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  1. Two weeks ago Karabela's parents had packed up all their belongings in their small town home of Narrowwood, VA to move out to a boarding school in the mountains of Maine just outside the small town of Riverton. Kare's mother and father had (respectively) acquired history and science teaching jobs at said boarding school. and even though Karabella has had ample time to get used to the creepy stone corridors of Evernight she hated the castle like building now more than ever. the school's regular students didn't even need to arrive for Kare to know she wouldn't fit in, she had known long before this day that she would just be different. it didn't help either that her parents would be her teachers.

    It was just before dawn and Kare was staring out the window of her empty room of her parents apartment, everything she would need was already moved into her dorm room that she would regrettably be sharing with a total stranger for the school year. The gargoyle perched on the window sill seemed to be mocking her. You wont do it, it said to her in her head, you don't have the guts. It was right. She didn't. she didn't have the guts to stay in a strange place with strangers that she was almost certain she wouldn't fit in with.

    So she made up her mind, grabbed up her satchel that she had packed the night before with one change of clothes and a Edgar Allen Poe poem entitled 'Nevermore' and left her parents apartment for what she hoped was the last time. as the left she could hear her mother snoring.

    By the time she made it down what seemed like 10 flights of stairs to the ground floor she already felt paranoid. what if someone was watching her from the shadows? It could very well be a possibility. Her anxiety made her pick up the pace and by the time she reached the massive solid oak double doors of the main entrance she was practically running. The doors were easier to open and quieter than she expected but she didn't dwell on it. Once she was out she headed straight for the woods looking to cover as much ground as possible before anyone realized she was gone.
  2. Alexander had been attending the school for two years already. His parents had decided to send him to the boarding school as they believed that the school was hyped up on paranormal activity and was believed to house multiple vampires. While Alexander was the son to two very well-known Russian Vampire-Hunters, he hated the trade and wanted only a normal life. But Evernight seemed to provide everything but that. He cared little for the school's regulations and rules, not too much caring if he were to get in trouble or not. As he was out and about, on his way back to his room, he heard a noise. It was a girl. She appeared to have been skipping out on the school. Alexander made the assumption of her being new simply because he hadn't seen the face before. Alexander had always been good with remembering faces and names, so he was absolutely certain she was new.

    Following her out of the large castle-like structure and out into the woods, he watched her from a distance making an effort to decide her intent. If she was skipping, he could easily call her out on it....but granted so was he at this point. Nevertheless, he would never do such a thing except to gain leverage over another person and blackmail them, even in such a case he was hesitant to do so. Genuinely curious as to what she was doing, he figured that the best way to find out would be to ask. "You shouldn't be out here." He warned from near behind her. His accent was most noticeable as Russian. It was very thick, but his pronunciation and grammar was nearly impeccable. There was a perfect clearing amidst the forest that was well-lit from the moonlight. It gave Alexander an almost movie-like look of mystery and intimidation.
  3. Karabela's paranoia never wavered as she wandered through the woods often looking over her shoulder to see if she was being followed. and it seems she had been. even though she was half expecting it the sound of someone else's voice still scared her making her jump nearly out of her skin as she came to a stop in the clearing. slowly she turned around to look the guy over and he seemed every bit the "Evernight type" at first glance... and oddly enough that didn't worry her. she had the chance yesterday while students were arriving to talk to a few of her peers and it had seemed pretty clear who the Evernight type was and who was not... needless to say she gravitated toward the non-Evernight type group of kids despite her parents pushing to to make friends with the other group as she would eventually be one of them. and they made sure the Evernight type all knew exactly who she was.

