interest, how had they found this out? "We've employed in the last ten months some of our drow brethren and they have been very... useful."

    "Shadow meld." she muttered, drows she didn't think they were going to enlist in this war. Especially since no one knew really what it was about anymore other than a territory war that the wraiths wanted. "Krim?"

    "It'll be a merciless battle and I hope and pray that I can slaughter that monster with my own hands." his tone changed into a demonic sound, something she knew he rarely liked to touch on but when it came to battler and bloodshed, Krim's other side liked to make its appearance. Something she was the only one to know about and had to numerous occasions remind him he was trying to keep quiet. it was already bad enough that some people knew he was only a half elf but no one knew his other half was with a juggernaut demon. Giving him a reminding squeeze, he laughed lightly reverting promptly before she put her chin to his shoulder.

    "Well if it's any help, I hope you succeed." she didn't want to approve of his desire but she knew that it would be a great win if any of them managed to take out that monster. How many people have died on both sides before it was enough for them to lay down their arms?
  3. The wraith army had been given very specific orders from both their general and their lord. Rochirion had told them to be merciless as they took the city, and to indiscriminate in who was killed. Linnor had made it clear that they were to only attack those who made it absolutely clear that they were to fight, and to stop when they surrendered. Already, he had decided, that too many people had died on both sides. Linnor was going to make sure that no more children were forced to live without their fathers. It wasn't right, no matter what the wraith historians said about the cause of the war. Surely, one hundred years was long enough to forget this vendetta against the elven people. Linnor hoped that they could finish the silly war by the end of the year. That way, he could return home, and have his bloodstained hands cleaned.

    Brought back from his daydreams of home by the sound of Rochirion talking to him. His lord was atop a white steed, wearing more armor than any of the soldiers, and looking particularly lordly. "How far out are we, general?" He had asked, looking over at him.

    "We should be able to see the city in a few minutes, my lord. I'll send the runners when that happens, and by tonight we will have won the city. I am sure Lady Faerve will bbe happy to be in your arms again. It's been eighteen months since you have seen her, yes, my lord?" At Rochirion's confirmation, he continued, "The men all wish to go home as well...How long do you think we will be here?"

    The only answer he received was an, "As long as it takes."

    Before Linnor could speak again, he caught sight of the city, and it took his breath away. Elven cities did that to him; they were all so grand and majestic, and always seemed to shine in sunlight. Wraith cities never did that, but Linnor would take his home over any elven city, any day.

    "Those elven sons of bitches don't know what it coming to hit them, do they," Rochirion asked rhetorically, "General Hellfire?" Linnor shook his head at the use of his old forgotten nickname, wishing he could removed that mark upon his bloodstained history. Memories of fire, blood, and screams surfaced, and he struggled to force them down, reigning his horse around to face his men.

    He let out a long, solemn whistle, and he runners instantly straightened. In unison, they released their hold on their shadows, letting the darkness cloud over their eyes like a fog. That fog spread to envelop their whole body, giving them ghastly wings and armor made from darkness. A second passed before they took to the air, flying at breakneck speeds towards the city's walls, intent on punching through with their sheer speed. Linnor had been a runner many years ago, and it was a feeling like no other. It was as close to freedom as he had ever been.

    Watching them for a few moments, he eventually sighed before urging his steed into a gallop. The army followed him, as the runners black clouds blocked out what little light escaped the cloud cover. Get rid of their light, Linnor knew, and the elven morale would decrease. But he also knew that the elves had their own master strategy. It would not be an easy battle.

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  4. Cursing mildly in their common dialect as her body twisted right around to slide down the hind end of the talbuck the mud squashed under her boots splattered up to coat her leggings and armor. She had become used to mud and muck in the few short years she had joined in the army, though it didn't mean her silent yearning to return to her previous quiet life wasn't still bubbling beneath her skin.

    She had always held a bow tight in her hands but it was not always the weapon of choice she carried proudly now. There were many times she wanted to go back into the recluse of her little private home outside the south side of Eathkar - their home city- and pull the cherry red bow over the strings of her violin. It was hard to believe or even remember that once upon a time she had been a minstrel rather than an archer, it seemed to be just out of her reach now. No matter how far she reached it was fleeting only to slip through her fingers. Though she knew she shouldn't gripe about it, it wasn't like she didn't play at all anymore.

    When stretches of silence from both fronts occurred she had been goaded more than once from her comrades in arms to play a melody to hopefully drown all their sorrows in the rhythm and sway of it all.
    But that wasn't like before.

    Stopping herself from sighing loudly, Holi combed back the wild red and brown mane from her deep eyes, feeling the peering gaze of an elder staring at her or right through her. Which she wasn't sure but she was getting the feeling it was leaning towards the secondary one.

    Ears flicked back to hear Krim talking to someone though she cared naught who when they both locked a steely stare down. It was no doubt that they were siblings with how they scowled at one another, each trying to make the other look away before they did. Snapping the bow string that rested over the length of her body, Holi wrinkled her nose with it turning upwards showing her pride in a bait to her brother.

    Armor creaked and moaned under his weight as his finger stabbed out when she was within range to tap furiously hard in the centre of her forehead mimicking that of a woodpecker. "I thought I gave you specific orders to stay in the city Holi!" Rumbling deep within the hallows of his chest, his voice was powerful and direct making most cower back and apologize to him for even just breathing, she on the other hand did nothing of the sort. Slapping his hand away from her, finger tips rubbed her assaulted forehead mumbling words unbefitting for a lady of even her stature. "I swear you are just trying my patience, this isn't a bloody game Holi. I am your commanding officer-" oh the prattle started, her head lolled off to the side giving a blatant look that was challenging his authority. She was no worse than a child deciding to ignore their parents!

    Feeling the nudge to her right flank causing her attention to whip right around, Krim shook his head at her making a silent statement for her to behave and in turn not rile her brother up. Well that was too late especially when she cried out to feel the headlock leaving her stuck between flesh, armor and sweat. "You bastard!" she screamed desperately trying to escape his clutch, "Duza let me go right now or so help me by the greater gods I am going to become a bigger pain in your ass than you ever thought imaginable!" snickers could be heard from other lower rank officers to the scene to how they were acting, even in the midst of battle; Holi gasped tumbling backwards to be caught by Krim when Duza let her go, tossing her a raptor stare down and a scoff at her expense.

    Biting her lip, Krim sighed this time before lifting his gaze and her all at once towards Duza. "Orders Duza?"

    "Orders?" Duza repeated seeming to be confused by what had transpired, his index finger flicked upwards with the sudden recall of all that was happening. Slapping her leg down when she used Krim as a weight to help her kick at her commanding officer; Krim gave her a firm jostle. "Ah right, so at least General Copel and the rest of the elite regiment know what we have been hearing and planning to combat the wraiths on this day."

