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Which do you have?

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  1. That is not an everywhere thing, and the other Aussie I know made a wounded noise when I told him that.
  2. I'm almost done, but I'm not sure just how much exposition I should dump in. I want to explain a little of the history of the people as well as the danger of the Arancol, but I'm not sure how much Atlantean exposition is too much. Feel like I already overelaborated on certain aspects.
  3. Ohhhhhhh okay

    So School Daze!Klim and Awakening!Klim are two separate entities?
  4. I deferred the Knights and Magic Girls getting to each other because I wanted to have Panacea's big reveal occur during a critical juncture. Such as, say, while Sam is distracted in the middle of a fight. Basically, Panacea tries to take out Sam and makes his reveal, turning it into a personal, more emotionally charged duel than just a discussion.

    I kept Arancol himself out of the Kiva ruins precisely because you mentioned the good guys got out to the surface. Hence why I brought back the zombies.

    As for Natalia, want to help me come up with a reason for why she couldn't just raise her hand and wipe everything out? Perhaps she needs to conserve her energy to face the Arancol, or perhaps the Arancol -- being a Fae -- is naturally resistant to even Natalia's magic, as are his minions?

    The idea that a Fae is as strong or stronger than Natalia at this stage in her development gives her her first real challenge in a fight. Meanwhile, Sam's challenge is facing Panacea, who is physically more powerful -- and has the surprise edge of being his son.

    Another question I have is how we can incorporate the possessed chars into all this....
  5. Ouch. Don't be hating, just asking which you use.

    *Puts a bag of ice on her bruised ego*
  6. I got a PC because I'm a gamer. I would like to get Mac for editing and developing programs though.
  7. [​IMG]

    Edward Wilfred

    -The Awakening-
    Vatican City Catacombs
    In the catacombs beneath Vatican City choir chanting would echo down the thin caverns as a group of acolytes made their way to the resting place of Edward Wilfred where he had been peacefully sealed hundreds of years ago. The group of brown cloaked acolytes reach their destination; a stone coffin embedded into the side of the stone wall in the darkness of the catacombs, now only being lit by dim torch light. The coffin has numerous faintly glowing wards etched into the stone meant to ward off any form of demonic or spiritual interaction looking to seize the slumbering spirit knight's form or soul. The chanting of the acolytes grew louder as they began to dispel the wards as well as the spell that has allowed the knight within to sleep as he has, the faint glows fading to the dark stone. Once finished and the chanting stopped the acolytes wait quietly until they begin to hear some shuffling within the coffin. Just as two of them move to reach for the stone lid a low yell emanates from inside just before the lid comes flying out and smashing into the close by stone wall on the opposite side before falling to the stone ground with another thud.

    Placing a single large hand on the edge of the coffin before stepping out into the dim torch light reveals a large hulking man dressed in what has now become a gray tunic, long black matted hair and a goatee to match. Edward Wilfred calmly cracks his neck and shoulders with the use of his hands before looking to his left and right at the acolytes that surrounded him. In Latin he spoke to them..."The time has come then." One of the acolytes to his left nodded to him and held out a silver great axe that was all too familiar to Edward Wilfred; apparently he'd find out a little while later that it had been held as a relic within Vatican City for some time now. The knight reached over with a single hand and plucked up the axe, it feeling as though it had never left his grasp for all these years. "Lead the way my brothers."


    -Current Time-
    Wartburg Castle
    Edward Wilfred had been brought up to speed with the more common dialect of modern English on his way to Wartburg Castle. Considering he was already fluent in Old English as well as a few other languages from his time it wasn't too difficult for him. He'd also been reunited with a recreation of the full steel plate armor he'd used centuries ago; the feeling of donning it once more was comforting though he worried gravely at what has become of the world so far as he's been told. Mankind has fallen...monsters roam freely... God grant me strength for I may need it in the coming times to smite thine foes.

    Edward Wilfred had been one of the more tardy knights to arrive to Warburg Castle as he was told by the escort that walked beside as they made their way to an old wooden door but even before Edward's escort reached to open it the ancient knight felt not one but two foul presences just passed the door. The large man slowly drew his silver great axe from his back and calmly held it in his right hand as the door was opened for him and he made his way through the doorway into the meeting room. His stern gaze immediately fell upon the two individuals who have been restrained with silver chains in some fashion or another. He could feel the similar presence of a vengeful witch from the bound woman and a sickening stench of blood from the male; adding together some physical features of the male it wasn't hard for Edward to piece it together...vampiric.

    The large knight now fully on his guard calmly walks over and address Count Landgrave as well as the rest of the knights in attendance with a polite nod, excluding the two in silver chains of course. After that he'd actually stand at a spot where he could stand up against a wall within close distance of both chained individuals where he also had clear line of sight to both of them as well. His eyes clearly and slowly moving back and forth between the two has he still kept a tight grip upon his weapon.

    After the chained vampire speaks up Edward replies while looking straight into the vampires eyes with cold distastefulness. "Perhaps, that is because most of us who are not vile tainted creatures bounded in chains understand the severity of why we've been brought back considering the state of the world currently as well as the fact that the Templar Knights and Knight's of the round table must put faith in the likes of you...and her." The large knight gesturing with a quick glace to the female chained figure. He wasn't a man to beat around the bush or one who held his tongue often, especially if it involved the kinds of foes he was raised and trained to combat against for the sake of mankind.

    Edward Wilfred gave a simple nod of acknowledgment as Pendragon entered the room.
  8. Good, good, so what about everyone else?
  9. I never liked using Macs. D: So I have a PC Laptop!
  10. 4/3 with PC'S WINNING!
  11. "Of course you should. I gave you two kids."
  12. "How should I repay you?"
  13. Harmony gently remove his belt and undo his pants.
  14. I made a good size post for the Charmed RP ending. Enjoy reading it, lol.
  15. Than you. She's asleep right now, finally resting, so I'm just keeping her family up to date online and hanging in limbo and panicking far too much.
  16. "That's true, but I feel like that was irresponsible on our behalf."
  17. Harmony kiss his neck softly, "I'm soft? You're the softie."
  18. Astaroth pulled Harmony into a kiss.
  19. Harmony moved her hips along.