    If she learned one thing from yesterday it would be that the Evernight Type wouldn't try to stop her from leaving. If anything they would offer to help her hunt something to eat and then ditch her somewhere in the woods when they got bored. So the boy she faced wasn't the Evernight type after all. Upon coming to this realization she started to get more nervous. "So sue me. I wanted some fresh air. It smells like mold in my dorm." She lied. She was a horrible lair. She was too far out into the woods to just get some air.
  4. Alexander had no problem determining that she'd just lied to him. But he honestly didn't care. He decided to play along. "Ah, I see." He nodded and looked around him. "Normally, people who want fresh air just crack a window or step outside." He let out a tiny chuckle of satisfaction. He was enjoying this. "Anyway, it's not a matter of being out here is against the school rules, because no one follows those regardless. But rather because there's strange shit that happens in this forest every now and then. It's just best not to go roaming around in here after dark." Alex nodded to confirm his point and looked around. "Do you not feel like you're being watched?" Alex asked rather bluntly.
  5. "I always feel like I'm being watched here." Karabela admitted because it was true, shes been here for two weeks and she has always had eyes on her because she was different. She left the statement hanging in the air, uncomfortable with where this conversation was heading. She stayed silent for a while until she realized something. If this guy was so worried about what happens in the woods after dark why was he here? "So a few dead animals show up for no reason, I'm not afraid of that. I can handle myself. If you're so worried about it why are you out here too? And why were you watching me?" She asked despite her nervousness threatening to cut off her voice.
  6. "You're wise to feel that way. It feels like you're being stared at by predators, doesn't it? Whenever you walk the halls, whenever you're in class, hell, whenever you're in your room?" Alex nodded. "And it's not the animals that die mysteriously here that I'd worry about, but rather the people that do." He surveyed the surrounding area before speaking up again. "Because they know not to fuck with me. You're new. They know nothing about you." He cleared his throat and casually shoved his hands into his pockets. "You staying out here is your own decision. I'm just warning you because, quite frankly, you don't know what the fuck you're getting yourself into." With that, Alex turned and began to walk back from where he'd come from. He was in no rush, and rather seemed to enjoy walking through the forest.
  7. They know more about me than you think... she thought but after a few seconds of watching him walk away like an idiot she called for him to wait up so she could walk back with him. "Staying may be my decision but coming here wasn't. My parents just both got teaching jobs here and they dragged me along. I wanted to go to the public high school in my old hometown." She told him and then rushed ahead of him to get back to the school. She really hadn't thought out her whole escape plan, she didn't even have any money let alone food or anything to drink. She wouldn't have lasted more than two days out in the woods by herself.
  8. Alexander listened to what she was saying, but found a difficult reasoning in trying to decide why he should care. But once the mention of her being forced here had actually clicked in, he empathized with her. "I guess we're in the same boat on that regard. I didn't exactly come here willingly either." Why did I even follow her out here. I know I said it was to warn her. But is that the real reason? Hm. I wonder. He shrugged the thought away and navigated through the thick forest.
  9. "Is that why you're so stuck up?" she asked him, curious. She was half tempted to throw his own words back at him about him choosing to stay even though he was forced to come but held her tongue at the last minute when a raven swooped down with a blood curdling screech from a tree right in front of her making her scream from fright. The first thing that came to mind was the raven from the poem Nevermore that was settled in her bag this very moment. She was so consumed by the little beast, after recovering from her fright of course, that she reached out to it on the branch it was settled on and stroked its feathers. And it let her. Strange things in the forest indeed.
  10. Alexander ignored her snide remarks and instead kept walking, not even bothered by the raven's sudden appearance and screech. The castle was just beyond this next set of trees, and he'd be to it in less than a minute. She can find her own way back for all I care. I did my part. He thought to himself, not even stopping or looking back to see where Karabela was.
  11. "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before; But the silence was unbroken, and the stillness gave no token, And the only word there spoken was the whispered word,-" she broke off from her favorite part of her favorite poem when she spotted a vaguely familiar face in the dark she was almost certain it was her new roommate. “Lenore?” she asked into the darkness. she looked around for the boy who had confronted her but he was too far away in the trees to be seen.

    It was indeed her roommate that had been lurking in the shadows, Kare saw as Lenore came close enough to see in the darkness. "I see you've met Nevermore." Lenore said "I knew you were a fan of Poe, I didn't think you could quote it. What are you doing out here, practicing your hunting skills? if so your not very good." she said matter of factly
  12. Once Alexander had made it out of the forest, he quietly crept into the castle structure and went up to his room. Luckily, he didn't have a room mate. His day had been rather tiring and he wanted nothing more but to sleep. To just sleep and not have to do anything. But unfortunately, he had homework to do. Grabbing a book from the innumerable amount on his shelf, he flipped open to the hollowed out pages within and removed a smaller notebook of sorts. Within was his log in which he kept statuses on possible vampires and such. He quickly scribbled down the following: Karabela- 1st year- No signs of Vampirism.
  13. Karabela walked the rest of the way back to the castle with Lenore, who she knew for a fact was a vampire along with a majority of the student body. the fact that the school was a place specifically for younger looking vampires to learn to reintegrate themselves into society was the reason for the high vampire count. in fact the school used to be just for vampires just a few years ago. the headmistress of the school let in humans under the strict understanding that it was just part of the process of getting her students back into society and that the humans were not to be harmed.
  14. Just because there's no sign doesn't mean that she isn't.... Hell. Anyone here could have vampirism. Alex dated the entry and closed the book, placing it back inside the much larger hollowed out book. He placed the book amongst the others on the very bottom shelf and then walked over to his bed and began to drift off to sleep.
  15. kare and her roommate slowly made their way inside and up to the room they shared in the girls dorm. eventually they both passed out, sleeping like the dead. the next morning kare was the first to wake and get ready and in no time at all she was dressed in the school uniform and heading fto the dinning hall for breakfast. she sat by herself away from the incrowd trying to forget about the weird dream she just had
  16. Alex slept soundlessly and awoke the next morning, slowly getting dressed in his uniform which consisted of a white button-up shirt, a black tie, a black coat, a black pair of pants, and black shoes. The coat contained the school's insignia on the right chest section. After finishing getting ready, he slugglishly walked downstairs to the dining hall and ate breakfast at a seperate table to himself. He didn't trust, or even talk, to anyone at the school. He tended to keep his distance.
  17. as soon as karabela saw the boy from the woods enter the dining hall and sit by himself she moved to sit across from him. "you know for someone whos so worried about people being out in the woods you sure took off pretty fast." she said with a slight smile "was it too spooky for you?"
  18. Alex looked up from his tray of food, his eyes showed signs of multiple days of sleep-deprivation, but he seemed to act as if it didn't bother him. "No." Alex said bluntly, his face expressionless and his voice emotionless. "Of course not. You were just taking your sweet ass time is all." He said, his tone not changing, a shrug of his shoulders following.
  19. "well excuse me for liking all things creepy" she teased "so whats your name? you never said last night."
  20. Alex shrugged at her statement and then answered the question. "Alex." He said simply, and rather bluntly at that.
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