    Jerking herself away from Krim, he held up his hands in defense while she whirled around threatening to beat him for stopping their sibling rivalry when it seemed before he was going to stay out of it; Holi's ears fell into a low peek with the heavy glove falling to the crown of her head. "With the sudden rise in soldiers and constant assault on our homeland, it is no doubt in any of our minds that the wraith scum are hoping to overtake us all." Duza ruffled up her hair forcing her to whine and finally shoot a pleading eye at anyone who was willing to help her. "But they have another thing coming, if they think we aren't aware of their attacks they are stupider than we gave them credit for." laughter rose bitterly amongst the others; "So with the Regnant lord and myself-" her ears perked finally to the name Regnant, "Have received news that the pompous ass Rochirion thinks we will roll over and let him have what is ours by birth and blood!" Holi escaped from her brothers grasp, looking about the posting of men searching for someone else.

    Holding up the hand that had been on her head, Duza clutched it closed allowing his speech to go on though she wasn't fully paying attention. Rather she tilted her head up to Krim.

    "What's going on? What does my father have to do with this all, I thought he was up on the front lines?"

    Krim lowered his voice, "The Regnant Lord is still up there but he had briefly come back a few days ago with a plan of action to formulate with your brother." She furrowed her brow, her father had come back momentarily and she didn't even know. What was the deal? Had she done something truly terrible or was it Duza that convinced him not to bother with her cause he would pass along word to her. Swallowing the bile that threatened to overcome her tongue, Holi crossed her arms over her bosom. Grasping around her shoulders, Krim gave her a gentle squeeze. "Your father will be leading the assault today, your brother will be taking the strongest fleets to join up. You'll see him soon Holi."

    That did little to ease the annoyance in her belly but it was better than nothing she supposed.

    "General Copel and Astral Archer Catalyn will be assigned to the secondary task." her ears twitched hearing her title called though she was confused as to why forcing her to look to her right and left wondering what he was talking about.

    Feeling her brother looking at her again, Holi gave a sudden shy wave lost in what she had just been volunteered for. Cheers rose from the men and woman alike her brother as he took a step forward to close the gap between him her and Krim. Stooping over to bend at his waist, Duza smirked slowly before tapping her on the nose. "You think you can handle it squirt?"

    "Yes." she replied quickly and woodenly though she did hear the skin on skin contact that was Krim slapping his hand to his forehead. She just gave away that she hadn't been listening which in turn removed the smirk on Duza's features to twist them into a deep seeded frown. "What?"

    "You weren't listening were you?"

    "Uh..." Holi tapped her fingers together, "Yes?"

    Flicking her in the head now, Duza cursed as he rose to his stature again. "General Copel, saddle up with Holi and explain to her what you are going to be doing would you? I am leaving you in charge to babysit my sister." that was his way of dismissing her though she was hardly impressed by it. Clapping a hand over his heart in salute, Duza gave her the once over before shaking his head. "Just don't screw this up Holi."

    "Thanks Duza." she grumbled sticking her tongue out when his back was facing her. Tucking her hands to her hips, she snorted hard. "Who does he think he is? Do I look like I screw things up, hell I am not just a everyday soldier he gets to command about willy nilly." she huffed, eyes of deep sapphire turning to address Krim. "Well what am I doing now? Scrubbing men's laundry again for some punishment."

    "If that were the case you would be doing that alone," Krim smirked finally before he motioned with a pull of his fingers, "You certainly know how to put a burr in your brother's pants Holi." she smirked with a thank you taking it as a compliment, "But this is really not the day to be pushing his patience, especially with what we have been charged with."

    She raised a brow, "Which is?"

    Krim rubbed a hand over his neck, "Your father and brother are going to stage a final battle that Rochirion wants, while you and me with a few other's will be using the fighting to break through their lines. We've heard that Rochirion's wife is somewhere on the lines and your father wants to take her hostage to get the peace talks started."

    Holi blinked wildly uncertain by what she had heard, "Hostage, are you kidding me! I am an archer, I don't do close quarter's combat." she pointed out, "What am I going for, good looks?"

    He chuckled, "Well there is that but no, you are the only archer who is capable of astral arrows. Even if we do get caught, you are our ace in the hole. No matter what happens, you are the one who is always ready with ammunition."

    "Oh so I get to be the undertaker, fantastic." she shuddered, she hated taking lives no matter what. Even if she had done her fair share it always left her overwhelmed with guilt and shame. There was no amount of prayers that could save her soul from the blood that had been stained on it. Her eyes lifted to Krim, "What if I fail?"

    He put his hand into his other palm cracking his knuckles, "I'm your backup, we aren't going to fail Holi. This war needs to end and if we can help that along, then we need to trudge forward." he tilted his chin down smiling so sweetly to her it almost made her jealous that they had never honestly tried any sort of relationship beyond friends and comrades in arms. "No matter the cost, we'll end the bloodshed." he swallowed harder this time causing her to raise her brow, before knitting tightly to his side. Draping an arm loosely around her shoulder, Krim muttered something she couldn't understand but she knew that he was just trying to boost her own morale. "We'll ride down to the front lines and then take direction from your father, alright?"

    Holi nodded still not overly sure she liked this plan; "As long as you promise to not ditch me in the midst of things."

    "And face your father and brother, I'd have to be crazy!" Krim shook his head with the thought. Having his talbuck ready for him, she caught the sight of the ivory pelt of her own mount smiling softly as she didn't think that they would have brought her own personal mount to her.

    Opening herself away from Krim her feet took to a swift canter to grab up the reigns of furry creature, rubbing her face against its long muzzle. "Nevaeh," she felt the beast push hard against her head in return seeming to be pleased to be with a familiar face. Turning to peer back at Krim, she blinked. "I thought I wasn't allowed to have Nevaeh around due to his..." she paused made a hissing noise causing Krim to laugh.

    "A forrunner is the perfect mount for this, I doubt those wraiths would expect one of our own kind to have that creature in our hands. Chalk that up to another sneak attack, no one is stupid enough to go against a forrunner willingly."
    she smirked rubbing her hands furiously through the silky white fur of the canine looking creature being more than careful not to touch close to his mouth knowing full well that his saliva was the worst part of him. The poison he carried in his mouth was enough to kill even dragons that she heard and it had been a rare bond she had established with the unique creature in the first place.

    "Works for me!" she smirked this time, "Now I feel safer."

    Grinning widely as he hefted himself up into the saddle of his talbuck, Krim motioned for her to do the same. "Let's get moving out to the front lines, best not to keep them waiting anymore."
  5. A pitch black darkness fell upon the city. It was so dark that only the wraiths could see in it. There were only enough runners to cover the city, so outside was still light out. It didn't take long for the wraiths to reach the front lines of the elves, and Linnor spent most of his time guarding Rochirion. He wasn't a bad swordsman, but he had spent more time dealing with politics than learning how to parry. But Linnor wouldn't fault him for it. It was hard being a lord.

