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    It has been years since the lunar pack had need to defend their territory. Their alpha's, Nicolai, reputation as a formidable fighter had kept them save for the better part of thirty years but as he grows older the risk of attack grows larger. News of an young beta, that is soon to be alpha of his fathers has reached the pack. Will the peace stay intact or will this new fighter change the pack and force them into a battle, that will cost lives on both sides.

    Lunar pack ✦​
    A young woman stood on the edge of her pack's territory. Her green eyes blazed with rage. She had heard about this new fighter and that he planned to extend his territory by taking theirs. A deep rumble sounded in her throat. She had tried not to growl, but the mere thought of some ignorant mutt attacking her pack just pissed her off. "Your growl might make most normals shake, but it would barely make a were twitch." Her brothers voice sounded behind her. She suppressed the urge to roll her eyes at him as she turned to face him. He was standing right behind her, a few inches separating them. How did he get so close without me hearing him? She thought silently as she glared at her brother. The answer of course was simple. He was a werewolf and moving silently came naturally to them and she was to distracted by her anger to even think of listening for movement. "Just because I look fragile does not mean that I am. BesideS I can still beat you in a fight, or have you forgotten out tussle this morning?" She Asked with a grin. Her brother glared dagger at her, his hands fisted by his side. She watched his glare turn into something much more annoying, a smirk.. Laughter suddenly rumbled from behind them where an older male stood. Rain and her brother both groaned simultaneously, but they politely turned towards their Alpha. "I would never forget the look on your brother's face when you pinned him this morning. Who would have thought that my little girl would turn into such a warrior!" Her father praised, throwing his hands in the air before bringing them back down. Their father wrapped his large hands around their backs and began propelling them back towards the main house. He knew his children were upset about the rumors and that they both believe that the pack needed to take action against these rumors. "Now forget this rival pack and go join the rest of the pack for dinner." Rain stiffened suddenly, make her father sigh. "It's an order, Rain. I might be your father but I am also you alpha, which means my word still carries a lot of authority. The same goes for you, as well Lucas" He said with a stern look. Both siblings merely nodded as they made their way back to the
    clearing, where the rest of the pack was enjoying a barbecue. The smell coming from the charcoal grill,
    wafted towards the three of them. Causing all of their mouths to water. Damn her werewolf side for always wanting food. Rain thought begrudgingly, but she soon gave in when a plate of food was held out towards her. "It's a good thing you made sure to feed me." She mumbles to her father; who had his own plate, filled with food in his hands. "A Lycan's stomach is always his weakest point." Her father said before tearing into a piece juicy steak.
    Don't worry I am not going to write paragraphs. It will only be a few key points..
    • Be polite to me and anyone else who has chose to join this Roleplay.
    • Always try to make you post easy to reply to. I don't mind if it's one line or five paragraphs, just keep the others in mind.
    • Keep it semi realistic. By that I mean, no killing someone with one punch or something as simple a that.
    • Don't kill someone's character off unless they agree to it.
    • Be as active as you possibly can.
    • You can have as many characters as you wish, just make sure to use all of them.
    Rank and other things linked to werewolves
    • Lycans live in packs. Usually in the same house or on the same land.
    • Alpha's word is Law.
    • You can only become an Alpha if the previous Alpha dies or if you were chosen to assume the title as an accessor.
    • You can always move up a rank, but you would have to prove yourself to the Alpha.
    • You can be lowered in rank if you put the pack in jeopardy or if you just piss the alpha off.
    • Lycans mate for life. Meaning if your Characters get married it would be forever but until then a lycan can be quite.... experimental.
    • Werewolves can only reproduce when they are mated.
    • Werewolves heal by shifting into a wolf. This means that the wound would start to heal at a rapid pace once said person shifts. When they return to human form they will either have a scar that will slowly continue to heal or stiffness for the healing
    • Shifting is painful but in a good way. It is like stretching out a muscle.
    • Clothes don't just magically disappear and reappear when lycans shift.
    • Lycans are stronger and faster than humans. All their senses are heightened, and they do struggle with the instinct to hunt anything that runs from them.
    • Lycans have three main phases: fully human, partial shift and wolf form. If a were calls out their claws and only their claws, that is a partial shift. If it changes into a wolf, that of course is its full shift or wolf form.
    • Lycans age slowly, meaning a seventy year old might have the appearance on a person in their late forties or early fifties.
    Territory (open)

