PCs or Laptops?

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PCs or Laptops?

  1. PC

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  1. When it comes to PC gaming, do you prefer a regular PC or a laptop? I use a laptop because it's portable, convenient, and since I get most of my games on consoles anyways, I don't see the need for a huge collection of PC games. My laptop can run most PC games pretty well luckily.
  2. For gaming, a tower PC is objectively the better way to go about things.

    Laptops, even powerful ones, increasingly struggle to find syncs and outlets for the vast amounts of heat a modern CPU/GPU produces. Seriously, those things run hot and a laptop, by its very design, is too compact to adequately siphon it all off. The introduction of things like cooling trays can offset this problem somewhat, but it won't get rid of it.

    A PC tower has more space in its internals to allow the heat to dissipate, and the larger space means larger cooling systems that can cope with, say, a GeForce Titan or a modern i7.
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  3. Technically I have both, but my PC is leaps and bounds better than my laptop. I had been strictly a laptop girl before I had this PC built for me. It's a beast. I still use my laptop, but only for when I'm travelling -- like it's meant to be used for!
  4. Laptop for portability.

    Desktop for maximum POWA'!
  5. IT'S OVER 9000!!
  6. Well if we count how many threads my cores have..
  7. Also, to add one additional note to this: Components with equal power in a laptop tend to be more expensive than their desktop counterparts. Not only because they have to go an extra mile to address heat concerns, but because in the case of some components (graphics cards come to mind), they also have to be compartmentalized. IE: They need to physically fit inside a smaller space, without losing power. The more power you want, the greater the disparity becomes between the two.

    If you need something for classwork? Take a laptop. You don't need overkill power: It'll still run a few games, and in the 1,000 & under price range the disparity isn't significant. Just make sure to double check battery life, because anything that lasts less than six hours is fucking trash. (Especially since batteries start to last less and less time over a prolonged period, so taking short battery lifetimes is getting fucked twice as hard in the long term.)

    It should also be noted that it's easier to replace ailing PC hardware than it is laptop hardware. (Albeit, if you know what you're doing, you can replace either of them. It's not rocket science. Unless it's an Apple machine, then, well, lol, you're fucked, gg scrub.)
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  8. Desktop, end of story.

    Laptop's is what you resort to when you're forced to be on the move a lot.
    But if you're basing your purchase on "what will give me the best gaming experience?" PC will win every time.
    Now, you might get people who claim "I bought a good Laptop that beat's some other people's Desktops!" and this can happen, but every time these people are missing three key features.

    1) Cost
    A Laptop will ALWAYS be more expensive than a Desktop of equal specs. You might pay top dollar for a gaming Laptop that outperforms most Desktops, but you burn a serious hole in your wallet doing so.
    *Also note when it was bought. Often time's laptop advocates will do base number crunching and find the laptop was cheaper. But what they fail to factor is that their laptop is new, while the Desktop is years old.

    2) Heating Issues
    Even with equal specs, they don't have equal life expectancy. Laptops just don't have the space to ventilate properly, and as a result it will always hit overheating issues more quickly.

    3) Changeable Parts
    This also plays into life expectancy. When a Desktop or Laptop 'breaks' it's usually a singular part that does. On a Desktop this is as easy as replacing the part. But Laptops have their stuff sautered together a lot of the time. If one part breaks then the whole package breaks.
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  9. A PC because I always seem to rest laptops on my thighs and cook 'em, but for small RPG games I prefer a laptop.
  10. PC is objectively better in almost all ways except portability. I have both a PC and a laptop, but the only game I play on the latter is Hearthstone, and that only when I want to do that while listening to various YouTube things at the same time. Other than that, I go for PC gaming as my #1 choice.
  11. Laptop all the way for me, even for gaming. I like having everything I need all in one little package. I always hated having to buy a keyboard and mouse, mostly because I used to go through them like crazy.
  12. Desktop all the way. I only spent 600 bucks on my tower(built it myself), and the thing powers through games 1200 dollar laptops have difficulty with. And it's pretty quiet(except for the CPU cooler. Damn you Intel and your shitty stock coolers.)
  13. I use a laptop. I know this is going to sound pedantic, but it's irking me to no end that you're calling a desktop a "PC" and differentiating it from a laptop when PC simply stands for "personal computer"; therefore, my laptop is also a PC.

    Now, as addressed in previous posts, my laptop has some cooling issues. I have to make sure the cooling system is active, and I have an external laptop cooler, and it still gets too hot for comfort from time to time. The model I have was designed very poorly, though. Any and all things that produce a lot of heat were put on the same side... The left side of the keyboard gets ridiculously hot sometimes. I have only had it overheat once though, and have since replaced the fan. Nonetheless, it suits my needs without me having to have more than one machine and I can take it with me when I travel.
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  14. laptop

    because at this point they're all the same
  15. [[TRIGGERED]]

    I do prefer my laptop over my tower tho; convenience.
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