    Almost immediately after joining the battle, he had to abandon his horse. It was too clunky in the mass of bodies. Leaping off of the poor thing, he bravely deflected a stab from an elf that would surely kill his lord. Many other soldiers had unleashed their shadows, and the entire field in front of the city gates was a throbbing mass of shadows. His ranking medals glinting on the breast of his armor in the fading light of the field, Linnor weaved in and out of the way of swords, shouting commands here needed

    Several times, he was tempted to release his shadows and bring death and destruction to all who stood in his way. But he forced those urges down, remembering the last time he had done that. He would do his part in the battle to take the city without his shadows.
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    She had been daft to think the trek towards the front lines would be nothing more than a hop skip and a jump without a worry only proving how often she actually was out on the battle lines. She had been posted on the higher grounds, shooting down whenever possible the bastards from the sky leaving her mind whirling. Even the first time she had seen one of them fall from the skies, she could hardly believe it.

    It had amazed her how such unusual mortal creatures could fly without the aid of magic that she knew of but it did little to stop that assault.

    Using her weapon more as a pummel than a bow, Krim had been battling close at hand when they began to descend further into the ranks of the lines. More and more wraiths became visible as they onslaught seemed to grow thicker and bloodier with every step. Clean air had turned into a fetid mess that stung her eyes and nose making it difficult to keep her head from spinning which only increased when she had been forced to keep herself alive.

    Gritting her teeth shoving back a larger male from advancing and gaining ground on her, Holi stifled her cry when the slosh of blood came surging forth from the wraith. Arms once holding the curious demonic looking blade fell idly aside with the crafty cleave of Krim's bastard sword before she had to return the favour of saving his hide. Drawing her fingers back as if she had a arrow ready for firing, the spark of life came forward before the pinched tips of her finger only to release the sliver from her hands. It started out as nothing more than a simple flicker that mimicked that of a candle flame but as it pushed violently pass the arrow rest, it came to life as it were. Taking the shape of an arrow created from the source of magic, it sliced though the notch of the looming creatures throat returning the blood bath to Krim. Though he was hardly bothered by it and if he was, he kept it well hidden.

    Unlike the talbuck Krim had discarded when they were attacked, Nevaeh had lingered to begin his own feast on flesh and inners. She had never been more impressed with his intelligence than now and thankful that it was another body they could use to break through towards her father's line.

    Though it was hardly an easier job when they began to form a workable clog with the group of them all, helping ease the tension until she took off running under Krim's instruction when the tents of the battle front came into sight. A firm perimeter had been built out of men, and sharpened stakes that surrounded the cusp of the camp, sticking upwards in an angle of 90 degrees and so closely knit that it would have been impossible for even a snake to slip through. It had held back most but it was anything but utterly impenetrable.

    Looming beasts that were Iron elves stood guard at the only entrance and exit of the camp, dwarfing even Krim's six foot five stature only serving to make her wonder if they were even real elves like themselves.

    Huffing with a hand sliding off her face to remove some of the blood that coated her, Holi frowned deeply at Krim when he sidled up close to her. "This is why I don't do close combat." she waggled her fingers at him covered in blood, "This is disgusting!"

    "It's not called a blood bath for no reason. You get use to it anyways."
    Krim seemed to enjoy it with the way he was smiling so wide, the primal fury reflecting well in his bright eyes causing her to sigh hard and long at him. Taking note of the introvert warning, Krim apologized swiftly rubbing the back of his head idly. Some days all she could think was there was two personalities living in his body with how swiftly he could change.

    Trotting up like a cat that had freshly caught itself a mouse, Nevaeh gave a hard shake to the limp wraith in his maw to tuck behind one of the few tents in the camp, as she stuck out her tongue. "Looks like someone is enjoying himself."

    "He is a beast, and I suppose it comes down to waste naught what naught." Holi grimaced following close on Krim's heels when he took up lead towards the largest tent, fully plated men milling about here and there while others seemed to be on edge that couldn't even be accurately described. The tension here was nigh and it did little for her to calm down any.

    Parting aside, men took slow note of the pair of them arriving- some making the traditional greeting of bowing their heads and exchanging their dominate hand before their bodies, while others seemed to simply look over them with little appreciation.

    Whispers began moving faster than a tidal wave getting to his ears before they could come into sight, Holi had to steel herself from rushing up the slow slope towards the war table of Generals and the Regnant Lord. "About time you showed up." It was Duza making a comment that was really unnecessary but it was swiftly dealt with a warning look thrown at him from the Regnant Lord.

    "Glad to see the pair of you both alive,"
    his silver eyes smiled beneath the heavy brows and against the wrinkles that had been stretched over his face; the peppered beard was being stroked by meaty fingers. "Just in time too, we begin our assault now."

    Holi blinked as Krim made a verbal acknowledgement of what had just been said. They had just fought to get here and now they were being sent out without a single moment of catching their breathes!

    Outstretching his hand, the eldest man pointed towards the lines drawn in the dirt and the swarm of wraiths. "Our battle begins now, let the blood of our fallen comrades aid in ending this war!" Her father beckoned loud and proud calling the rise of admiration from his troops. "Light of Usli's guide our people home."

    Holi gasped, turned against her will with the other troops and began to go along with the troops out into the battlefield.

    "Oh slaggin hell of a thousand suns!" Holi whined, Krim grabbing hard to jerk her at least close before the onslaught of men began to start breaking into formations. Throwing a glance around hoping to see at least the Regnant Lord, she gritted her teeth watching her father leading the entire force towards a fate she wanted nothing more than to end but at what cost.
  7. Linnor spun as he fought, a whirlwind of blades that cut down everything in its way. In his hands, he held two blades. One was a long, thin, and black in color rapier while the other was a knife fashioned to look like a dragon breathing fire. Both were as sharp as the day they had been forged, and both were killing their fair share of elves. Linnor was no hypocrite, mind. He sought only to injure, not kill, but sometimes it would be inevitable.

    As the elf dueling with him fell back, a deep cut in his shoulder, the general took pause in his fighting to take it all in. Blood was everywhere. It stained the grass, the flowers, and the skin and clothes of the warriors present. Bringing up a hand to wipe the blood away from a gash in his forehead, he felt the familiar, delightful burn in his muscles. He would be aching in the morning, but it would all be worth it when the war was over.

    His brief pause was just long enough lose sight of Rochirion, but he wasn't given long enough to search for his lord as an elf attacked him, probably not recognizing his ranking medals. As he danced with the elf, he noticed that his army seemed to be pushing the elves back into the city, into the darkness created by thr runners. Linnor had just enough time to gain the upper hand on the elf to see one of his runners falling from the sky.

    It was beautiful and terrifying at the same time. It was like a shooting star, as if the end of the world was coming, and the gods were falling from the skies. Shadows trailed behind the runner, bits and pieces being left behind and dissipating. They were all but gone when the runner hit the ground. As the shadows left the runner's body when he died, they were expelled in a monstrous cloud of the dark substance. They disappeared soon after, and Linnor said a quick prayer for the runner before turning back to the fight, wishing to get it over with.
  8. ((ooc: guna separate Holi and Krim for a bit of fun action! lol))

    It was all a blur. A slaughter, nothing more nothing less. Each side desperately trying to overcome the other and each losing their comrades as fast as they could rally. A person with half a mind would be disgusted by the grizzly sight and yet they all had to forge on in hopes to conquer the other. Though the elves were praying in hopes that their god would smile upon them, giving them the strength to hold their homes from the clutches of the darkness but it seemed that was nothing but a fleeting dream.