    • The Armani Mansion is home to several members of the Lunar pack, who choose to stay near the Alpha. The mansion has over twelve bedrooms, multiple entertainment rooms, large kitchen as well as a large dining room. The grounds stretch over a massive 100 hectares of forest, giving the whole pack enough space for runs. Nicolai, the alpha, had chosen the estate for its safety and space. The pack is regularly seen on the grounds, enjoying each other's company. On times like these, the whole pack will stay over and enjoy the peace the mansion brings. Some members of the pack do not live in the mansion, but they have homes near the mansion, in the small town of Gallen. Gallen is your average town with a close community and only one high school. Gallen High might be small, but they are one of the top ranking schools when it comes to sports. Some say they have cheated their way to the top, but the truth lies in the numerous lycan teens that attend the school. Competition within the school is just as heated because the McClallen pack also calls Rose County home. Their youth attends the same schools as the Lunar pack.

    • The McClallen Mansion can be found on the other side of Gallen. A strikingly beautiful piece of land that stretches just under 100 hectares. Wolf Mansion is yet another large mansion that can house most of the McClallen pack if not all of them. Rumor has it that the mansion has its own movie theater as well as a mini Casino. These rumors have not yet been verified since the Alpha of the pack chooses to keep most things to himself. He prefers that his mansion over the populated streets of Gallen and also lets most of his pack to stay at the mansion on a permanent basis. With his need to extend his territory, the alpha has pushed the border of their territory right up against the Lunar pack territory. The town has become the battleground for the packs as they fight to gain more territory or simply hold onto their own territory.


    Sign-ups and more about the Packs
    Lunar Pack (open)


    Nearly all lycans are known for their ruthlessness, with the exception of the Lunar pack, who have adapted their way of life, to one of peace. All this is thanks to Nicolai, one of the most feared lycans. He is one of the best fighters this century has seen, and that has granted his pack with peace. Nicolai worked hard to gain his reputation by fighting with all his strength and using his mind. His challengers have back off over the years, but as Nicolai ages he grows weaker. He has chosen his son as his successor and trained his to the best of his capabilities. Pack membership has stayed constant over the years, allowing only few strangers into their pack. Nicolai takes pride his pack's loyalty and strength. Challenges are held every full moon, so members can test themselves against other pack members, it also gives would-be members a chance to prove their value to the pack and it's alpha.

    I am Lunar
    Rank: (beta, delta,warriors, subordinates, omegas)​
    Appearance (please spoiler images): (Include human and full wolf form)​
    Day Job: (You have to appear human, so get a job!)​
    Home: Do you live with the Alpha or do you have your own place?)​
    Inventory:(clothes, tools, weapons, etc)​
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?:​

    McClallen Pack (open)


    Ruthless and murderous are only two of the words that have come to describe this pack. Their reputation stems from their alpha. He is the very definition of a lycan; strong, cunning and savage. The years have been less kind to the male as time saps his strength and with that the demise of his pack. He has an heir though; his only son, Lucien. He is the young warrior he has been championing. He has trained Lucien since the day the boy could walk. He has become a great fighter, but he has grown to hate the senseless killing his father is forcing him to do. With every rumor, his father spreads, more lycans arrive to challenge him. He grows weary with every grave he is forced to big so he can bury the challenger. Lucien is smart and powerful which gained him the respect of every member of his pack. Some respects only because of the fear that his father has instilled in them. Only those dearest to him know how kind and considerate he can be, namely his mother, Athena. She had always made sure that there was kindness in her son's life even when it meant receiving the wrath of her husband.

    I am McClallen
    Rank: (beta, delta,warriors, subordinates, omegas)
    Appearance (please spoiler images): (Include human and full wolf form)
    Day Job: (You have to appear human, so get a job!)
    Home: Do you live with the Alpha or do you have your own place?)
    Inventory:(clothes, tools, weapons, etc)
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?:​

    Main Characters (lunar) (open)

    Alpha Male:
    Nicolai Armani
    Alexandra Armani (Me)
    Lucas Armani (Me)
    Subordinates: Members that do not have a Rank

    Main Characters (McClallen) (open)

    Alpha Male:
    Alpha Female:
    Athena McClallen (Open) (Lucien's Mother)

    Lucien McClallen (Open) (Alpha's Son and Warrior spoken of)
    Subordinates: Members that do not have a Rank
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  2. Interested!
    But tell me a bit about the McClallen pack.
  3. Oh yeah. I was getting to that. Basically the pack has been after the Lunar's territory but Nicolai has always kept them at bay. Alpha McClallen's son is the young warrior that is being mentioned. I was thinking that he would want to make his father proud but he hates the unnecessary killing his father forcing him to do.

