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How do you feel about PDA?

  1. The world shall know how much I love my Schmoopy-doo! <3

  2. It's alright as long as it isn't going overboard.

  3. I'd rather people do that stuff in private... but I won't make a fuss. It's their business

  4. No, just no. Get a room.

  5. Gross! People should stop spreading germs to each other. o__o

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  1. No, not Personal Digital Assistant.

    I mean, Public Display of Affection.

    How comfortable are you with expressing it, receiving it or seeing it?
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  2. Simple hugs of affection, or little kisses are fine. Everyone does them at some point so seeing that and expressing that really isnt a bother. However if you are tongue deep in someone clutching them to the point of fusion then might wanna be alone for that. Its certainly distracting for others, and if people want to see that, then well porn exists.
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  3. I honestly don't care what people do if it's just me. What people do and where is their own business. With my kids its a different story. My youngest daughter still gets grossed out by people kissing, and she makes a point to be extremely obvious with her disgust. If people want to give each other tonsillectomies with their tongues, that's all well and good, but I hope they're not expecting me to hush my daughter up when she starts pointing them out. I'll be the first to laugh when she's yelling "Ewww, gross. Get a room!"

    And yes, she does that to my husband and I if we even give each other a peck on the lips....
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  4. you're daughter's just trying to look out for you
  5. She's about 15 years too late for that.
  6. Most couple-y things are totally fine. Hold hands, kiss, cuddle, it's all good and is healthy.

    Making out, hardcore groping, or are so into each other you are oblivious to the world around you... probably should exercise some tact.
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  7. I've probably been around too many people that would just keep escalating it. I don't mind if it's hugging or kissing.
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  8. Honestly idc at all lmao. Although if it's in an inappropriate setting I feel uncomfortable. Bump and Grind at the club not at brunch
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  9. I really don't care. People want to kiss, hug, or even make out in public? That's their business. Like others have said, there is a certain point where it becomes 'over the top', but... meh. Even then, it mostly just becomes a "really?" sort of thing. For the most part, I really don't care one way or the other.
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  10. I don't mind little things like a peck on the cheek or lips or a hug, cuddling is fine too. It's all cute, but there has to be a line drawn in the sand somewhere! Keep it modest in public please!
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  11. Kisses and hugs are okay, or just casual things like ruffling my hair. If it starts to get awkward or uncomfortable in public, should stop.
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  12. I don't care about the others around me, they can do as they wish. More power (or love?) to them, if they have someone they feel comfortable doing it with, I can appreciate that.

    For myself though... I'm probably not in a situation like most others. I'm in a place where I'm representative of both my nation of citizenship and ethnicity, and I want to represent both with the highest degree of class possible... so I don't engage in acts of affection publicly.
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  13. I'm totally okay with anything up to foreplay and outright sex. That's where I draw the line; sex isn't something to be had on the park bench, and neither are the things obviously leading up to sex, like groping etc.

    Not only am I okay with most of it, I would do most of it. I don't have a girlfriend (forever alone, even at a school where every other person you meet is gay ;-;), but if my partner was okay with doing all that in public, I would be too. This applies to the few people I'm comfortable flirting with, too. One of my friends and I regularly skip down the school hallway arm in arm going to 1st period, and we've kissed at the school too (okay, that goes beyond flirting, but it was only on the hand). If people want to look at me doing these things, great. I love being looked at, to a point (I wouldn't wear skin-tight jeans if I didn't), and if people don't want to see it, look away.
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  14. I personally prefer to not see any of it, but just because I'm a prude doesn't mean I'm going to infringe on the rights of others.
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  15. Both for what others are doing around me and what I do I hold this general line.

    Are we keeping all or most of our clothes on? Yes? Then go right ahead.
    This is starting to turn into Sex? Yes? Then we should probably find somewhere private.

    At least in theory... Cause you know...

  16. *pat* One day you too shall find your schmoopy-doo. ^_^
  17. I think like most things PDA is okay in moderation. I don't want to have a conversation that I'm having interrupted by random bouts of affections. That's just rude and it doesn't make me uncomfortable it just pisses me off. Walking along seeing randoms making out or something? Eh, whatever. To each their own. I draw the line at under the clothes stuff. That's not cool. Even in moderation.
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  18. I'm sorry but that's just...

    I think that's more just have a sense of timing than it is something to do with PDA specifically.
  19. Live and let live as long as no one is breaking any laws.
    @Fancy Turtle I agree it's horrible to be interrupted by it when they're having a conversation with you. However, for me it's not so much the PDA that bothers me, it's the disrespect. Like, uh, hello? I thought we were having a conversation? If you'd rather be doing something else at least disengage yourself from the situation first?
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