Peace. Is that too much to ask for?

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    It's coming. Ever since Dean Winchester spilled blood in Hell, we knew it was coming. Then, one by one, Lilith started breaking seals. Slowly, at first, then so quickly even the Winchesters couldn't keep up with them. Then, at last, it came down to Sam and Lilith. The first demon must be the last to die. And she was.

    Now, revelations are coming. The world is spiraling down- angels and demons, humans caught in the crossfire. It's the apocalypse, and no matter how this goes down, we're all gonna die. So I'm going to go down fighting. If you're fighting, I'll fight you, and I'll win.

    All I want is peace. Is that too much to ask for?
  2. Name: Cordelia, called Corrie if you want to annoy her.

    Age: A few thousand years old, her vessel is only about twenty.

    Looks: Corrie’s vessel was small and sick- in fact, she probably would have died in the weeks after she was possessed if she hadn’t have said yes. With Corrie in her, the girl looks healthier, though she’s still very small. Reaching about 5’3”, and weighing in at around 95 lbs. She has a thin face, with high cheekbones and a sharp jaw line, with freckles dotting the surface of her nose, cheeks and shoulders. Her hair is a choppy blonde, so light most people see it as white, and reaches just past her shoulder blades. Her eyes- a bright, stunning blue. It’s electrifying.

    Personality: Cordelia is quite innocent, I suppose you could say. She doesn’t understand any references to human culture, and doesn’t particularly get it when she’s being hit on. The innocent thing is torn a bit when she opens her mouth, though, because she’s incredibly sarcastic, and quite a bit of a smartass. She’s also very aggressive- she takes the warrior thing very seriously.
  3. Name: Baal Azza
    Age: Forgotten since he was one of the angels that feel with Lucifer, Vessel is 19
    Appearance: Baal's vessel was popular and fit. He was at least 6'1 and about 230 Ibs. of muscle. He didn't appear to be that muscular but he was. he wore darker clothing along with a leather jacket.
    Personality: Although considered a demon of hell Baal was a angel much like Lucifer himself. His mind was strong and so was his body. Over time he had thought a lot about his decision. He has mingled with human culture for most of his time in hell appeared and disappearing through time. He prefers using his tongue to settle things but he can fight as his name suggest. Ball meaning The Lord and Azza meaning The Strong.
  4. I have wandered the Earth for many years observing humans and still my decision remains the same. They are imperfect creatures, and they lack the true ability to be one of my father's children unlike us, but that doesn't matter all that matters is that this war ends. I don't care how or why he just wanted angels and demons to stop massacring each other. They are the same thing more or less. Perfect little soldier for their overlords. As much as I hate being an underling I a, nothing more than a pawn for Lucifer and I hate it. I walked around the city and wondered where I would be if I had changed his mind that day but that day I had made the right choice no matter where it took or will take me I made the right decision.
  5. Corrie lifted the device in front of her face farther, her fingers tapping the blank screen idly. A cell phone, she believed the humans called it. To her, however, it was simply something to make her look busy, so the demon she had been trailing wouldn't catch her watching him. She hung back as far as she dared to- she didn't want to lose him, but being caught would suck as well. She could tell, just looking at him, that he had been one of her brothers so long ago. But he had fallen at some point, and now bore the marks of Hell. For that, she wanted to watch him. Watch him, then capture him and interrogate him. She wanted out of this war at any costs.
  6. He chuckled to himself, she clearly was new at the whole 'mortal' thing. He could clearly see that she was having troubles with the device. Perhaps she was really just recent to this thing. He quickly darted down an alley way to see if his theory was correct. He watched behind him to see if she was still following him.
  7. Corrie noticed, and smiled slightly to herself. She looked at the device in her hand for a moment before dropping it, very unceremoniously, on the ground. She didn't know how to use it anyway.
    Letting the angel-killing knife slip out of her sleeve and in to her firm, slender-fingered grip, she stepped into the alley without bothering to hide herself. "You're going to come with me." She stated, very matter-of-fact, no trace of doubt on her face.
  8. "Yes I most likely should but let me ask you something first." He smiled but it quickly faded. "Where is father?"
  9. Cordelia tilted her head slightly, blonde hair falling across her field of vision. She brushed it away in annoyance- one of the downsides to this vessel. But, she was a chosen one, and she had said yes.
    The angel blinked her large blue eyes once. "You abandoned our Father when you chose to follow Lucifer." She stated calmly. "Why should you care where he is now?"
  10. "I did what I thought was right for our father. If there is anything I did wrong it was killing my own kin. Look around at the destruction of this beautiful thing. Our father's creation desecrated for what? Sin the humans have abandoned our father. everything he has ever created was perfect in every way except for them." He looked at the ground. "He was perfect and his only flaw are these racks of flesh that are so easily swayed from his light."
  11. There was no anger in Cordelia's voice, nor in her gaze. She wasn't one to make things emotional- she followed orders, and she fought. It was her job, what she was made to do.
    "Our Father told you what he wanted, and you disobeyed. Tell me- how does that make you any better than the humans?"
  12. "I did what I thought was best for father. I meant no harm I did not destroy his perfection with carelessness. So I ask again where is our father?" He looked at her. He could tell that she was just a pawn like himself in a this useless war prolonged by the stubbornness of kin.
  13. "Somewhere." Cordelia replied. "I don't know where." She hadn't put away the weapon, and her grip on it tightened visibly. "But he's here. We haven't been abandoned."
  14. "That is good to know. Now you wanted me to follow you?" He smirked slightly trying to annoy her just a little.
  15. Cordelia nodded. "Actually, I'm just going to take us both there now." She switched her weapon to her other hand, and walked towards him with her right hand outstretched.
  16. He didn't like the fact she had that knife and was approaching him but he didn't want to shed anymore of his siblings blood. He outstretched his hand. "Just no more blood please, I'm tired of seeing angels die for a disagreement." He looked up at her and his face was more serious then it had been the entire time they had met. He even let out a sigh and looked at their hands.
  17. Corrie looked at him quizzically for a moment, but shrugged and tapped his forehead anyway. A moment later, she was standing in the middle of an empty, concrete building. She dropped her hand, but stayed standing very close to the man. Not by choice, however, it was simply due to the fact that she didn't really care to move.
  18. He looked around curiously and then back at her. "Where did you take us?" He looked everywhere then to her again. He was confused it was just a regular concrete building.
  19. "I didn't want to be disrupted." Was all Cordelia said, blinking calmly. "I want to talk to you." If he looked down, a Devil's trap was painted obviously on the floor beneath them- just in case. In all honesty, she had been expecting more of a struggle. "Which one are you?" She asked him, tilting her head slightly.
  20. "What do you mean which one am I? And I'm up for talking doesn't look like I have a choice." He smiled and nodded carefully.