    Her mind was bleak, stained in the soil that they trudged upon as her ears lifted to hear the distant whistling of arrows cutting through the screams and growls of peril and agony; her eyes lifted to the overcast sky to the volley of arrows that had been unleashed towards the heavens in hopes to pierce the creatures from above. Some succeed and others did naught, as she seemed lost in the moment watching arrows and wraiths fall from the sky.

    She hadn't noticed until the scream broke her concentration that she had been pushed off alone, Krim, her brother or any of the troops she knew by name were in line of sight. What had she been doing?

    Stabbing downwards with the plates of her bow ceasing the advance of a wraith coming at her, Holi began to panic. It was one thing to realize she had separated herself from her current regiment but it was another thing to clue in that she was far closer to the wraith's front that she ever wanted to be!

    "Krim! Duza?" she beckoned in the elven dialect, fear and anguish lingering in her voice. Had she already screwed up their objective!

    Ears jolted upwards hearing the pained last cry of a fellow elven warrior fall to stain the earth with thousands of others with the crimson cruor; her gaze shot upwards firm alert evident in her eyes looking upon something she had only heard of in her life; "Rochirion." How had she gotten this close or was it the other way around, had he gotten that much closer to their front! Everything was chaos around her, nothing was the right way. Fingers pulled against her bow, drawing the wooden arrow she had claimed from a fallen wraith nocking it shakily towards the vision she was praying was nothing more than a play of eyes.
  9. Linnor's mission was now to find his lord. It seemed that everywhere he looked was just more elves and wraiths fighting. Spinning around desperately in his search, he paused only to cut down any elves that attacked him. Where was he?! Seeing the glint of gold in the corners of his eyes, he turned to catch a glimpse of Rochirion locked in combat, his gold and steel armor catching what little light there was. "Lord Rochirion!" He shouted, before looking over his lord's shoulder and seeing an elven archer, pointing an arrow right at him.

    He only had a few seconds to act. Sheathing both of his weapons, he ran forwards, adrenaline pushing his body faster than normal. Dodging swords and arrows, Linnor dashed to his lord's side. Fighting back the elf who was grappling with him, he stepped in the line of fire. It was possible that the elf would miss, but he doubted it. Elves were notorious for their archers.

    Linnor could only hope that this one was going to hit its target, the center of his chest, than missing and hitting Rochirion. Throwing his arms out so he was a bigger target, he kept his eyes open, waiting for the inevitable. For Rochirion, he reassured himself.
  10. Never had she been more grateful than right here and right now, the lord was something she never really wanted to face or even see in her lifetime. Hearing stories was enough to give any elf nightmares for the rest of their natural lives and in that case would be far too long!

    She had to get a grip on herself, she was in perfect range of the bloody creature. The one who was leading the continued slaughter on her people for what they owned, their home city and their land. This opportunity wouldn't come again and she knew it but; it didn't make the desire to pierce him any easier. She wasn't made to be a soldier taking in the blood like coins, she was still simple. She had voiced her concern about killing others often especially to her brother which the only reply was: 'It's like hunting, you just point, shoot and take home your kill if you want.'

    That was hardly how she felt about it. Hunting was actually taking the animal back home, skinning it and using the entire creature without worrying that it was going to waste. This was just slaying other creatures in hope they would finally give in and go home themselves.

    Drawing back until the feathers of the nock touched against her cheek, the tips of her fingers itched and burned with the exertion built in such a small area. The string trembled against the strength and yearned to be extended, though it seemed her fortune of striking down the bastard lord came in a fleeting chance.

    Her gaze widened to sheer alert and confusion watching another man who had been dressed down in armor as well, jump in front of his lord. Being the shield against her arrow. It took a moment her mind began to wonder if the arrow she picked up was an armor piercing head or just a shredder! Suddenly this wasn't going to be so easy anymore.

    Finally her brow tightened, if he was going to protect him then he was going to find that this would be his last day to protect the lord. There would be other times for other elves to get this close she began to realize and this wraith wouldn't stand a chance to give his life again. "May Ulsi have mercy on your soul." the elven dialect came out soft almost soothing with its regal stature as she made damn certain not to use common tongue out on the battle field.

    It seemed nothing was ever that easy.

    Letting the arrow fly away from the arrow rest of her bow, Holi jumped out of instinct with the snap of the bow string struck out at her. She was bloody lucky not to lose an eye with the stupid string breaking, then again when had she changed the string? Her mind had been so set on what she had been doing prior that she forgot to manage her weapon!

    Keeping her one eye closed as the blood seeped downwards from her cheek, she watched with horror and pure disgruntle rage when the arrow had shot off in the wrong direction. The bow string had snap through the tail feathers of the arrow making its trajectory anything but marvelous. Well that would be a great fail for her today as she glanced down to her bow. She had no strength left in her arms really to start summoning the astral arrows and not to mention she couldn't let them know with her being this close about her being that one elf that had the ability.

    Though she should have fled when she did she realized! Grabbing onto the handle of the bow as she slipped against the mud, she wiggled and kicked viciously attempting to get away from the grasping hands that dared to grab her. She was in the wraith front with few remaining elves, this... was not good!
  11. What Linnor would never tell anyone was that he was secretly terrified of being shot with the arrow the elven girl had pointed at his chest. Though he was a general in the wraith army, he was still exceptionally young for someone of his stature, and had much to live for. However, his honor and duty was pushing him into a corner. Die for his lord or live with the knowledge that he could have saved him. Hoping that his fear wasn't showing on his face, he tried to assume the posture of a general and not a scared young man.

    Rochirion seemed to not know what was happening, and was pivoting in a tight circle, ready to defend himself against attackers. Linnor was fixing his gaze on the elf, wishing he knew more of her language. Making silent prayers to the gods, begging for forgiveness for his earlier years as general, he simultaneously attempted to be strong, valiant. They would tell stories of him, legends, maybe even the bards would write songs about the brave, fearless General Linnor Meryck, who died protecting his lord. Wraith children would want to be like him, and would strive to have his courage and honor that he did.

    Just as he was convincing himself of this, the girl let the arrow fly. All the work he had spent building himself up left him in that instant, and he was suddenly very scared once more. He was about to yell out, but then he felt the gods smiles upon him. The elf's bowstring had snapped, and the arrow had flown off in the wrong direction. Breathing out a sigh of relief, he resisted the urge to begin laughing and whooping with happiness. He was still the general of the army, and people would stare. Shaking with his happiness, he watched as blood dripped from her cheek, letting his hands fall to his sides.

    Unsheathing his dagger, and leaving the longsword in its sheath, ready to jump back into the fighting, he rushed forwards, towards the elven girl. By the gods' will, he had been saved by her bowstring snapping, but that didn't mean that he wouldn't make sure she wouldn't attempt to finish the job later. He wasn't even going to injure her, if he could manage it. His only objective was to make sure she was weaponless.

