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  1. I expect to have to adjust to living in the dorms. It was a different environment then the sorority house. I was encouraged to get a single occupancy room. It wasn't something I was expecting being that I moved in the middle of the semester, but I thought I had finally gotten a lucky break. I soon realized that wasn't the case.

    As I passed by other people in the building I felt encouraged. These were not a bunch of people just wanting to party away their college years, though there sere still a few. Yet when I paused in greeting and was asked what room I was in, the reactions were all the same. It wasn't their words, but the look on their face, as if they were saying despite their polite words "You poor poor girl!"

    What could cause such a reaction? Simple, my room is haunted. Okay so I don't really believe that, but something is going on. All places have weird noises, and sure you can easily think you put something in one place and in fact it's in another, and the less said about when I've gone to use the shower on my floor the better.

    I wasn't going to sit around and suffer though. I soon realized it could be a prank and I didn't have the knowledge to determine if bad wiring was the cause, so I was going to need help. I also knew weird stuff happened all the time, so there had to be a club that dealt with the odd on campus, except there wasn't.

    Want to my anthropology professor with my conundrum, a man who I have to admit is my favorite instructor. His response was that if there wasn't a group to tackle such a problem, one should be made. It was simple, but it was the type of answer I needed. He even did me one better and suggested a girl from a different field that might be able to help me. With a mission, I set to work!

    The pale blonde looked up at the bulletin board and grinned. Nichole Monroe had worked a few hours on a computer coming up with a flyer. It was only on a regular 8x11 piece of paper, but it was quality work. Colors that would catch the eye and a simple summery of the type of club she was trying to creat with the name of the faulty advisor even.

    Taking a step backwards she ran into someone. "Oh, sorry about that," she apologized as she turned to look up at who she stepped into.

  2. Ohmigosh it's her!

    That was the only thought buzzing through the skull of Nichole's victim. Not surprise at being run into, nor irritation; not readying apologies for participation in said collision. Just pure, unadulterated excitement over recognizing the perpetrator.

    It was the girl whom Charlie Phan had a HUGE, HOPELESS crush on.

    "It'sokay!" squeaked Charlie, words running together. Charlie began to nod, then realized there was nothing to agree with. The black bob of hair stilled at once. Nope, not supposed to be nodding, supposed to be stepping away. The scrawny Asian kid withdrew to a more polite distance, a goofy grin already widening and hands held up in a WHOA NELLY gesture. "Hi! Um, hi. You're in my class!"

    That was when Charlie's eyes landed on the flier over Nichole's shoulder and put two and two together.

    "Are you starting a club?" Eyes biiiig and shining, Charlie perked up. Even more. And pointed at the flier. "What is it? Can I join?"
  3. What luck, the person she ran into was interested in her club! She wasn't sure exactly which class he was in with her, but that was okay, this was a great start! "I'm starting a paranormal club, well an investigation club in so call paranormal activities. See, I assumed there had to be something like this at a college as cosmopolitain as this but there isn't..." Nichole had been using her hands to explain and paused realizing she was being perhaps a bit overly expressive with them. Demurely she folded her hands in front of her body. "It's just starting, so there's no members yet, but if you're interested I'd love to have someone else join. In fact I was off to speak to someone else who might be interested."

    It occurred to Nichole she ought to find out who this would be member was. "By the way, I'm Nichole Monroe, I'm afraid I'm drawing a blank on what class we're in," she held out her hand. Once she got a chance to meet up with this Sandy girl, maybe she'd spill the beans as to exactly why she was looking for an investigation team.
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