    Like I said work in progress
  4. Ah, alright... Keep me updated!


    Ah shoot, you put this in the roleplaying section? Really this would work better in the OOC and Sign-Ups. I'd suggest asking a mod to move this to the other section and then make another thread here for the actual roleplaying. It'll be less confusing ^^
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  5. And now we wait
  6. Okay I made it. I hope it works
  7. Haha i guess it did. I saw the banner and this sounds really interesting. I'd like to join if that's okay.
  8. Of course you can!
  9. Great! Just tell me what I have to do. ^.^
  10. Can I play as Athena McClallen please?
  11. Yes you can

    And shizuka
    You can just fill out the form for the pack you want

    I am McClallen
    Rank: (beta, delta,warriors, subordinates, omegas)
    Appearance (please spoiler images): (Include human and full wolf form)
    Day Job: (You have to appear human, so get a job!)
    Home: Do you live with the Alpha or do you have your own place?)
    Inventory:(clothes, tools, weapons, etc)
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?:
  12. Okay, I'll work on getting my cs up soon, but I do have a question: how do you do spoilers?
  13. Do I need a profile too? If not I have no idea what my character's personality and looks are.
  14. Well Athena is the opposite of her husband she is soft hearted and caring. She is usually seen tending to the injured or playing with the children. She loves her son and is alway the gentle hand that helps him in hard times. What she looks like. Well when I think of some one who is kind I see Charlize Theron. Like in might joe young

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  16. Thank you! That really helps a lot. :)
  17. Name: Victoria Anne Ramsey
    Age: 20
    Rank: Beta Female
    Appearance (please spoiler images):
    Vicky (human and wolf form)
    Show Spoiler


    Day Job: Model for H&M magazine, professional dancer, songwriter in her free time
    Personality: Vicky is bubbly and open minded. She likes sour candy but does not like spicy foods. Vicky is extremely smart for her age and loves to sing to herself or to other people. Though days have made her depressed at times she always tries to be positive and make someone else's day better than her own. Speaks her mind. Vicky is extremely loyal, very quiet around people she does not know, tending to be spacey and study things from afar. Her trust isn't hard to get but easy to have taken away. Once you have her trust, she will do everything in her power to benefit your life, even if it costs her own. Victoria gets angered easily however and she can hold grudges very easily and keep them for long periods of time. Her dislike can easily form into hate. Her hate is powerful, she will do everything in her power to make your life a living hell, especially if she didn't trust you to begin with. Her battle styles are different and she prefers to use quick take-downs and use her dancing abilities to gracefully end her opponent even as a wolf. She may or may not have a crush on Lucas and Lucien because who doesn't like bad boys. She's a sucker for forbidden love.
    Background: Vicky had always been the overachiever. Her mother was a doctor while her father was a lawyer. They had butlers and maids to tend to her as an excuse for her parents being gone constantly. Her parents wanted her to be a singer, sending her to every lesson they could. Sadly by 15, Vicky had become rebellious and taken the path to becoming a exotic/pole dancer. She wanted attention and used her wolf ability to get extra cash to pay for her dance lessons. Her parents found out later from one of her "boyfriends" that she wasn't human and disowned her instantly. Claiming they only wanted a daughter not a dog. They didn't know that both her mother and father were excluded from their whole bloodlines and descendants being werewolves. Victoria had changed once she found the Lunar pack. Finding herself more torn between the two rival packs. From observation she found that Nickolai was the father she always wanted and Athena was the mother she had been longing for.
    Home: She lives in her own home. In between the two territories
    Inventory: Pocket knife, bubble gum. Always wears a scrunchie around her right wrist.
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Yes
  18. Nice a werewolf rp. Definitely some interest in this.
  19. Hmm this looks awesome can I be lucien?
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