    Approaching her, he made it out to appear that he was aiming to injure her, wanting her to be scared enough to pull a weapon, if she had one.
  12. It seemed like their own god had forsaken her. Had she done something so terrible prior that now this was her last warning. Some warning, it was cruel and vicious leaving her in a bid that she knew there would be no escape from.

    She barely paid much attention to the man that she had attempted to strike down trying to claw desperately at any sort of plan that would allow her another day on the earth.

    It was only hearing clear metallic ring sing through the air that her gaze whipped right around to stare at him approaching. She had her chance and it failed drastically. Fear deepened into her eyes, she wasn't supposed to be here. She was a bloody archer not a hack and slash beast that carried around a sword like it was a fashion accessory.

    Cringing back, feeling the grasp that was clearly another wraith making damn sure to trap her; Holi turned to watch him dizzily. She was afraid, it was evident in how her breath became laboured and her mind became a screaming mess of how she was going to be killed. Ears fell back to nearly touch the curve of her neck, as she dropped the bow to the ground. She still could summon her arrow but there was no way now. She had to be in a clear mind and that was not her at this minute.

    He had the upper hand and she knew it.

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  13. When Linnor reached the girl, he grabbed her collar, holding his knife up to her throat. About halfway to her, he had noticed how afraid she was, and determined that she had no other weapon. However, that didn't stop him from wanting to scare the elf who had made him think that today was his day to die. He held her there for a few moments, staring deeply into his eyes, his deep grey ones piercing hers. His skin was paler than hers, he noticed, but that was to be expected. Wraiths tended to be paler than most other races, and no amount of sunlight could ever change it. Linnor was even considered darker than most wraiths, but they paid it no mind when they heard of his deeds in the earlier years of his position of general. He still hadn't released his shadows, and was certain that he was the last one whose features weren't marred by the darkness every elf had.

    When he was certain the girl was praying to the elven gods, he pushed her away from him and onto the ground before turning, running back towards his lord. Once there, he fought off another elf, drawing his sword once more.

    Many of the wraiths were inside the city's walls now, pushing the elves into the darkness created by the runners. By that time, it was almost certain who would win the battle, and Linnor was already thinking about finally getting some rest. He knew, though, that once the city was won, he would have a lot of work coordinating guard shifts and making sure that the elves that were in power in the city weren't going to revolt with the townsfolk. Truth be told, the general probably wouldn't be sleeping much that night.

    ((It's okay!))
  14. Fear. It was almost pungent to the smell with how terrified she actually was to this all! Never in her life had she thought that she'd be standing here, face to face with this hellish abomination practically lost in the sea of chaos and anxiety all the while wondering what was going to happen next.

    Her body had wanted to jump, her voice dared to scream outright, blood froze like ice in her veins upon the cresting feel of the dagger being pushed up against her throat, it was funny how her mind seemed to only think about what was next to come. She gave up praying, her mind caught on the sharp edge of his weapon only to feel the dropping feel that he released upon her. She didn't at all think he was capable of mercy, no this was the bastard wraith's way of making damn sure she would be alive to watch as her city crumbled.

    Flicking her hair up and out of her face, once where there was horror now beckoned the gleaming glow of ember white rage. How dare he think that she could be so simply cast off!

    Reaching blindly her attention focused to watch the bastard run back to his lord, fingers clutched around the strength of the broken bow. "Coward!" she snapped at him, clear as a bell and without the hidden tongue of the elven dialect.
    Kneeling low in the dirt, blood and gore she cursed foully into the bleak day. He would rule the day that he decided to make her feel as if this had been the moment of her own defeat, if he thought wraith's were proud, they hadn't heard of her own pride and what he had just committed onto her had left her bruised.

    Steeling her mind, steadying the breath against the rise of her bosom; eyes glowered through the murk of the day only letting the ghastly smirk spread over her lips enjoying the pleasure that he had suddenly come into battle with another comrade of her own. "I won't miss with this." she grinned ignoring the world around her, mediated blinders placed against the crest of her brow.

    Light flick as she let go the pulse of the last straw, dead locked upon the one who dared to toy with her life.

    Releasing the light arrow from the nock of her bow; she used the bow itself as a crutch in the end. It was stupid of her to even use her ability after being scared shitless and being utterly tired from the battle, but chalk that up to her pride.

    Ears flicked upwards hearing the audible slow rise of a death cry, forcing her attention upwards to the blood soaked blade that loomed over her head. She smirked slowly from seeing the blade, "Playing hero?" she muttered.

    "Hardly you idiot." Duza snapped harshly; "Why did I know you were going to screw this up?"

    "Oh shut up." she muttered again, listening to the grizzled sword hacking through bone and muscle alike.

    Making a motion with his hand, it really didn't take long for the rise of company to come to his call. While the wraiths may have begun to flood their city, they had broken the front lines to their lord. Who would stand this day? Using the help of another man's offered hand, she rose to her feet keeping a stern eye on her brother, though she had to wonder where their father was and Krim. The sinister smirk spread over Duza's face, "Take the wraith Lord's head!" he bellowed out stabbing his sword towards the monster who continued the war on them; Rochirion
  15. He had heard her shout after him, but it was dim amongst the other shouts and screams of the soldiers on both sides. He was also more focused on the task at hand to get angry, which he would have upon normal circumstances. He had merely returned her favor! Why was she the one calling him a coward? He could have just as easily slit her throat and be done with it, and yet she was the one calling names. Like a three year old child!

    It was then that he noticed the blood on the dagger. He must have pushed it harder against her throat than he had thought. Frowning at it, he continued fighting back the elves, ignoring the weariness in his limbs and the protests of hunger in his stomach. There would be time for that later, after the wraiths had taken the city.

    Hearing a shout in the elven tongue behind him, one that was commanding and louder than the rest, Linnor took a moment to look for the sound, seeing the girl with a male elf. However, he only got a glimpse of it before the elves around Rochirion and Linnor began to swarm them, like hornets do when their nest is threatened. It was a struggle on the general's part to make sure that no killing blows made it to his lord, taking several lesser ones to his own body in exchange. He wasn't only focusing on his lord, though. He was keeping a careful eye on his own wounds, knowing that it would not do to die of blood loss, now or after the battle. He would be needed at both times.

    Barely dodging a cut aimed at his eye, which would have taken it, he promptly cut the offending elf at his hip, making sure he could feel bone on the blade. He brandished his now-bloody knife as a warning to the elves, knowing that if the assault continued like this he would need to release his shadows and end it once and for all.
  16. There was no room for doubt that she had acted terribly stupid and immature though any who knew her, it was common. Perhaps it had been like most of her breeding that she appeared older than she was, she was barely the past the comfortable age of an adult human! Her immaturity was purely perfect but there would be nothing to shout out about that.

    Beginning the commands to his fleet, Duza made no qualms in launching the attack back upon the creatures who started it all. Being tucked back by a few guards that were meant more for show than effort, Holi gritted her teeth painfully wanting nothing more than now to start shooting and asking questions later. It was one thing for her to suddenly be giving such a act of mercy, but to have her brother suddenly swoop in to save her rear it was like rubbing salt into a wound. She would never hear the end of it if Duza managed to succeed.

    "Lady Holi, you are wounded. It is time to retreat so we can attempt to meld your flesh." a healer, when had they made their appearances, they had only been waiting on them for the past month. Talk about a terrible sense of timing! How many other lives could have been spared if they had arrived when they said they would!

    Swiping her hand out in an outright defiant stroke, teeth bit down against the rise of her lower lip. "Not until I see that monsters head rolling to the ground to stain our lands."

    "Lady Hol-" The healer cringed back under her gaze, perhaps something she should have employed more often, making that could work on Duza at times. "A-as you wish..."

    Skies rumbled, lighting cracked above the plains of endless blackened clouds, metal sparked against metal and the cries of ending lives began to sing around them all in a melancholy lull haunting the air forever cursing their still thriving existences into the clutches of hell itself.

    Using the momentum built up behind the swirl of his step, the bastard sword glistened a frightening bray of blood slamming hard against the steel of the wraith's followers. What could be held back wasn't for long as Duza used his own strength of heart and hatred to only fuel his dispassion for the curs who crawled across their lands.

    It finally seemed that they may have gotten the upper hand on the wraiths. Even if they had begun to invade their homes it meant nothing if they were capable of taking the crown of their lord. It would be the end to the war with no purpose and hopefully a rejoice to maybe find a compassion that would at least let both sides understand and move on with what had transpired.

    Arrows began to fill the skies again, the second tier of archers crested on the hills though listening to the whistling it sounded like there were more arrows than possible by a mortal hand. She turned back to look upwards for a moment considering the wooden rain before she gave a whooping call. "They bring ballista's!" she called out, while Duza may have not replied he certainly did grin from under his sweat and blood matted hair.

    Eyeing up the lord carefully, it seemed that Duza could have possibly gone after the leader with a jumping swoop but remained vigil in fighting the lackeys that surrounded him.

    The earth began to quiver rumbling it all as she began to understand why Duza had left the lord alone honestly though the very thought of going after him was clear. "The catalyst." she muttered taking an step back suddenly worried for their own safely.

    Had they been waiting for this as well... shadows fought well in the bleak abysmal state that was covering the skies and lands but all knew that darkness was brandished aside by light itself. It suddenly made a lot of sense to her, the appearance of the healers, the drows aiding help, the final attack, it was all nothing more than steps to keep the wraith army from getting closer to them and in turn allowing the seal on the ancient relic to be unleashed.

    Rubbing the back of her hand against her throat smearing the blood aside, Holi gasped to feel that hard pull on the backside of her collar heaving her upwards against her will, to be thrown lazily onto the saddle of the talbuck steed. Though she expected the tan pelt of Krim's she gathered her senses fast enough to register that it was nothing of the sort.

    "What are you doing!" she yelled at him, watching the swagger of his shoulders and the stride of his legs move through the crowd as if he had nothing to fear itself. Even with the tremors beneath the earth threatening to tear the land asunder, he strode with the confidence she could only recall being a part of his sewn essence. "Pa!" she yelled at the Regnant Lord, his gauntlet plated hand pulling forth the ebony blade from its sheath.

    Elves and wraith's locked in battle, the earth attempting to lie still with no avail in sight and him striding forwards into the onslaught of it all with the air of calm surrounding him. "Rochirion." his voice was dead in tone but held the power that could force the gods themselves to bow. "Pull back your army otherwise, death will be nothing but a fleeting dream for your soldiers."

    Duza strike aside another wraith keeping them at bay from gathering around the Regnant Lord. What was he planning on doing, having a final battle with Lord of Wraiths and the King of elves to determine their fates!

    "Duza stop him!"


    Where he had lost Holi, he had no idea but it seemed to almost work in his favour even if he didn't want to openly admit it. What was sadder was Duza had almost foretold of her getting lost along the way leaving him to stride into the enemy grounds alone.

    The chaos that was the war had been perfect distraction honestly, while he certainly didn't leave unmarred he was more than capable at handling himself which seemed to surprise more than his fair share of wraiths. It was nearly worth it watching the surprise and concern reflect in their eyes as they clued in too late that he was not as he seemed.

    Chalk him up to another secret of the elven empire.

    Using the cover of the sparse brush when he could and a few charms he had been given from a few remaining of their alchemist, it seemed his trek into the lands had been eventful. But still as he made his way inland he realized how truly difficult it was going to be getting close to the Wraith Lord's wife, not to mention actually knowing exactly where she was.
  17. Linnor was just able to keep back the elven footsoldiers. Just. It was pushing his body to its limits, and the temptation to give into the shadows once more reared its face. He tried to reason with himself as he fought off elf after elf. Doing so would kill so many of them. They probably all had family, wives and husbands and children that he would be taking them away from. Hehated it, this indecision. It wasn't fair! He was the general, yes, but he couldn't be expected to handle that and his own shadows at the same time. Nearly screaming with rage, at both himself and the situation, he forced back an elf, disarming him with the skill only an expert could have.

    Pausing as he heard a voice calling the name of his lord, he instantly recognized the elf. Muttering a curse in the Common tongue, he instantly stepped in front of Rochirion, making sure that he made himself the larger target, in case the Reagent Lord intended to shoot his lord with an arrow, as that elven girl had. Raising his sword defensively, he stood tall and proud as Rochirion shouted in Common, "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. We are the wraith army and we will never stand down!" At that moment, Linnor was truly proud to be the general of the army, and he was able to smile in spite of himself.

    That shout had rallied the soldiers still outside of the city, and they now fought back with renewed vigor. Linnor still stood in front of his lord, waiting for the Reagent Lord of Elves to make a move. If he were to die that day, so be it, but at least he would die fighting for his people.


    Faervel had spent the day drawing, oblivious to the carnage occurring not two miles from where she was. Of course, she knew what was happening, but it all seemed so distant and irrelevant to her. Drawing was what created that, too. She would always do that when she was missing her home or was feeling betrayed when she would learn of one of Rochirion's many mistresses. It kept her sane, in shorter words. If she didn't do it, she believed, then she would lose all hope.

    The drawings were good, too. She drew mostly people, but occasionally she would draw animals and landscapes that interested her. She had many drawings, and most of them were scattered about her tent because, earlier, she had found that she couldn't find a drawing of a young dragonkin boy that she had known several years ago, when she had gone traveling when Rochirion had been away at a month-long battle towards the north. Eventually, she had found it, and was currently improving on it as she sat beneath the boughs of a willow tree.

    Farther away from the city, the clouds had all but disappeared, though you could still see dark storm clouds towards the city. It was beautiful, really, when you took time to look at it all. She could see why the elves lived here.

    She had been sitting there for several hours, perfecting the drawing, and trying not to care about anything in the world. None of the soldiers remaining at the camp were nearby, due to needing to keep watch over the camp, and she enjoyed this privacy. Being of nobility, it was difficult to get some time alone, and she thoroughly enjoyed every moment she could spend in solitude. Of course, anyone could see that she was the lord's wife. Her family was a rare line, and she had inherited the unique looks of that lineage. Lighter-colored brown hair, fair features, and eyes the color of the seas that lay towards the west. Most wraiths had darker features, and the colors of their hair, skin, and eyes contrasted much more. If she had the want to, Faervel could have passed as a human, though for what reason she did not know.

    Her braids falling over her shoulder as she drew, she let herself remain in complete peace, humming quietly to herself.
  18. Patience remained, vigilant gaze swept over the pride and fury that Rochirion brought to his troops with the meagre bellow, boosting the false ranks they were attempting to climb. Aged eyes scoured along the heads of his own men, each seeming to hold a silent smirk and a secret tongue tied behind their lips, he took time to consider the men that began to fight the lesser elves with a fever and in the end, Tharuilin as the Regnant Lord grinned warmly from ear to ear.

    "Even in the spite of war and bloodshed you stand behind your men rather than stand beside them Rochirion. You can boost their morale with words but can you stand your ground when you speak."
    Letting his deep gaze peer down to Linnor taking a careful consideration of the man; he shook his head with a tsk of his tongue. Sliding a step back pointing the edge of his blade at the younger man, Tharuilin spat off to his side. "Your men will fall beyond the grasp of feeling the flight beneath their wings and in the end it will only be you that will rise Rochirion! You care naught for your men, you care only to steal more land in your own name, to grow your own popularity! And in that action alone, you will fall the furthest in time."

    In the similar fashion the bellowing cries that came from the elves rolled against the battle field, spreading far and wide strengthening their resolve to hold strong. They fought with their lord, none stood as the body guard before his frame but rather the men who respected the Regnant Lord most were at his sides, ready to aid in battle but not be his battle.

    Dropping his look finally to rest on him again, the Regnant Lord readied his blade, crooking his arm up to give a signal to his men for them to strike but held it for a time. "What do you fight for lad?" even in the brunt of survival it had amazed her how her father took the kindness to appreciated and consider all around him, be them enemy or comrade. He never spoke down to any and held himself with a great reserve she was too famously jealous for. "Has he filled your head with believing you fight for your lands? For your family, the people of your realms? And yet you all come trudging into our homeland unprovoked seeking to take what we have built by bloodied hands and determined hearts for what cause? Because we are not the same creed or was it simply jealousy that made the wraiths fall from there once grand stature of a ally to the elves, to the distrusted souls that hungrily cling onto the earth's crust?" His fingers dared to twitch giving the order to attack, "Think on what you do lad and who you serve, while we all have spilt blood in hopes to keep the order at home, who really has the real blood on their hands, even in the depths of death will your eternal soul remain intact knowing what transgressions have been made here?"

    Duza grunted in approval to their father's words, "Holi!"

    Her ears jerked upwards as she finally sat properly on the mount of her fathers, looking towards them though no one looked back at her. "Give word to the council to break the tether to our salvation." her fathers words seemed confusing for her.

    Making a slight point upwards, Duza rolled his eyes as she stuck her tongue out at him. Pulling the nonexistent bow string back, she cursed under her own breath before taking aim skyward to shoot forth the arrow created from light and spiritual energy, allowing it to pierce brightly into the heavens though it served to make her head swim. She wasn't keen on letting so many see what she was capable of but if it was under a direct order of her father, then she knew she could not deny his wishes.

    Slamming into the heavens below the shimmer of it disbanding into an array of light, the clouds overhead shimmered and faded before the earth began to seize and tremor like no other. Screams of agony turned into screams of fear, her father grinned warmly still. "I fight for my home, my children and my people!" he bellowed out, "And as their lord, will see they are protected from the worst of fears!"

    "Break away, get to the city! All men are here by demanded to retreat!"
    Duza began to issue the commands, men women alike turned tail as if they had been waiting for the word and took to swift feet back to their raided homes.


    Rubbing his head creeping low towards the ground, he had been pleasantly surprised to see the clouds had greatly faded and finally dispersed as he made his way further and further from the troubling homeland. What began to surprise him more so was the lack of men front the initial entrance into their war grounds. But he could surmise that they had be summoned to the front to aid in their win today.

    It honestly hadn't taken him too long to meander and mill his way towards the encampment but he hardly thought it would be as quiet as it was. It was almost nerve-racking, making him wonder if they were planning on striking out at the last minute.

    Trailing close and keeping an alert ear and eye about, he soon found it rather peculiar the mass of tents, especially with how pristine they were. This was surely not a camp they had built years ago, this was a newer one and certainly made to be the higher class of all.

    As he lurked closer and closer only to slunk up close to the a tent's walls making damn sure not to press against it, Krim's ears flicked upwards against their own will to the soft humming and scraping of something against paper that he swiftly deduced as a writing utensil. So some of them could write and were entirely illiterate! Perhaps he was giving into some gossip he heard but he thought many of the wraiths were well, dumb as hell. Then again battling on the fields cutting down as many as he had, he had noticed the difference in armours to many of the men. It wasn't difficult to tell that they had a hierarchy class that consisted of rankings. While Eathkar was no different, even the poorest of folks seemed to be better off than the wraith's low class.

    Curiosity piqued as he followed the scribbling noise accompanying the melody boldly getting him to worm right around to crouch at the edge of the front of the tent. The camp was serene in a strange way, no one seemed to be around until he flicked an ear towards his right hand side forcing his pale eyes to follow suit. Well he honestly hadn't been expecting to see the young woman sitting so contently there but he was not about to go whining about his lucky venture either. The regal fabrics of sheer expense draped against her royal frame, how she sat and the pose of it all, her face cut an angular slice that all reeked of the Lord's wife. Seemed that someone was smiling on him today.

    Taking a slow look around the camp again, he did well to keep his smile from his face pushing his hand to the ground helping himself to stand tall. Stretching widely before tucking his hands behind his back, Krim again gave a quick checking look around him before he took a bold risk.

    Keeping his steps light making sure not to crush his boots soles into the ground, he casually kept close to the entrance of the tent allowing himself to slip behind the woman to stop, turn to look down and chuckle a little so she would notice. "Here I thought you'd be writing a love letter to your dear old husband," Krim rubbed his hands together keeping the oddly endearing smile to his lips, "And rather I find the peach of Lord's tree to be drawing."

    He tilted his head, "Lady Faervel I presume?" he spoke clearly for her, unlike most of his elven brethren, an accent did not cling to his tongue. It was clear in how he held himself he was not aiming to harm her, not even imply it. Rather it seemed like he had gone for a long walk only to end up on the wrong side of things with a grin and no motives.
  19. Linnor stood silent for the entirety of the Reagent Lord's speech, hating every moment of it. If he didn't know better, he would have thought that the elf was egging him on, had recognized him as the general of wraiths nicknamed Hellfire, and was trying to get him to unleash his shadows. But if he knew who he was, he'd know what he was capable of doing. Was this elven Reagent Lord so stupid that he would risk the lives of everyone outside of the city?

    In truth, though, Linnor really hated the man at the moment. He dare speak down to him? The general knew exactly what he had done, what he was doing, and what he hoped to do, he did not need some elven lord with a sword to tell him that. He remembered each day he had swept across the elven countryside, a one-man army that razed everything in its sight, from the townships tucked away in the rolling hills to medium-sized cities that stood before them in all their glory. It didn't matter who the victims were, whether they carried swords or not, whether they were women, children, men, elders, he massacred them all. Until a singular event bought him back to earth. After that, he had sworn never to unleash his shadows upon any race ever again.

    "You hold yourselves on such a high tower, Reagent Lord. And yet, you are just as bad as me and any other wraith here. Maybe not as bad as me," he amended, thinking upon his dark past, "but that does not matter. What matters is that nearly every death today is due to you. I gave my soldiers explicit instructions to not kill unless it was absolutely necessary. I came here intending to help bring the war to an end within the year. However, when your soldiers came to mine with swords and instructions to kill, there was little I could do. We were forced to kill your men, because it is you who does not wish to see the end to this war. Isn't that right? You wish for your grandchildren to be born and die in a world at war, as you and your children will if the war doesn't end? I am fighting for a better future for the children I wish to have, and their children, and their children. So do not ask me what I fight for. Ask yourself, powerful Reagent Lord." His final words were dripping with sarcasm, something he had always had trouble with in the Common tongue. Though on the outside he was as stoic as ever, inside he was cheering himself on, glad that he was able to get it right.

    Still staring down the Reagent Lord, he tipped his head slightly forwards, giving the order to attack. The wraiths which had all been standing silently, waiting for the order to attack, now surged forwards, making for the elves which were beating a hasty retreat. "Come and fight me, Reagent Lord," Linnor said now, hefting his sword over one shoulder, the fingers of his free hand curling and uncurling around the hilt. Blood stained nearly every part of him, and he would need a long soak to wash it all off, but he felt strong and proud standing there amongst his people, fighting for their families and home. As he left fingerprints of blood on the hilt of his sword, he gave the Reagent Lord a wild, almost manic grin, trying to faze him into losing his nerve.


    Faervel had been in a near-meditative state as she drew, before she heard a voice behind her. Startled, she jumped, turning around to see the face of an elf. Stifling back a scream, knowing that while the elf seemed to be cordial, her life could be in danger, she got to her feet, stepping back several footsteps, and leaving her paper and charcoal at the elf's feet.

    "S-stay back," she told him, trying to keep her voice steady, and failing. "I will scream, and all of the soldiers here will rush to my aid." She knew that it was an empty threat, though. Most of the men were too far to hear, or else in their tents, pretending to keep guard while they all got drunk on elven wines from the last town that was taken.

    Figuring that he had seen through her bluff, she tried to regain her composure. "What do you want, elf?" she asked, struggling to keep her shadows down. Although she hadn't been formally trained to use her powers like the soldiers all had, she still had some control over them, and was able to remain composed as she spoke with the elf, waiting for an answer.

    She took note of his lack of accent; he must have come from nobility, or was higher-standing in the elven army, because most elves she had heard speak always had that slightly odd accent. Of course, most wraiths had accents, too, when they spoke in Common. They always sounded more northern than the elves, because they lived towards the northern mountains, and it was sometimes a difficult accent to understand. As far as she knew, only the general, her husband, and she were the only ones without that accent, and she was almost always glad that the soldiers were all able to speak the wraith language.

    Tipping her chin up just slightly, trying to appear defiant, Faervel fixed her sea-blue eyes on the elf, a mixture of curiosity and fear written on her features.
  20. It served to amaze her honestly how unflinching her father stood against this man who began to seed his words of hatred and misdirection at him. Firing away comments that she knew in her own being were nothing but lies that this wraith cur could only throw due to the lack of brilliance in his mind. While it may have not fired her father up, it certainly did her.

    Managing to get a look from her father that was well, disapproving- Holi sat there brooding on everything the wraith was daring only to be tussled back into the existence of the war when troops on each end began to move.

    Hopping off the talbuck with a swing of her foot, she knew what she had done was stupid but she was already done more than her fair of silly things in the day.

    Instead of heeding the retreat call as the earth began to shake and crumble away at their feet; Holi tucked herself in close to her father again only to receive a look that was less than appealing. But even in the face of danger that awaited them, the Regnant lord tucked a piece of her loose bangs behind her ear and chuckled downwards to the wraith general. "You are not worth the hill of salt you have built yourself, Hellfire." he tipped his head giving her a short push to start moving quickly, "My blade will not be satisfied with your blood on it, it would be foolish for me to waste any of my effort or time upon you a moment more when my people's salvation is just beneath your feet."

    She was not a daddy's girl, she never had been but she did have a great swell of pride of her father. She knew it would seem like cowardice to the wraiths that he would not raise his sword against them, but in his mind and his eyes this war was over now without another drop of blood and it didn't bother him to have them think such things of him. He was not their lord and he did not care in the end their thoughts.

    "Holi," he muttered in a dissatisfied tone making a note of all her transgressions while they took to hot feet fleeing swift and clean into the massing mess of elves kin, the earth began to brightening to a brilliant shade of cyan as the fissures began to groan and whine.


    He could not deny the amused grin and huff of a laugh that came up from his throat watching her jump and try to get as far away from him while still being within hearing range. Though when she would threaten him that she would scream to alert the soldiers, his ears rose as his face became acutely curious.

    Stepping outwards towards her, he leaned forward with a wink as he tossed a look over his left and right shoulder. "Do you think you could? I mean I came all the way out here thinking that there would be more men to tangle with and yet," his stature rose back to his towering height allowing the wide spread of his hands to gesture to the camp site. "And there is nothing here. Now that is a poor way to treat a unwanted guest." He was teasing her and it was clear in how jovial his tone had become.

    She was a proud woman with how she moved, attempting to defy him for even being here; Krim couldn't help but let the smirk spread on his face. "What do I want here?" the leather of his gloves strained making the audible hum louder as careful fingers stretched down the course of his face. "I could give you a few bullshit answers but we both know my lady that would be unprofessional of me and well, it would be rude of me to assume you are as sharp as a dull knife. So," he flicked his finger upwards, "I won't."

    Regal in everything she was, watching that chin tip upwards those curiously bright eyes narrowed on him; Krim grinned widely perhaps even boyishly. He could possibly be a grunt and take her out without the courtesy of even treating her like a mortal but that wasn't his style. Even in the face of being cruel and malicious he kept up his gentle cheery personality.

    "So Lady Faervel, what is it I want?" he repeated the question as he extend his hand to her, "The answer should be as obvious as that pretty little nose on your face;" he closed his eyes again leaning into the extension of his hand keeping it all extraordinarily humble, his smile stay genuine. "I came here for you."